The country of Yanfeng also knows the situation of the fan country. If it was before, they would definitely be vigilant, and even take advantage of this to almost break into the fan country, but take some advantage.

However, now they themselves are already in chaos first, fighting each other, even if some people are aware of the danger, but after losing so many bigwigs all at once, the country of Yanfeng Nation is not there now. There is a person who can convince everyone, and no one has the ability to rectify the entire Yanfeng Nation at this time and bring them back to unity.

Therefore, when Huang Feng gradually occupied the entire fan country, Yanfeng country did not respond in a timely manner.

After Huang Feng fully occupied the Fan Nation, he immediately acted on the Yanfeng Nation. The Yanfeng Nation was plunged into chaos. If they were allowed to get through this chaotic period, they would still be able to fight against Huang Feng, but the problem was. , Huang Feng did not give them a chance to breathe and integrate. After occupying Fan Nation, he immediately took action against Yanfeng Nation.

Facing the menacing Huang Feng’s army, Yanfeng Nation’s domestic body was integrated on the surface and prepared to fight Huang Feng with all its strength. However, there were still countless scams among the various generals and officials inside. During the battle, They simply can't really put their hearts together.

In this case, the strength of Yanfeng Nation’s army could not be fully displayed. In addition, they had a battle with Fan Nation just before, and their strength was also lost. Under the influence of these two factors , They are not Huang Feng's opponents at all.

Huang Feng's battle in Yanfeng Nation went very smoothly, and even exceeded his expectations. In less than half a month, he occupied the Yanfeng Nation. So far, the two superpowers in this universe. They are all under Huang Feng's control.

The dramatic changes in the Yanfeng Nation and the Fan Nation also shocked the people in other surrounding countries. There are many countries and forces who want to take advantage of the chaos to gain some benefits, but their troops were easily beaten by Huang Feng. After going back, after experiencing painful losses, they realized that there was a huge gap between their strength and Huang Feng. Huang Feng's ability to destroy two superpowers in a row was indeed extraordinary.

For Huang Feng, the occupation of the two superpowers is only the first step and does not mean the end, because not everyone in these two countries is willing to accept his rule, and sporadic battles are happening all the time. , Huang Feng needs to completely suppress these resistances, and at the same time, let the people of the two countries accept his rule.

For Huang Feng, it just takes time. After all, the overall situation is now set, and even if other people want to resist, they can't make a big storm.

After occupying the two superpowers, the planet Huang Feng bought by himself before can finally be developed with confidence. Numerous resources are slowly accumulating, and the infrastructure on that planet has been in progress. With a lot of manpower and a lot of money, the speed of infrastructure construction is very fast. Huang Feng has always been very willing to make early investments. He also believes that these investments now can be earned back in the future.

A year later, the planet Huang Feng bought has begun to take shape, a lot of resources have been mined, some infrastructure has been completed, at least the workers have no problem living on it.

As for the two superpowers, Yanfeng Nation and Fan Nation, under Huang Feng’s efforts, they have been completely controlled by him. Of course, Huang Feng also knows that this is just a matter of fact, and it is impossible to let these two superpowers in one year. People in big countries are completely convinced, and there will still be resistance in private. However, Huang Feng believes that as long as the people are comfortable and happy, then the sporadic resistance is not justified, not to mention that he is in these two countries. There are still a lot of troops left. Those who are there, I believe that those who want to resist will not succeed.

Alvin is one of those people who have not completely obeyed Huang Feng. After this year, he even became one of the leaders who resisted Huang Feng's notice. Of course, Bernard also contributed to this.

However, with the passage of time, today, one year later, Alvin has actually accepted the reality in his heart. Although he has not surrendered yet, he knows that the probability of their success is very small. Persevering, just because of the belief in my heart.

Huang Feng did not take these resistance forces too seriously, because he knew that these people could not succeed. One year later, he left this space with confidence. Of course, before leaving, he also made preparations and found an agent. Human, so if he is not here, it will not have much impact.

The scene changed and Huang Feng appeared in reality again. At this time, Su Yumo had not left Huangfeng’s Huangfeng. Huang Feng stayed in another time and space for a year. However, for Su Yumo, it was nothing more than It's just a moment of time.

"Back?" Su Yumo said.

"En." Huang Feng stretched out and replied casually: "Let's rest together?"

Seeing the smile on Huang Feng's face, Su Yumo knew what Huang Feng was thinking about. Her face was reddened and she said, "Let’s talk about business first."

"What business?" Huang Feng hugged Su Yumo and said.

Su Yumo's face was even redder, and she said: "There is really a business matter, it's about the three girls in the family."

"What happened to Tingting and the others?" Huang Feng asked suspiciously.

"They will live here after they go to college, right?" Su Yumo asked.

"Yeah, isn't this what you said before?" Huang Feng said.

"Yes, I have no opinion." Su Yumo said, "But, what about the things you sent? One or two days does not matter. They have to live here for four years. You can guarantee that they won't find anything. I think those three girls are very shrewd. It is not easy to hide from them for four years."

"Then what should I do?" Huang Feng touched his head with some annoyance and said.

He had promised Huang Tingting and others before that they would live here after they went to university, but Su Yumo's words also make sense. The three of them didn't live here for long. It's good to say that once they live for a long time, they will inevitably find Some clues, when the time comes, their secrets are likely to be discovered by them, once that happens, things will be troublesome.

"Tingting, I am not worried. She is your sister. Even if she knows your secret, she shouldn't tell it, let alone threaten you." Su Yumo said, "The two girls are a little troublesome."