, the Naruto God-level system

   "I invite our little princess today, Miss Manon!" With a loud shout, as the daughter of Baron Bole, today's little princess finally walked out of the cabin.

   This person has a melon face, but Guo Kuo's face is too blunt. His long blond hair is obviously the kind of high-level beauty that Westerners like.

   Ye Liang didn't catch a cold.

  , it was ruining Ryuyin. This person didn't know what was going on. Just seeing this Miss Manon, he stared at that person unscrupulously.

   Maybe Ruin Ryuyin has been deeply attracted by this kind of noble lady with a high-level face.

   "How about it, Uncle Longyin. How about pursuing her?" Seeing his reaction, Liluoai was overjoyed. Destroying Long Yin was originally a stumbling block to her success. If she were to marry this Miss Manon, perhaps her Fangcao Deer would be able to safely find the person she loved.

   Ryuyin wiped his saliva: "Don't think about it, how come such a beautiful noble lady is my turn." As soon as the voice fell, a red hydrangea hit his head.

   It's not a hydrangea to invite relatives!

   It's not a hydrangea to invite relatives!

   It's not a hydrangea to invite relatives!

  I have to say important things three times.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I slipped my hand just now!" Miss Manon's voice sounded from behind, and Destruction Rumble turned her head back in disbelief. Behind him, the senior-faced Miss Manon was coming naughty and cute. Beside him.

   Under her feet, it was a red hydrangea that accidentally smashed the middle Ryugyin.

   "I'll pick it up!"

   Takayin squatted down hurriedly, but his head happened to collide with Miss Manon who was also squatting down. He was taken aback for a moment, and suddenly froze with Miss Manon.

   The tuner around immediately played their romantic waltz, and the lights on the boat turned into heart-warming crushes at this moment.

   "My dear Miss Manon, are you okay. Blame me for being bad, I was too careless!"

   "No! It's all my fault! If it wasn't for me to break into your life suddenly, how could I break your head!" The two turned around shyly and leaned together shyly. With his back pressed against his back, he slowly slid down.

   The surrounding guests applauded immediately.

   "Marry him! Marry him! Marry him!"

   is very wrong!

   Ye Liang watched Long Yin being taken away by Miss Manon by the hand, and his heart felt as if he knew that the cat dung coffee was made of shit. This is too wrong!

   The surrounding guests gathered around.

   is still the old lady: "Congratulations, your cousin was selected by Miss Manon, he must be rich and wealthy in the future, and his glory will be shared." The surrounding guests politely handed over wine glasses.

   Ye Liangmune responded. He and Liloai looked at each other, and they were all silly. The cocktail party this evening was spent slowly in the Mongolian circle.

   Ye Liang found out afterwards. This cocktail party is actually a hydrangea beckoning, and the Baron Bole wants his youngest daughter to hire a beloved husband in this cocktail party.

   spent a few days on the boat.

   Because of Ryuyin, the two were arranged in the most luxurious noble cabin. They ate well and drank well, which made Liluoai admire the destruction of Ryuyin.

   one day.

  While Ye was wandering on the deck eating deliciously, he suddenly saw the ruinous sound of destruction that was taken away by Miss Manon and did not appear until today.

  His face is yellow and thin, and his whole body is as if he is out of water, but his face is crazy, although his bones are full of happiness. Seeing that his legs were shaking, Ye Liang couldn't talk to him. He could only wish his body could hold it.

   That's it, Ryuin just came over to take the luggage.

According to Liloai, who saw him in the cabin, Long Yin decided to stay here. He will become Miss Manon’s husband-in-law in the future. The Bole family has not opened up branches and leaves, and the bloodline of the ruined family is also here. The universe survives!

   "What a big ambition!"

   Ye Liang admired it. However, after a few days, Ye Liang was a little speechless, and a noble lady with white thighs seduce him day and night!

   These people are in good shape, especially these nobles don’t know how much money they spend for beauty, and even take their ribs to get their shape!

   How could Ye Liang recruit such a group of beauty lunatics? Within a few days, he went off with a good-looking noble beauty.

   Time passed bit by bit.

   The spacecraft passed by many big stars and had many opportunities to leave, but Ye Liang did not leave, and Destroy Longyin didn't see anyone. A bunch of people fell apart, just like being lost.

   Li Luoai is panicked!

   Unprecedented panic!

In the room, she entangled Xiao Jiujiu: "Brother Ye Liang is gone, why should I stick to my virginity, Sir Green is very good, and Baron Fittel can also, especially the muscles of Lord Jianlin. Strong muscles, people looking at it are so flexible!"

She patted her head again: "No! Liluoai, what are you thinking about! You are Ye Liang's brother, even if he is bewitched by others, that is a temporary thing! As long as you follow him, UU reads the book www.uukanshu.com one day he will change his mind!" Liluoai's head was almost blown by herself.

   At this moment, the door of the room was knocked suddenly.

   "Ms. Liluoai, where are you. I am your little Jianlin. I saw some fresh veal steaks in the kitchen and I have brought them here."

   Li Luoai immediately felt warm when he heard this!

"What to do? Your Excellency Jianlin is here again. He had already confessed to me yesterday. Wouldn't he be too ruthless if I was rejecting him? Others know what to think of me again." Li Luoai was entangled in her heart stand up.

At this moment, someone else's voice sounded at the door: "Miss Liloai, I am Baron Fettel. I have brought you the sweetest Bottel wine. Please open the door for me." The voice is soft.

   These noble men have their own set. In the aristocratic circle, which one is good? Not only is the magic in the room top-notch, but even the bluff is the favorite of women.

   After all, Li Luoai couldn't bear Peng Peng's young girl's heart, she got up slightly, and still opened the door to these barons.

"Miss Liluoai, why did you open the door so slowly? Look, the veal steaks prepared for you are already cold." His Excellency Jianlin walked in complainingly. He opened his clothes, his fingers slippery on his He patted his chest.

  What a fresh veal steak, the lord of this poo-bag is talking about his strong pectoral muscles!

Fettel next to him really brought red wine, but he shook it lightly, his eyes were about to melt Liloai: "My noble lady, I offer you the most beautiful red wine, please respect your body, Marry me!" He poured out red wine, and a diamond ring the size of a dove egg fell out!