, the Naruto God-level system

   "Feitel, what do you mean! Miss Liluoai has already said she wants to be with me, how can you propose to him at this time!"

"Your Excellency Jianlin, what are you talking about! Miss Liluoai clearly rejected you yesterday. You, a faceless person, dare to come here today. You really don't want your Jianlin family's century-old cause! "Fettel finally got into a fight with Your Excellency Jianlin.

   They rolled on the ground, like two mad dogs, hammering each other again and again.

   Li Luoai was terrified!

She looked at the two men fighting for her, and quickly came over: "Don't fight! You are all good people, you are the kindest people in the world, don't hurt me because of me!" She wants to come over Persuaded to fight, but just grabbed the next door to Jianlin and stopped immediately.

   Jianlin's arms swayed, without any muscle feeling at all.

   This feeling is like grabbing half of the dead wood.

   "Your Excellency Jianlin, what's the matter with you?" Before she could ask, she was frightened by the eyeballs on Fettel's face!

   What kind of tender eyes!

  Feitel’s eyeballs were shot out of his eyes by Lord Jianlin because of the fight!

   There is no blood, not even the slightest scream. Liloai could clearly see that the big maggots that were as big as fingers crawled out of Fitel's eyes.

   "Miss Liluoai, be careful, this frizzy muscular **** is not serious about doing it!" Fettel quickly reminded. His Excellency Jianlin hammered him on his mouth again.

"As far as you can tell! You hypocrites can only fool around with your mouth. Only fitness people like us who can bring Ms. Liloai's real happiness." He patted his chest proudly, but at this time, his body Fettel dropped a paw on his chest muscle.


  The thick green water is pouring out!

   Li Luoai watched as Lord Jianlin's muscles began to shrink, and in the spewing pus, there were black worms!

   She couldn't even name the bug.

   "Ah!" Liloai screamed and ran out. She tried to call for help, but the noble man on the deck turned a deaf ear to her call for help, and instead wrapped her up with smiles.

   Some of these people's bodies are already stinking, some are already rotten, and they don't look like a human being should have at all!

   Just when Li Luoai finally couldn't hold it, and was about to collapse, the door in the cabin was suddenly kicked open by Ye Liang! He threw out a woman's skin. This thing was light and thin, and it was the same woman who seduced Ye Liang.

Destruction Longyin also walked out from behind Ye Liang with a cane: "tm, this monster is really annoying, if I have a strong body, I might have been sucked into a corpse by this thing!" He shouted fragrantly. .

   "Don't mention it, hurry up to save Liluo! This time I really thank you, otherwise we might really be caught in the trajectory of this ship's ‘people’!" Ye Liang said gratefully.

   It turned out that when Rui Longyin first packed his luggage, he had already told Ye Liang the truth. During the day and night with the so-called Miss Manon, he gradually felt something wrong.

   How could an ordinary human be better than him, a monk.

   Even if that aspect is particularly powerful, it still exceeds the scope of ordinary humans!

   He told Ye Liang about the incident, and the latter immediately became vigilant. In the following time, Ye Liang only deliberately entangled with the noble ladies in order to find the truth behind the boat from them.

   Li Luoai ran over crying.

   She hugged Ye Liang, and tears couldn't stop streaming. After Rumble was broken, these strange ‘human beings’ without realm came towards them like corpses. Although they were not fast, they were extremely powerful. They swung their arms in mid-air, and they pulled out the sound of wind whistling!

   "Ye Liang, the head of this group should be the Baron Bole. Although I have been with Manon for a long time, I have never seen this so-called father. Their main cockpit is also completely enclosed."

   Ye Liang immediately moved in that direction after listening. Although Destroy Longyin lost a lot of physical strength, these corpses were just ordinary humans and could not threaten him temporarily.

   As for why these people have become like this, they can only find the Baron Bole, who has never shown up.

   The cabin is dark.

   Since things broke up, the electricity in this cabin has been completely shut down. Ye Liang finally came to the door of the captain's room after flying countless corpses. He was about to stretch out his hand to pull the captain's room away, when a huge tentacled pierced out of the middle, with a carapace attached. Although it was an octopus foot, the tentacles were all over the dark carapace.


   Ye Liang's body flew upside down.

   Very strong!

   unprecedentedly big.

   Ye Liang has never felt such a huge power in an ordinary creature. He flew upside down a few meters and immediately stopped, and the weird creature in front of him finally revealed his true face.

It's a huge octopus with a carapace~www.mtlnovel.com~ This thing is covered with suction cups. While sliding, it climbed onto the roof of the cabin while leaning on the suction cups. Ye Liang glanced at him, and it was immediately a black tail. Beast jade!

   This thing is still of a mortal level, but the carapace on its body is so hard that it actually fought Ye Liang's tail beast jade!

   You must know that Ye Liang's tail beast jade is a saint-level power. Although he didn't use his full strength, it could not be blocked by a mortal creature.

   But this monster actually swallowed Ye Liang's tail beast jade!


   The law of swallowing!

   Ye Liang saw clearly that this octopus definitely possesses multiple laws. His body, those hard shells are the armor laws he carries.

   His power should also be a product of some kind of law of strength. He would also devour the law, Ye Liang hit Shenluo Tianzheng casually, and his aura was actually offset by the sound waves emitted by this octopus!

   "What kind of weird rule is this?"

The octopus in front of    is a monster whose whole body is created by law!

In the distance of the commercial ship, the ufo still existed, and the octopus monster Darez grinned wryly: "Finally, this special creature that extracts various monster DNA is the strongest of our Chunyu organization. Weapon! I don’t believe that you, the three teachings and the nine class, can fight against the sharp weapons of our organization!"

   The surrounding air became cold.


   on the deck.

   Ye Liang looked at each other with the octopus monster several times, and then fought outside from the cabin. Because this thing is too defensive, it is difficult for Ye Liang to fight him wholeheartedly in a narrow space. Only on the deck of the spacecraft can he let go!

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