It will not only affect the survival and direction of the world.

It will also affect the subsequent policies and development of each country.


Whether or not God will fail.

The power displayed by Uchiha's soil has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Countries will still find ways to get the power of the ten tails.


If you don't grab it, other countries will grab it.

No one knows that the nine big-tailed beasts can become stronger together...

Can still maintain the previous mentality.

The seeds planted by the ninja coalition forces gradually tore the bond that was finally established.

I believe that in the near future, there will be another dispute between countries behind their backs.

At this moment, Uchiha took the soil and opened his mouth slightly: "Hyuga-Ya, you really came, but do you really think you have a chance? I know every move and every style of yours clearly, do you think you Is it possible to win? A death beam in a superposition state? Or a radiation wave in a superposition state? Or a strange explosive that you have?"

While talking.

Uchiha opened his eyes slightly with soil.

Because Hyuga Xiao has disappeared.

Shadow Flash Chakra Mode! ?


A punch in the air.

It collided with Qiu Daoyu.

Uchiha brought the soil to subconsciously transform the shield behind him to prevent Hyuga-Ya's sneak attack.

at the same time.

Uchiha's belt soil injects ninjutsu resolution and indestructibility into the jade.


When the pitch-black fist collided with the bodyguard's Taoist jade...

Uchiha brought the soil but was surprised to find out.

Not only did Qiu Daoyu fail to eliminate the opponent's ninjutsu.

The protruding spikes above.

He also failed to penetrate Hyuga's defenses.

The black halo outlines a demon-like figure.

Hyuga Xiao was wrapped in black.


It’s a higher level than the Shadow Flash Chakra Mode!

Physical defense is invincible.

Ninjutsu defense is invincible.

Even Qiu Daoyu can't crack this Chakra pattern.

Two people use Qi Daoyu to change into various forms repeatedly.

A dark halo, like a demon crawling out of a bottomless abyss.

The multiple sonic boom produced by the fist passing through the air is like a demon's roar.

The people who were directly shocked were all overwhelmed.

The younger Junmaro and other elites go to Shinobu.

It was even bleeding from ears and nose, and had to go back immediately.

The air wave blasted out from the position where the two fists hit in all directions, a piece of flying sand and rocks, transforming the puppet and Uzumaki Naruto·Tiandao directly into the air.

Even more than ten kilometers away, the roar of Hyuga's fists can still be heard.

The two looked directly at each other, staring at each other tightly.

The killing intent has almost become the essence.

"Hyuga Xiao——————!!!"

"Uchiha belt soil——————!!!"

End of this chapter

next moment.

The shadow of the sky flooded Uchiha with soil.

Hyuga Xiao has this power that surpasses the limits of human beings.

It is not inferior in attack speed.

Although the "movement speed" of Uchiha's belt soil is higher than that of Naruko and Ai.

But in terms of "attack speed", that is, a level stronger than Bo Feng Shui Gate, it is probably around five Akai.

Uchiha's belt soil can cut Hafengshuimen's arm at one stroke, but it doesn't mean that it can suppress Hyuga.

The fist at 5 times the speed of sound is already level with Akai's six doors.

In the fist, first created the flame tail feathers like a peacock.


Just because the power surpasses the six-door Akai, and even the seven-door Akai.

As a result, the terrible force created by each punch has broken the space in front of him into a vacuum.

There is no air in the vacuum state.

In other words.

The flame created by the fist lasted only a short moment.

It was replaced by the shadow of the fist in the sky.

The first second.

Hyuga slammed 500 punches.

The second second.

Ninjutsu such as wind escape, ripple sprint and other ninjutsu powers.

Coupled with the blessing of the power of sprites and other abilities.

Every punch and foot of Hyuga Xiao was enough to penetrate the building, blast the tank, and hit shock waves.

Boom boom boom boom boom! ! !

Uchiha's counterattack with soil was overwhelmed by countless fists.

His attack speed determines the upper limit of his attacks.

Hyuga's fist engulfed Uchiha's fist with soil, and also engulfed Uchiha's figure with soil.

Shock waves shot everywhere, and the air exploded like a cloud bomb ignited.

Hyuga's attack blasted on the armor made of jade for seeking Taoism.

Every punch is the most primitive physical force.

They saw the sky collapsing, the ground collapsed, and the two people descended rapidly.

The dust is flying, the earth is cracking, and the sound of sonic booms are continuous, making everyone feel as if they are in the center of a thunderstorm.

The shock wave generated by such an air explosion has already made Tsunade and others onlookers unable to bear it.


Tsunade retired first.

The remaining Onoki and others also quickly left towards the distance.

Only Heijue remained at the scene.

It's different from people who cover their faces with their arms.

Heijue's dim eyes stared at the two in the fight.

With Hyuga's movements, the surprise in its eyes grew more and more.

"The guy Hyuga Xiao... his actions are no longer human..."

no doubt.

this moment.

Hyuga's output surpassed the seven gate Akai.

There was a loud bang.

Uchiha brought the soil into the ground.

He lay on his back on the ground.

Constantly switch the five Taoist jade to protect yourself.

"5 seconds...2500 punches...Hyuga, you are amazing...but how long can you last in this state?"

Uchiha belt soil refers to the chakra mode of the gods and souls.

There is no such model.

Uchiha can tear up Hyuga with hands.

Because Hyuga is still a mortal body.

No matter how strong the body is, it is the level of the third generation of Raikage.

This level will still be penetrated by Qiu Daoyu.

Just cut it casually, and you can chop Hyuga-Ya in half.

"It's enough to beat you."

Hyuga Xiao replied coldly.

The consumption of Uchiha belt soil is far less than that of Hyuga.

Uchiha has soil with eight beasts + half of nine tails.

Chakra can almost be considered infinite.

And Hyuga.

At most, there are half a chakra of nine tails.

With the passage of time.

There will be no loss in the chakras of Uchiha's soil.

Because the blue speed is greater than the consumption speed.

On the other hand, Hyuga Xiao.

The chakra mode uses one second less than one second.

No matter how you practice, it can only increase the duration.

So Hyuga has no chance of winning in comparison with battery life.