The battle to burst into!

Ye Liang hit from the bow to the stern. Because the power was too strong, it actually caused the space to collapse at this time!

Thousands of meteorite pillars poured in from the surroundings, and the ships of the Chunyu organization were shocked! Perhaps because they were afraid of hurting themselves by the cracks in the space, these people hurriedly escaped.

Ye Liang took the two of them into the crack.

May not have thought of it. The overbearing crack actually separated everyone. Ye Liang fell into a boundless chaos. At this moment, a group of three-eyed creatures similar to humans suddenly appeared in front of him.

These guys are powerful, and their attitude is quite ruthless. Just take a look, and they will attack! Ye Liang fought with them for a long time, but could only escape for his life. He rushed around here and finally rested.

"It turns out that this is the Shura world!"

Before leaving, the cheap master especially urged that Shura was bloodthirsty and naturally could not stay long. In order to leave quickly, he had to fumble here. Fortunately, there are still some human beings who have strayed into this place and barely survived.

Through these humans, he learned some cause and effect. It turned out that this world has always been entrenched by an intricate organization. They burned, killed and plundered, not only doing all evil, but also plundering the sage of the universe.

Chunyu Organization!

In order to get more saints, they even murdered saints in major organizations. Most of the characters here are saints who were attacked by the Chunyu organization, and they were exiled here.

The saint is immortal!

Ordinary saints can't be killed casually even if their strength is poor. The Chunyu organization could not destroy all the saints, so they could only be locked here.

The Shura tribe is an outpost to guard the saints!

"So, it's no wonder those demonic void races covet the Immortal Realm so much. Not only because of their aura, but also because of the Spring Rain organization's planting and blaming!" Ye Liang finally understood.

After communicating with these fallen saints, he roughly understood how to get out. It turns out that these Shura tribes hold the sacred tools to imprison the saints!

Peaceful Emperor Bell!

With the help of the sage, Ye Liang devoted himself to cultivation, and in just a hundred years, he had cultivated to the realm of quasi-sage! If you want to step into the Holy Land, you need to integrate the meaning of a saint.

Ye Liang's strength is still not enough.

The quasi-sage defeated the Shura tribe, he succeeded in obtaining the imperial bell of peace, and Ye Liang liberated the gate of the sage, which also opened the eyes and ears of the outside world.

When everyone knew that everything was made by the Chunyu organization, they immediately launched an encirclement and suppression against Chunyu, but the leader, the demon saint, disappeared without a trace.

Everyone can only give up.

Ye Liang went back to the fairy world. With the Emperor of Harmony, he can be considered to have completed the task of the master. After another round of dealings, Ye Liang retrieved the two missing.

After getting along with Liloai for a while, the relationship gradually became weird. Something happened again, he was hunted down by the hidden leader of the Chunyu organization!

This person is the rumored death saint!

Ye Liang was hit by the death saint's tricks, but he had no choice but to use the ancestral intent to resist. But the two are different. The Zulong Holy Will cannot resist the death saint's tricks, and Ye Liang's body suffers a lot.

The death saint hunted down again.

This time, Ye Liang accidentally incorporated the power of strengthening the law, that is, the mysterious holy intent into the Ancestral Dragon holy intent. In an instant, his strength soared and all his injuries recovered.

The Death Sage lost to the current Ye Liang and was directly beheaded by him. With the momentum of killing the saint, Ye Liang broke through the saint realm and also broke the power of time incarnation.

They are back to current technology.

"It turns out that the reason you let me go back is to let me soak in you. I took the place of Destroy Longyin. It should be him who would have been chased by the Death Saint, right?"

Ye Liang understood the intention of time incarnation.

He regained his senses, and the latter had gone to the past with the memory of the future ruined Long Yin. From a few fragments, Ye Liang knew the intention of time incarnation.

He wants to transfer the memory of the future Longyin to the body of the past Longyin, so that his husband can be resurrected.

Ye Liang feels nothing.

It's nothing else!

Ye Liang, who had obtained the Emperor of Harmony, was also qualified to leave. Because of the changes in the past, the battle of the immortal realm did not happen, and the immortal realm became good friends with outside the realm.

Ye Liang also became a husband and wife with Zi Ling after practicing in the fairy world for a while. Liluoai was very naughty, and Ye Liang simply slept together at the brain marriage scene that night and married two at a time.

Become a saint.

After traveling another half of the territory, Ye Liang had a basic understanding of the development outside the territory. He also knew the whereabouts of Hinata and them. It turns out that the Datongmu clan is really the royal family of the angel clan.

It's just that Otsuki hasn't been supplemented by spiritual energy in the world, and they have fallen.

Ye Liang finally returned to a normal life after meeting his wife in the City of Heaven.

Saint, nothing happened.

Apart from daily health clubbing, nothing happened. He simply brought in his relatives and those confidantes from other worlds, and Ye Liang opened up his own space in the Shura world.

There was no spring rain in the past, and the Shura people naturally disappeared.

One day.

While living leisurely, he suddenly met the mysterious scholar he had met. This time, Ye Liang, who had the realm of sage, immediately sensed the true identity of the scholar!

The other half of the system!

The soul of the system that can open the system reward space!

Ye Liang fights with scholars!

The scholars also coveted Ye Liang's system, and the two sides refused to give in to each other. After some battle, the system sacrificed a secret treasure that can only be obtained by decryption for a hundred years.

Beat the scholar in an instant!

After all, the system was in control, and the scholar was defeated, but he still used secret methods to escape from Ye Liang's hands. Chasing and killing all the way, in front of the outer heaven gate, the scholar fled into the plane of God in front of Ye Liang.

According to Ye Liang's master.

The plane of God can only be entered by special methods.

The scholar can enter the soul of the system. He knows all the memories and the origin of the gods. It turns out that the place created in this world is a world created by a group of innate saints.

They transformed the Holy Spirit into three, six, nine levels.

The weakest prisoner, to the medium fairy. And they themselves were transformed into the most noble saints.

After the innate saint created the world, apart from starting to teach everyone's behavior, he then left here. Ye Liang's system is a toy made by an innate saint who is proficient in science and technology.

The soul of the system retains the memory, and naturally knows the way back. Ye Liang can't enter, so he has to watch the scholar leave with eyesight.

After tens of thousands of years Ye Liang, who has opened all the system treasury, has also gained the ability of an innate saint. He broke through the sky and completely shattered the gate of God that had been blocking him. !

He entered the God Realm and also found the scholar.

Without a system treasure house, scholars have been wiped out. The evil congenital sage who coveted Ye Liang's treasure attacked him. In order to fight, Ye Liang loved him. Finally, he defeated the congenital sage of the gods.

Instead, Ye Liang took his place.

Technology innate saint!

Ye Liang created the rule of immortality, and all his relatives lived happily in the **** realm. ?


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