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Naruto’s Hidden Shadow Snake

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The protagonist Ye Long was unhappy, but inexplicably traveled to another dimension and merged with the soul of a great scientist.

From then on, a man named Orochimaru held a grass sword, awakened the blood of Yaqi, controlled the yin and yang escape of immortality, absorbed the core of the world, and also Crazy manufacture of Horcruxes, research into chemical weapons, and embarked on a road of no return that changed his life against the sky and subverted the finale…

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Short Title:NHSS
Alternate Title:火影之潜影之蛇
Author:fly into the dark
Weekly Rank:#1688
Monthly Rank:#1586
All Time Rank:#2419
Tags:Ability Steal, Bloodlines, Clones, Eye Powers, Fan-fiction, Male Protagonist, Multiple Identities, Naruto, Overpowered Protagonist, Protagonist with Multiple Bodies, Time Skip,
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25 Comments on “Naruto’s Hidden Shadow Snake
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  1. Too much bullshit going on. It is still believable that orochimaru can kill jounins even though he is so op af(as there are people like itachi and kakashi in original) but the medical arc is so dumb just a face slapping arc with uchiha clan. In fact if uchiha leaders want to meet him, they can arrange from hospital elder etc. And Uchiha ninja especially the police force wont openly beat up a genin in public with all jutsu they know ( they have pride, that doesnt mean they are dumb) Orochimaru singing and tsunade blushing too wth.

  2. Here, I recommend better naruto fanfic I found recently "Konoha, start the fusion of five sages", MC have Gojo Satoru's ability. It's still on-going though: https://sj.uukanshu.com/book.aspx?id=195732

  3. I've read a book you recommend on the uukushu web, and I really like the book. I like mc and his personality, just like Gojo. He is funny, likes sweet but a little cruel. I love his closeness to Kakashi, his perseverance in saving his father from suicide, his kindness for saving Minato and Kushina from death as well as his rage in killing 4 monsters after injuring Kakashi ...

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