Naruto: The Strongest Force Author: Burning Hand


Introduction: Uchiha Natsuki obtains the power system, revives Uchiha, and creates the strongest force in the ninja world.

Exclude me Uchiha? Sorry, we quit!

Whoever the garrison likes will go!

"Kakashi, Danzo was the mastermind behind White Fang's death and was connived by the Third Generation. You actually worked for Konoha!?"

"Itachi, this time I will awaken the Eternal Kaleidoscope for you."

"Bai, your actual combat ability is too weak. Please enter the Tsukiyomi space to practice for a few years."

Sorry, we Uchiha have kaleidoscope per capita.

Who can fight in a group fight these days? Get on my shoulder!

Otsutsuki is coming to destroy the world, but you are still striving to be Hokage. There is something wrong with you.

Danzo: "We must not allow Uchiha to gain power!"

"Sir, Uchiha Fugaku has resigned from his position as captain of the Konoha Guard."


Third Generation: "The position of Hokage will never be given to you as Uchiha!"

"Hokage-sama, Uchiha has withdrawn from the Hokage campaign."


"Sir! Uchiha has established his own country!"


"It's not rare for us Uchiha to use a Hokage as a treasure. Let's wait and use him as a target."

ps: Hizashi did not die simply because he wanted Neji to have a father.


Chapter 1 Coup, Death of Shisui

Konoha 55, in the woods outside Konoha Village.

tread! tread! tread!

The sound of dense footsteps came.

Natsuki Uchiha led his team members and rushed to the village.

"Captain! Slow down! The mission is completed and you are still so anxious? Could it be that you want to do a new mission?"

The teammates who had been left behind let out bursts of wailing.

His captain doesn't know what happened, but he seems to be a different person after he was injured a few months ago.

He often goes to see the clan leader and does crazy tasks.

I just came back from Kawa no Kuni and wanted to rest for a night.

Unexpectedly, in the afternoon, captain Natsuki suddenly said that he wanted to rush back to Konoha, so he rushed back like crazy.

Except for his faster movement, the other two teammates can no longer even see their shadows.

Fortunately, this is the outskirts of Konoha Village, otherwise it would be dangerous to encounter enemies.

[Ding, I encountered a plot, a coup, and Shisui's death. 】

Natsuki is rushing to the clan in a hurry. He met Shisui's death not even half a year after crossing over.

I was already prepared to do more tasks, but after I got to know myself, I defected and found a place to hang out.

Anyway, he is just a jounin, and the problem of saving the world is left to Indra and Asura.

When Otsutsuki's comes, the world will be destroyed when it's time to destroy it.

Unexpectedly, after just becoming familiar with the body's functions, the golden finger suddenly arrived.

If he had a golden finger, Xia Mu wouldn't be sleepy anymore. Who can control his own destiny?

There is a saying: If you are poor, your corpse will be laid out; if you are rich, your coffin will be raised!

This world is full of regrets! I am coming!

Now, after the Third Ninja War, the entire Ninja World is in chaos. There are also a lot of various tasks.

In the past three months, Xia Mu had barely survived, and with a little bit of luck, he had mastered all the skills of his original self.

Natsuki only delayed a little at the door of Konoha, and within a few minutes, he nailed the mission completion certificate to the mission window.

Xia Mu finally heard the sound of the system as he wished.

[Ding, the system loading is complete. 】

[The strongest force system creates the strongest force for the host. 】

The initial mission has been updated: [Rescue Shisui]

Mission requirements: Shisui survives.

Reward: Mangekyō Sharingan Eye Power

[Gift package for newbies has been sent. 】

Acting Elder of Uchiha: An elder of Uchiha has passed away. Due to your recent outstanding performance, you have been granted the position of Acting Elder.

To a certain extent, he can influence Uchiha Fugaku's thoughts.

Xia Mu rushed to the clan while looking at this gift package for newbies.

That's it! ? Too stingy! Not to mention the human body of the reincarnated eye fairy, at least you can directly create a kaleidoscope!

There are still tasks to do.

The status of acting elder is of no use!

Even the system is not intelligent.

Bad review!

Bad review!

Bad review!

Alas, complaints are complaints.

You still have to live, right? It's better than nothing.

Natsuki sorted out Uchiha's current situation.

It has been more than four years since the Nine-Tails Rebellion.

In the past few years, the village's suspicion of the Uchiha clan has become increasingly serious, and they have restricted Uchiha in all aspects.

And the police department is the place that offends the most people, the Uchiha people who are arrogant by nature.

I often have disputes with people, and the complaints are like snowflakes in winter, every day.

But this is not the most terrible thing. The most terrible thing is Uchiha Shisui, the strongest Uchiha at present.

It has been brainwashed by Konoha and should have had its eyes taken away by Danzo by now.

And he didn't think about how to think about his family. In order to calm the situation, he innocently committed suicide.

A great opportunity for Uchiha to rise was wasted.

After his efforts failed, all the pressure was put on Itachi.

Let Itachi's thoughts completely go to the other extreme, and he will raise the butcher's knife against his clansmen in two years' time.

In Uchiha Natsuki's view, Fugaku was not qualified at all as a clan leader.

He has always been swayed by the will of his tribe and has never made any good decisions.

After all, under the design of the second generation Tobirama, Uchiha, as a law enforcer, had long had deep grudges with other ninjas in the village.

It is impossible to win the position of Hokage, and the vote of confidence will not pass.

So much time and energy invested in fighting for power and gain is all in vain.

After the Nine-Tails Rebellion, Konoha's suspicion of the Uchiha clan became even more serious.

Surveillance and suppression abound.

But the proud Uchiha will never lower his head.

The people of the Eagle Faction are constantly running for this purpose.

Now that Uchiha and Konoha are in conflict, Fugaku has to worry about many reasons.

Judging by the time, Shisui should be being chased by the roots now.

If Shisui cannot be saved, his life will begin to count down.

After all, except for the Hokage line, Obito doesn't want the Uchiha clan alive.

When the time comes, there will be no other option but to defect to Konoha.

On top of the high tower outside Uchiha.

The ANBU wearing a mask was looking at the Uchiha clan through the telescope.

"Report to the Third Generation that the Uchiha clan's gathering has been held and everything is normal at the moment."


The figure behind him disappeared in a flash.

In the Hokage's office, the Sandaime Hokage and Sarutobi Hiruzen were smoking their pipes. As a Shinobu hero, he could not withstand the baptism of time.

He could feel that his strong body was already declining.

But there was no way, the fourth generation died suddenly, and only if he came out again could the situation in Konoha be stabilized.

He waved the ANBU who had just reported down.

"Assembly. Fugaku, I hope you won't disappoint me. Shisui, it's up to you."

"I'm afraid my left eye has also become his target. Before that, I entrust this eye to you."

"The only person I can entrust to you is you, my best friend..."

"You must protect this village and protect the name of Uchiha."

"If I die, the situation will definitely change. I have already written a suicide note..."

"Don't stop me, Itachi, if you're my friend."


When Xia Mu stepped into the ancestral hall, it was true that there was already a row inside.

The fourth elder said to Fugaku who had his eyes closed:

"Clan Leader, our police department has been receiving more and more complaints, and the major ninja clans are also criticizing us."

"If this continues, the relationship between Uchiha and Konoha will only get worse and worse."

The fourth elder is a standard dove, and he handles complaints from the police department.

Therefore, we have the best say in the growing number of complaints.

Fugaku closed his eyes and said nothing, but the third elder next to him took over.

"It's getting worse, so what?"