"The Legend of Naruto of Chiba (

is it……

That’s why I took this scroll. Did that mean?

This sealing technique, perhaps not to pinch the lifeline of our Hyuga clan, but to give us a chance.

It's just that different usages can cause such completely different results.

Sure enough, Lord Chiba is special.

Looking at the wide-eyed Hyuga Neji, Hyuga's heart slowly settled down. From the seriousness of his nephew, he saw the hatred fade, and he resolved it very well.

Today, he let go of his dignity twice, using the most humble way, the way that most inconsistent with the Hyuga Patriarch, and the way that is likely to suffer considerable consequences, he asked twice. Undoubtedly, he has gained the greatest benefit of the entire Hyuga clan at this stage. Good fruit.

To be honest, he would think of some things occasionally, and whenever he thought of it, he always felt regretful, almost always sighing and sighing.

For example, the bird in the cage was carved too quickly for Neji Hyuga.

Yes, in fact, Hyuga Nissa has always regretted it very much. He did not expect that the gap would be so big.

The difference in talent between my own daughter and his brother's son is so big.

There is no comparison at all.

It is not that he is not optimistic about his daughter, but that his daughter is not suitable for the current Hyuga family, not suitable for the current era.

She could not support the entire Hyuga clan.

But his younger brother's son has shown his talent that sometimes even he can't help trembling from his heart since he was a child.

Since then, he has sighed more than once, that this is the qualification that the heir of the Hyuga clan should have.

However, having engraved the bird in the cage at that time, he could only sigh helplessly.

It was also at that time that something happened. From then on, the estrangement between the brothers was no longer as close as they were in the past. It was not until the end when their brother was about to die on his own.

He also knew very well why his brother, who had always been close, would act like that, even directly intent to kill.

To be honest, at that time, he couldn't stand it.

Even his daughter, after seeing the gap with the boy in front of him, his heart is full of guilt.

The Hyuga family should be inherited by the boy in front of him.

It was because of this difference in talent that his younger brother lost his mind at that moment.

Think about who can't?

Forget it by myself, just because of a few seconds, one becomes the clan family, and the other can only split the family.

However, this extends to one's own children, if one's own children are nothing more than ordinary ninjas, but they are unborn geniuses.

Originally, the entire Hyuga should be inherited by him.

Now he can only protect one who is far inferior to him, and looks likely to be a mediocre heir.

At this time, even Hyuga Nissa himself would have murderous intent.

In fact, Hyuga Nissa understands his younger brother here, but he is the clan of Hyuga after all, and there are some rules that cannot be messed up.

If a branch of the family really killed or injured the Zong family on the scene, wouldn't the whole Hyuga be messy?

Besides, even if it is a daughter who is not a good one, she is also his own daughter! How can I watch her being attacked?

Do not!

It should be said that his daughter was attacked in front of him, how could he be indifferent?

How can you not get angry?

So, anxious, he used the caged bird at once.

Maybe at this time, it had already had an impact on Ning Ci's psychology, bad impact. It made him hate the bird in the cage.

It was also because of his dislike of caged birds that he felt that his father's death was due to his persecution.

Therefore, hatred that is difficult to dissolve has arisen.

It is a kind of preconceivedness.

However, Hyuga Nissa also knows that this is one's own blame and one's own fault.

Of course, it's not that he shouldn't stop at the time, but that he shouldn't use the extreme method with a subordinate nature to stop the bird in the cage.

At that time, he could use more gentle means to stop him, so that each other could still have a room to step down.

And that time, I still had a point of negligence.

That was the mood of his daughter, no doubt, at that time, it had a negative impact on her, making her more and more inferior and shy in the future, and sometimes he even couldn't stand it.

In the end, she can only pretend to be indifferent and hand it to Xi Rihong, hoping that with the cultivation of the village, she can find her confidence and herself.

Of course, from now on, it is very successful.

Actually, my daughter's aptitude is not that bad, it's just that it's a bit far worse compared to Ning Ci.

It's not that she is short, but Ning Ci next to her is too tall.

Therefore, she was too mediocre.

One more thing, Hyuga Nissa also has to admit that the reason why he gave it to Yurihong is because of the outstanding talent of his second daughter. Although it is a distance from Neji, it is considered a second choice and can also support Hyuga. Up.

However, it is not that he is ruthless.

Rather, the Patriarch has been doing this for so many years, he has long been accustomed to abandoning personal affair, taking Hyuga's future as his first consideration and priority.

Otherwise, at the beginning, he would not compromise with the clan. He didn't adhere to the idea of ​​the double clan, so he carved a bird in a cage for Ning Ci, who was only 3 years old.

Plant the bane of the present.

But originally, this kind of thing, this kind of enmity, basically there is no way to solve it.

Even if Neji Hyuga knelt down and apologized to him and the letter left by Nissan just in case, he could solve Neji.

However, the ills that have existed for thousands of years have surfaced, and have affected the entire family, rising to the village and even the international level.

Although this time, thanks to Hyuga's hard work for so many years, the village has given enough face, and basically has no plans to deal with it.

However, once is fine, what if there are two or three times in the future?

If the shortcomings of the family division system are not eliminated, won't there be a second and third ninth?

Moreover, the contradiction of the family division system has already triggered an internal rebellion.

Wasn’t the original Uncle Shinsuke initiated a rebellion because of the family division system?

Moreover, Uncle Shinsuke launched a rebellion when he was still in the clan and his position was still very stable.

What does this mean? Uncle Shinsuke didn't start a rebellion for himself.

In other words, the disadvantages of this system can't even stand the superior clan.

For the prosperity and prosperity of the Hyuga clan, this is not an easy thing to pass by. After Hyuga does not expect himself, he will have a talent and lead the Hyuga clan to reform the old disadvantages and create a more reasonable, more vigorous and sustainable system.

Moreover, even if such a person appears, if he has been ill for a long time at that time, how much blood will it take to set things right?

At that time, even if the chaos is set aside, will the Hyuga clan fall into a slump and withdraw from the stage of history?

He can't take this risk!

To be honest, after this incident broke out, what he immediately considered was not Neji’s problem, but the shortcomings of the entire system, which was influenced by Uncle Shinsuke’s ears and his own father’s education, Hyuga Hi In fact, the shortcomings of this system have been seen very early.

Even, once and very passionately determined to change all of this.

However, for thousands of years, the Hyuga clan has not had an obvious faction within it, and can work together to fight the catastrophe in any event. However, there is still the conservative sect, and it is because of the family division system. Relations, the conservative faction is unprecedentedly strong, and basically there is no reformist faction.

Although these old-fashioned sects are also careful to follow the orders of the Patriarch, the Patriarch has no way to implement the problem of reform and can only compromise.

And the reason why this problem is stuck is not the viewpoint of the old school, but the specific implementation. The reason why he has no way to convince the old school is that there is no way to solve the problem of caged birds.

Apart from the bird in the cage, is there any way to ensure 100% loyalty to the clan and maintain internal stability and prosperity?

Is there a more effective way than caged birds?

After all, the Hyuga clan is entirely dependent on the birds in the cage to maintain a high degree of unity and can guarantee orders and prohibitions. As long as the owner has the ability and can support it, there will be no problems with Hyuga, and even if the owner is not capable, just hold Konoha tightly. There is no such thing as infighting.

As long as Konoha is there, the Hyuga clan will definitely be there.

Although the caged bird is really controversial, this is the foundation that maintains the current Hyuga clan.

Otherwise, it would not be said that Chiba has captured the lifeblood of the Hyuga clan.

But the bird in the cage has no solution, once it is engraved, there is no room for turning.

In fact, in the history of Hyuga, there have been cases where the ability to divide the family is stronger than that of the clan. If the division is allowed to inherit, the Hyuga clan will be better, not once or twice.

While the bird in this cage guarantees the prosperity of the Hyuga clan, there is no room for the Hyuga clan.

Of course, this is not to say that the caged bird has strangled the Hyuga clan and turned the Hyuga clan into a repressed and oppressive clan, but that it is not suitable for this era.

The earliest period that can be traced back to the invention of the caged bird should be in the Warring States period. The original Hyuga clan was actually somewhat similar to the current Hyuga clan. At that time, the Hyuga clan remained strictly neutral and did not participate in any struggle, but , The so-called innocence and guilt, coupled with the situation in the Warring States period that it is impossible to be alone, the powerful blood of the Hyuga clan is also coveted by countless people. Almost every day there are several looting incidents, although Hyuga The strength of a clan can be fully defended while remaining neutral, but the so-called two fists are harder than four hands. In the face of more and more coveting and inexhaustible coveting, the Patriarch at that time took out the bird in the cage. , An iron fist generally promulgated the family division system, which allowed those coveting to stop.

Of course, even so, the Hyuga has been harassed to this day.

Perhaps, in that era, the caged bird was to protect the Hyuga clan, and no one complained. The situation at that time was also a helpless move. Everyone understood that, plus the clan’s ability to stand in the line every time, finally gave the Hyuga clan in Konoha's status and living and working in peace are naturally beyond reproach.

However, it is different now. This is a relatively peaceful era. The village's protection of the family has also reached all aspects. It is no longer the original extreme environment. If you use this extreme method, it will inevitably cause some resentment.

Moreover, this extreme method can have miraculous effects in extraordinary times, but in situations outside of extraordinary times, it is easy to produce various negative effects due to its extremes.

And because of the incomprehensible nature of the caged bird, this system will become very absolute, even if it is a major change in the family, sometimes it will be powerless.

However, it is different now. With the sealing technique given by the future Hokage, everything can be changed.

Even if it is engraved on the caged bird, if there is a more wise division of the family, the caged bird can be sealed with the sealing technique, and it will become the clan and inherit the Hyuga clan.

And, if you encounter something unfair, you can also seal the caged bird first and talk in a peer-to-peer capacity, which can reduce a lot of unnecessary hatred and make it more humane.

With this room.

The caged bird is the perfect system in the true sense. First, it can maximize cohesion, and secondly, it can also be rewarded by sealing technique, which constantly gives freedom to loyal people in exchange for the coerciveness different from that of caged birds Loyalty ~www.mtlnovel.com~ to achieve real stability.

This is the brightest way for the Hyuga clan's future at this stage.

And this road starts with the separation of the family from Hyuga Neji, taking over the Hyuga clan!

This is the biggest reform he has given to the Hyuga clan!

It is also the biggest step towards realizing the ideals of loved ones and friends who have passed away. He is the greatest contribution he can make as the head of the Hyuga Patriarch.

"Japanese football...sir, what are you..."

At this time, Neji Hyuga seemed to have finally recovered from a series of subversion of his previous thoughts, and looked at the scroll that was pushed over, asking rather at a loss.

"This is a sealing technique that can seal a bird in a cage."

In this regard, Hyuga explained.

"Can a bird in a cage be... sealed?"

And hearing these words, Hyuga Neji once again felt that his common sense had been subverted.

The kind of complete subversion.

Can a bird in a cage be sealed?

"Yes, it was not possible before, but Konoha gave birth to a genius of sealing technique and created this sealing technique."

In this regard, Hyuga Nizu answered truthfully.

"who is it?"

Hearing these words, Hyuga Neji almost subconsciously asked.


Hearing that, Hyuga Nissa's answer is simple and simple.

To be honest, Hyuga Nissa is very excited now, and he is even more eager to accept the position of heir, so that his reform can begin!

As for Neji Hyuga's current shock, it is actually a little irrelevant.

Taki... Chiba?

Hearing these words, Hyuga Ningji was slightly startled, and then suddenly something seemed to be understood.

That's why he can force the Hyuga clan to bow their heads!