, the Naruto God-level system

   "Hehe, what the **** is the Interstellar Alliance, I'm the Lu Renjia from the Spring Rain organization! Do you think I will be willing to work for your interstellar alliance for the rest of my life."

   The black robe man laughed, Mars in front of him had already vomited white foam.

At this moment, an iron hammer was thrown from the top of his head. Before the black-robed man could respond, he was smashed by the hammer. Then, a tall and strong man wearing iron gloves jumped from the sky. Come down.

   There is a mini-ship of the same height above the main ship. This brawny man jumped from the mini-ship.

   "Captain, are you okay." The brawny man moved towards Mars.

"Leave me alone, hurry up and take the brother to the infirmary! I didn't expect that the Star Alliance had a traitor, the Chunyu Organization? How come this name has never been heard before." Mars rubbed his flushed neck, fortunately He had left a hand before, otherwise this little life would really go to the west.

   "My lord! Brothers, without exception, died!"

   "What! This **** beast, I want to send all their Spring Rain organization to a dead end!" Mars once again hammered the ship board behind him!


   "Lord Ye Liang, look! Those fleets have retreated. Great, we are finally saved. Thanks to you, Lord Ye Liang." Li Luoai hugged Ye Liang happily.

   Since the business stars got together these few days, she has let go of Ye Liang. Originally, Ye Liang wanted to organize, but he didn't care about the sound of destruction on the side, so he didn't talk.

  Others don't care about it, what else can he say, maybe Liluoai regards herself as a big brother.

   "Ye Liang, what do you think?" Long Yin asked suddenly. Although the matter was over this time, he felt that it was far from that simple.

   Ye Liang also nodded.

   "I feel that there is a problem with the interstellar main ship. These sub-ships have chased so far. It makes no sense to retreat at this time, and they did not suffer any harm."

   The interstellar ship tracked all the way and broke through the atmosphere together. Originally, in a vacuum environment with no foreign objects, they had a chance to chase Ye Liang and the others, but with this advantage, they actually retreated!

   This is kind of endless.

"Brother Ye Liang, look, there is a commercial spaceship over there!" Li Luoai suddenly shouted. Behind her, a looming super commercial spacecraft was advancing at high speed. They were diagonally opposite to Ye Liang. It won't take long to meet.

   "It's great, the opportunity is here." Ye Liang suddenly laughed. He and Long Yin looked at each other, and they all saw it clearly from the other's eyes.

   Three hours have passed. On this brightly-lit commercial spacecraft, three strange aristocratic figures are walking slowly in the aisle.

   "Brother Ye Liang, are we really good like this? We won't be recognized." Li Luo Ai asked anxiously. She looked around and was surrounded by men and women in dress.

   This is a reception scene. After Ye Liang lurked here for a while, he roughly understood the situation here. The host's family is called Baron Bole, a proud noble from the human planet.

   On his daughter’s birthday, he dismantled his subordinates and built this tourist super commercial spacecraft. The people present are business leaders from all major planets, and some are his business partners.

   A middle-aged Kotai in a white dress came to face him. Ye Liang greeted him with a wine glass. Na Kotai glanced at Ye Liang, and immediately lowered half of his body slightly.

   "Thank you, Baron Bole, for allowing me to meet such a childish and beautiful man here. I am Lady Kelly from the Domera family. Dare to ask if this gentleman is?" This Kuotai respectfully extended his hand.

   Ye Liang raised his hand to help him up: "Du Minjun, thank you for your enthusiasm." Originally, this kind of situation was to be kissed, but Ye Liang didn't have this hobby. He lifted up a little and it was regarded as a return.

  In this universe, there are also humans on remote planets. They also have aristocrats, but their aristocratic etiquette is not complicated, and they do not have the kind of rudeness of aristocratic circles.

   The lady didn't kiss her hand when she saw Ye Liang, she was even happier.

   A visitor from the country, wouldn’t it be easier to get hands? There was already a lingering scene of tossing and turning with Ye Liang in her mind.

   At this moment, the ruined Longyin who was next to him suddenly knelt down on one knee. He took his wife's hand and kissed the past deeply: "This is my brother from the country. He has never seen the world. Don't get me wrong."

   He bent over slightly: "I am Colonel Long Yin from the Star Federation, thank you Madam for your love." His face is still filled with a deep smallness.

   Seeing Ryuyin's mouth, the lady shakes her face immediately!

   "Something shameless to face!"


   A group of people continued to walk in the aisle.

"Brother Ye, it's not that I said you. These nobles have to carry out repeated etiquette. Look at you, if you don't understand, you still have to take the initiative to strike up a conversation. If it is demolished, how can we lurk in this spaceship? what!"

   This spacecraft is also going to the big planet.

The Longyin ship has been locked many times. The two believe that either the spacecraft was set up with a tracker or it was locked by the Skynet system of the Interstellar Federation~www.mtlnovel.com~ In general, the spacecraft It's not safe anymore!

   Ye Liang apologized: "It's really my problem, I'll do you next time." Even if he comes once, he won't kiss the back of a lady's hand, disgusting!

   Ryuyin nodded in satisfaction.

   Li Luoai couldn't understand the conversation between the two, but when she watched Ruan Ryuyin kiss the middle-aged woman's wrist, she also felt sick, and the feeling of Ryuyin in her heart completely reduced to a friend.


at the same time.

   Yuan in another time and space incarnation of time suddenly opened his eyes from his deep sleep!

"Husband! I finally cut off contact with you in the past. One million years, one million years will be soon. Don't worry, I will find you back on the final date." She closed her pair. The golden outline turned into a human figure is exactly the same as Li Luo Ai next to Ye Liang!

   Next to Ye Liang.

   Li Luoai smiled happily. Because at the noble party, today Liluo Ai played Ye Liang's wife next to him. Long Yin was his cousin. Ye Liang was a distant relative who came to him from the country with his wife. The group was uncomfortable eating and drinking at the party.

far away.

   The ufo that once locked the Interstellar Federation continued to lock Ye Liang’s commercial ship. The octopus monster Darez looked at the scene in front of him with a polymer telescope with joy.

   "Captain, as you said, this group of fools has entered the trap we set, and they have to attack tonight. We can get the treasure of the Taoist ancestor you said in time!"

   He smiled, eyes full of wretchedness.

   The ufo under his feet shook, and he was obviously full of expectations for what he said.

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