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In the Night of Nine Tails attack, the soul from the world merges with the soul of Kakashi, and a brand-new Kakashi is born!

Lan Shao? It’s not a problem, there will always be more, write round eye restrictions? It’s not a problem, the advanced reincarnation eye is not a dream.

The ultimate Kakashi is the strongest ninja!

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:NTSK
Alternate Title:火影之最强卡卡西
Author:Mo Yuan Nine Inkstones
Weekly Rank:#681
Monthly Rank:#680
All Time Rank:#672
Tags:Childhood Friends, Enemies Become Lovers, Eye Powers, Friendship, Handsome Male Lead, Hokage, Kakashi, Late Romance, Naruto, Ninjas, Reincarnation, Romantic Subplot, Student-Teacher Relationship, Sword Wielder, Time Skip,
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49 Comments on “Naruto: The Strongest Kakashi
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  1. Its like that one with Minato, but not reincarnated into Minato, just he go to the past when the Shinigami took his soul. Both of these novel MC originally is a damn genius 6 years old genin or something but end up being dumb even with all those future knowledge. Really you leave a damn book with the whole story in it? Like wtf just put it in your damn brain, maybe recount it every day/week or something but no, let me write it down!!! That novel too, minato became a thirsty teenager every time kushina is involved, man even when kyubi attack he wasn't that panicked, keep calm and deal with enemy. Both of these MC (author deliberately) sometime forget obvious thing such as maybe zetsu is around them when they fight? Never burn down enemy corpse? Even if you know they maybe edotensei-ed ??? Suddenly kakashi seal sharingan??? Duude seriously? You dont think Minato/kushina never thought about helping kakashi after obito death???? And i dont know why every single damn fanfic author always think that kyubi's chakra is controllable and long term exposure can benefit the body? Seriously???? Read naruto again and dont embarrassed yourself. Sometime your story is great but the character has brain problem and the lore isnt right, dont confused it with chinese cultivation.

  2. Mc went completely retarded. The only thing he is doing is constantly making the worst enemy stronger a.k.a orochimaru and on top of that he found Mc retarded diary that tells the whole Naruto future and past story like bruh at this point are you not tired of doing so many noob level mistakes? History is good but sometimes the Mc is to miserable to even read

  3. Really? Kakashi you know after defeating ridoku madara that black setsu and orochimaru are still around and still they catch you off guard? You act like you didn't know it was going to happen fk all those years of ambu commander are wasted on him

  4. I'm in almost 400 chapters and so far he has. Made madara stronger with a spirit training manual, made orochimaru stronger by telling him all about the sage of the 6 paths brother and even healing junmaru body for orochimaru to possess, told orochimaru som of pains weaknesses so orochimaru may even get the rinnegan. He also has not told anyone akatsukis' information or their weaknesses despite multiple opportunities, such as when he disappeared for 2 years with no explanation.

  5. the actual name of this is, kakashi: the strongest hokage. you can search for it on comrade mao. it has a pretty good story, but he's absurdly weak. well, that's a bit of a misnomer, he's absurdly strong, but he has to keep facing ppl like madara, pain, hashirama and going back to the past, faces the archaic senju and hashirama families, naturally, he gets smacked. the main redeeming factor is that the relationships are well done and the strengthening process. he keeps collecting these relics from early on, which, when later assembled allow him to create truth seeking orbs. he's still weak though, and perhaps an all powerful super transmigrator is not what they were going for, but they did use the word "strongest". read it if you're patient.

  6. to clarify, he goes back to the past with the ryuumyaku to get obito's father's eyes. once again you get to see madara smack him before he flees to a different time stream and temorarily gets lost in the endless space-time, going back even earlier in the past.

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