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Ye Liang passed through. Naruto? It seems to be! As a diehard fan of Hokage, Ye Liang felt an immense honor.

Shenra Tianzheng? mine! Nine Tails? mine! It’s all mine! Only children make choices, I want all of Ye Liang!

- Description from MTL


Short Title:NGLS
Alternate Title:火影之神级系统
Author:Crooked mouth payne
Weekly Rank:#1735
Monthly Rank:#1614
All Time Rank:#1630
Tags:Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Harem, Lolicon, Naruto, System, Transmigration,
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  1. Do u know the meaning of ninga, it means spy, think with common knowledge, a spy of unknown origin come will running at the cia (spy agency of us) and tell he is a spy to the director. The director open his arms and shook hands with him, ask him to be part of cia, the guy he doesnot know from where is origin is, providing him with house, some girls to flirt with, showed him his new technology (ninjutsu), suprised by his power and ask him to lead a team of new spy candidates and also the team with had the only remaining member of a spy family whose elder brother is packed with his organization's information and another guy whose power is of nuclear level. Just burning the whole of konoha would be better.

  2. "Ye Liang sintió un inmenso honor." 3 doritos despues... "¿Shenra Tianzheng? ¡mía! ¿Nueve colas? ¡mía! ¡Es todo mio! Solo los niños toman decisiones, ¡quiero todo Ye Liang!" Se revuelcan en la historia los chinos estos

  3. time is all over the place .. author said that itachi is 8 years old then he said hinata is not born yet .. while the difference between itachi and naruto is 4-5 years so hinata is at least 3 years old if not 4

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