Ye Liang is dead.

The walk was peaceful.

If there is anything in common with otaku, it should be the way to die.

Holding a mobile phone, playing games, leaning back on the sofa, he died suddenly.


"Where is this?"

"Why am I here? What the **** is this place?"

Ye Liang opened his eyes, but what he saw was an inexplicable cave.

He moved his arms, his limbs were a bit weak, and he was surrounded by endless gravel.

"Am I kidnapped? I remember playing games before?"

He was puzzled.

At this moment, the quarrel of two people suddenly came from the depths of the cave.

"Teacher Oshemaru! Human experimentation is expressly forbidden, you will be regarded as rebellious by three generations of adults!"

"Tsk tusk, red bean, you are too honest, otherwise I can't bear to inject a curse on you."


"Red beans? Dashewan? What's the situation?"

"Could it be that I passed through?"

Ye Liang was confused, but the fluent Japanese on the other side was obviously true!

Ye Liang can't speak Japanese!

But he fully understood!

"How is this possible! Is it possible that this is the self-contained benefit of the traverser! Haha! I really traversed!"

Ye Liang burst out laughing!

As a loyal otaku, crossing is what he dreams of, and the mobile game that caused his sudden death in his previous life!

It's Naruto OL!

"Ding Dong!"

There was a sudden buzzing in my head.

"Detecting that the host has awakened, immediately distribute the novice gift package."

"The elementary physical skills are at full level!"

"The elementary Chakra is full!"

"The primary ninja is at full level!"

"Is this a reward?"

Ye Liang was ecstatic on the spot, but after listening for a long time, he was immediately dumbfounded...

"How come they are all elementary skills?"

As a diehard fan of Hokage, he naturally knows what the elementary skills represent, which is equivalent to the ability of Konoha Village and Shinobu.

Although Naruto has the setting of being unbearable, Ye Liang does not have the talent of the protagonist Xiaoqiang...

In the midst of secretly slandering, Ye Liang's mind rang again.

"Ding Dong!"

"Detecting the host's current environment is bad, immediately issue the sss-level legendary mission-rescue red beans, the system will issue different rewards according to the completion of the mission."

"Evaluation 1: Take the red beans out of the Dashewan laboratory, life or death!"

[Reward]: Intermediate physical skills at full level, Intermediate Chakra at full level, Intermediate Ninja at full level.

"Evaluation 2: Bring the red beans out of the Dashewan laboratory in good condition and win their favor!"

[Reward]: Full level of advanced physical skills, full level of advanced chakra, full level of advanced ninja.

"Evaluation 3: In front of Dashewan, bring out the red beans intact..."

[Reward]: On the basis of reward two, additional rewards for god-level ninjutsu, Shenra Tianzheng!


Ye Liang was speechless on the spot.

Even the easiest way to take the red beans out of the laboratory is not that simple, let alone bring out the red beans in front of Dashewan!

He is now at the level of Konoha Shinobu!

But well...

Some things are done after all.

"That's Shenluo Tianzheng!" Ye Liang was shocked!

Ye Liang's favorite ninjutsu in his previous life was Shenluo Tianzheng!

Not because of how strong he is, but because he is handsome enough. At the beginning, in Konoha Village, Payne relied on this ninjutsu to face all the Shinobu in Konoha Village!

How can you do such a trick if you don't learn it!

Ye Liang acted decisively and immediately started brainstorming.

In fact, the mission of the system is not mortal, as long as the red bean is completely taken out of the cave, he can obtain advanced physical skills and so on.

In cooperation with God-level Ninjutsu Shinra Tianzheng!

Ye Liang is confident to rely on this ninjutsu to escape from the hands of Oshemaru, because at this time, Oshemaru is far from the metamorphosis of the late ninja wars!

Ye Liang immediately stretched out towards the cave and touched it.

"Teacher Oshemaru! Don't make mistakes again, you are a three-generation personal disciple. As long as you can look back now, the three generations will definitely forgive you!"

"Chat! Adzuki beans, don't be naive, obediently let me plant a curse, as a container for my body!"

"Teacher! Come back!"

Da She Wan was still arguing with his disciples inside.

Ye Liang has been listening for a while, and he is a little nervous, but if he doesn't make a move now, it will be really late, because Dashewan is about to make a move!

"Stop! Put down that girl!" He immediately got up, and sternly forbidden it to Oshomaru.


There was silence in the cave.

Dashemaru is also a while!

too suddenly!

It's like a young bird who is about to taste the forbidden fruit, but is caught by his parents. It's really sudden!

"Where did the kid come from!"

O She Maru immediately cast his gaze over.

He had a great story about the Three Ninjas, but he was secretly approached by a stranger, but he didn't notice it at all. This is incredible!

He was a little nervous.

Ye Liang swallowed.

To be honest, he is more nervous than Dashewan now, and the opposite is a bit jealous, he is like an old dog!

Oshe Maru is the best of the best!

As long as you light a fireball on the opposite side, it is estimated that you will hang.

"Mr. Oshemaru, hello, I was sent by the leader to negotiate with you. UU Reading"

"The leader? Where's the leader? I don't know someone like this!" Da She Wan continued to look at Ye Liang with fear, but Ye Liang had already thought about what to say next.

"Our leader is naturally the famous Payne, I believe you must have heard of it."

"You are from the Akatsuki organization! How dare you come to such a place! Are you afraid of being discovered by three generations of them!"

"You dare to set up a laboratory in such a place, don't you be afraid of being discovered!"

Although Ye Liang was panicked inside, his expression did not show, but he looked at Dashewan clenuously!

nonsense! Don't you die if you persevere a little...

Ye Liang knew what Dashewan wanted, and his plan was to use this as an opportunity to trick Dashewan.

"Our leader has long heard that you want a strong body, so we have been waiting for you outside for a long time."

"Boss? Payne has come to Konoha!"

"Yes! I also presented Uchiha Itachi's body to you, as long as you can join the Akatsuki organization."


Da She Wan was shocked.

At this time, Uchiha Itachi was only 8 years old, but he was already a genius child in the village. If it weren’t for fear that it would be discovered by the three generations if it was taken away, Oshemaru would have already started!

Hearing that Akatsuki had brought the Universe Bo Itachi, Da She Maru's eyes were frantic.

"Then please come with me, sir." Ye Liang saw Oshemaru's thoughts and immediately made a gesture to him, and then turned his gaze to the Mitarai red beans tied to the stone pillar.

Now is the most critical step!

Never go wrong!

"Um... Master Oshemaru, can this hostage be taken away together? After listening to our conversation, she needs to see what the leader does."

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