, the Naruto God-level system


   "Light bulb!" On the way out of the mall, Li Luoai kept repeating these three words in her heart. This is the word secretly told by a female employee of the mall.

  According to the female staff member, the reason why the person she loves has not dealt with herself is probably because of humility. As for the reason for Qianrang, I'm afraid it is because the light bulb of Long Yin is blocking him.

   Own Ye Liang's eldest brother seems to be a kind person, because Long Yin also likes himself, so he does not want to fight with Long Yin, this is the reason why he also likes himself, but has not told him.

   As for the female staff, why would they see that Ruin Ryuyin likes Li Luo Ai?

   just kidding!

   When a couple comes to go shopping, what are you paying for as an outsider?

   Ruoyin, who was rushing to pay, would naturally be misunderstood by the female staff.

   "Okay, the things have been bought, let's go back quickly." Ruian Longyin said. Liloai looked at the ruined Rumble in the middle, and curled her lips out of displeasment.

   "No! I haven't enjoyed the food yet!"

   Brother Ye Liang will be leaving on the next planet. If he leaves now, I am afraid there is no chance to break the last window with him. Liluo Ai Ke didn't want to end the fate with Ye Liang, food was an excuse.

   Takayin frowned, and said nothing.

   Ye Liang was also unwilling, but Liluoai was Long Yin’s ‘girlfriend’. As a spectator, Long Yin did not refuse, and he was embarrassed to say more.

   After all, Long Yin is his own tour guide and the owner of the spacecraft.

   That's it, time is shelved.

   one day.

   Just when Li Luoai pulled Ye Liang to go out, the situation happened. Tens of thousands of fighter planes surrounded the commercial star, headed by Mars, who was frightened by Ye Liang to retreat on the cooking starfish.

   "You are already surrounded. Don't expect humans to help you. The previous events have been found out, but it is a high-density super meteor. When are you still trying to deceive us!"

   "The ghost deceives you, you are not afraid of it yourself." Liluoai said. She held Ye Liang's little hand but did not let go.

   Ryuin's spacecraft is in front of him.

  In order to leave early, Longyin has opened the spacecraft to the backyard of the hotel. As a tourist planet, Commercial Star also has a professional tourist shipyard, which is the quality that a high-quality five-star tourism industry should have.

   "Ye Liang, what should I do now?" Destruction Longyin walked over, and he glanced at Li Luoai displeasedly. If it hadn't been for her, the two of them would have escaped.

   "Get on the spaceship, I can create a defensive circular magnetic field, which should be able to withstand such low-level artillery fire. I just like to be able to get rid of them as soon as possible."

   The group hurriedly boarded Ryuin's dilapidated spaceship.

   The surrounding Star Alliance hurriedly surrounded.

Just as these people were on the offensive, far away from the outer periphery of the Star Fleet, a ufo-shaped disk spacecraft was turning in situ. He was parked near the Star Alliance supply team, and he was blocking it with a planet. .

A humanoid monster with octopus tentacles all over is using a polymer telescope to observe the commercial star: "Captain, I don’t know, but it’s just a small traitor. We need to encourage the Alliance to attack this ancient god. Immigration. After all, they even ruined their three ancient towers."

   "It's different."

The octopus monster just finished speaking, and a deep voice rang from the cabin of ufo: "Darez, you are weak and I don’t blame you, but as the head of our Chunyu organization, why are you so basic? Wealth cannot be seen.

   The ancient inhabitant named Destruction Longyin is not important, but the girl around him is not simple. "

   "Girl? Isn't it just a rule of time?" Darez said in wonder.

"Some knowledge of the law of time? Humph!" a deep voice snorted coldly: "In this world, the law of time will always only be learned by the most talented Tianjiao people, but this girl has no cultivation skills, a person who has no cultivation skills. Wouldn’t you find it strange that it would make the rules?"

   "What do you mean?" Darez asked in a low voice.

   "Time Daozu! This girl is definitely related to Time Daozu!"

   The deep voice was solemnly confirmed.

   "What! You mean it has something to do with Lord Huntianya!"

   "Don't call Benming! Although the death ancestor said that Hun Tianya is dead, don't call Benming! If he doesn't die, your life will be gone!" the low voice cursed.

   Darez quickly vomited the octopus tentacles: "By the way, my lord, you seemed to have kicked it just now."

  Business Planet.

   Just as the discussion was in full swing here, Ye Liang and the others had already rushed out of the interstellar alliance blockade with the spacecraft. Ye Liang was using a magnetic field. Any attack that came close to the dilapidated spacecraft was on the outer space of the spacecraft and was deflected by the magnetic field.


   Mars scolded on the main ship. UU Reading www.uukanshu.com he punched the deck with a fist, angrily: "A little devil can escape our attack. Could it be that our interstellar has really fallen so quickly!"

   He couldn't see Ye Liang's magnetic field, he thought it was because of the disadvantage of his subordinates, and all the attacks were missed.

   "Give me close attacks! I don't believe it anymore. A weak tourist spacecraft can also evade our Star Alliance super warship!"

   All the flying ships around rushed up.

At this moment, a man in black robed suddenly walked out of the main ship. He was three meters tall, looking at the sky and whispering: "My beloved Mars, you are really good to do this. Let the spacecraft all rush up. With the enemy coming from behind, our old and helpless main ship will suffer."

"Come from behind?" Mars was taken aback for a moment, and then laughed loudly: "Mr. Lu, how can there be any other enemies. Our goal this time is the traveling spaceship in the sky, and we have to arrest the traitors inside. , We have completed the mission of the alliance."

   "Oh, yes." The black robe man whispered. He suddenly lifted his robe, and a group of octopus tentacles shot out from inside. The speed was so fast that Mars did not react to this situation at all. He was locked in the neck by the octopus tentacles, and was immediately restrained.

When the soldiers around    saw this scene, they immediately rushed over. Indeed, before they had walked two steps, the tentacles of the black-robed men passed through their chests, and they simply died on the spot.

"Lu... Mr. Lu, what are you doing... We are Star League, we are members of a team!" Mars rolled his eyes, but the black man in front of him did not give him a chance at all. , With a little effort, Mars is on the verge of death.

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