There are many people who are speechless like Alvin. They have been fighting Yanfeng Nation for this period of time. They have fought very hard. Most of them have been injured. They have even seen their teammates die in Yan. In the hands of the wind country's army.

But now with a piece of order, they are actually going to shake hands with Yanfeng Nation. This makes it impossible to fight, and even the soldiers of the Fan Nation who plan to die here, are somewhat difficult to accept. They would rather die here, that way. If they were the main force back, they dragged the enemy back, and they were considered to have contributed to the country, and they were considered dead.

However, in this situation, their previous efforts seem to be a joke, and it seems that they have no value. This makes them feel uncomfortable, but there is no way. This is an order from above, they can only accept.

Moreover, most of the people knew the domestic situation at this time, so they also knew that they had to do a truce with Yanfeng Nation at this time. Otherwise, their country would be dangerous.

Therefore, even if Alvin and the others are dissatisfied, they can only accept this result, and now, what they have to do is to return to their fan country with the previously hostile and intractable troops of the Flame Wind Nation. .

This made Alvin and the others even more awkward, but at this time they didn't care about so much, because the country still needs them and needs the support of Yanfeng Nation's army.

A large number of troops from the Yanfeng Nation entered the Fan Nation’s country. Some people in the Fan Nation also realized in their hearts that they might be in a situation where it would be easy to ask God to give it away. Once the mysterious army in the country is eliminated, then, It may be difficult for the troops of these Yanfeng Nation to be sent away. When that happens, they will be in trouble again.

However, the current situation of Fan Nation is very dangerous, even if they think that there will be trouble in the future, they have to do this. They can only use the hands of Yanfeng Nation to eliminate the mysterious army in the country.

The movement of Yanfeng Nation is naturally not hidden from Huang Feng. Huang Feng soon learned of the arrival of the Yanfeng Nation’s army. Although continuing to exchange soldiers can withstand the joint attack of the two, the price is too high. It was not what Huang Feng wanted to see, so he chose another way.

After Yanfeng Nation’s troops entered the country, Huang Feng and his troops took the initiative to retreat, and then transmitted them to the country of Yanfeng through the time-space key to hide. The entire country of Fan Nation was overnight. The situation changed drastically. All the previously occupied troops returned to the hands of the people of the Fan Nation. The mysterious army that defeated the Fan Nation's army before disappeared without a trace in just one night. People know how they disappeared and when they disappeared, just as they suddenly appeared before, just as mysterious.

This situation makes the two superpowers, Fan Nation and Yanfeng Nation, very trapped. They even have difficulty accepting this fact, but the fact is like this. Whether they believe it or not, that mysterious army has suddenly disappeared. , Completely disappeared.

The next situation is a little more subtle. The mysterious army suddenly disappeared. The Yanfeng Nation and the Fan Nation have no common enemies to deal with. Then, there is naturally no need for the Fan Nation to continue to invite people from the Yanfeng Nation to stay with them. Within the country, after all, they and Yanfeng Nation are hostile countries, even if they are now an alliance, but both sides know that they are still hostile in nature.

Therefore, the meaning of the fan country is that since the mysterious army has disappeared, their people can use this time to deploy and recover. Even if the mysterious army comes back later, if they are prepared, they will definitely not be like this. They were so embarrassed before, so they don't need Yanfeng Nation's army to stay in their country, they want to send these Yanfeng Nation's army to leave.

However, the army of Yanfeng Nation originally came with the idea of ​​occupying the fan country. How could they be willing to retreat like this? Although the situation here is slightly beyond their expectations after coming to the fan country, their ultimate goal It will not change. They still want to occupy the fan country. They don't want to let go of such a good opportunity.

Although there are some differences between the facts and expectations, the Fan Nation is still in a state of being severely damaged at this time. Their vitality has not had time to recover, and they have a large number of troops in the Fan Nation. This is an excellent opportunity. People from Yanfeng Nation will never let it go.

Therefore, there will be no surprises for the next thing.

People from Yanfeng Country and Fan Country are fighting again!

However, this time the battlefield is in the country of Fan Fan, not in the country of Flame Wind. The two superpowers that have just formed an alliance just started fighting in an instant, and the fighting is still very fierce.

"What's all this!" Alvin said silently again.

Before, he finally convinced himself with the reason of focusing on the overall situation to accept the Yanfeng Nation as an ally and come to their country with the Yanfeng Nation’s army that had been inextricably fought before, but now, he has not come to his country. How long does it take to fight again? On the road before, the relationship between the two parties was not very good, but they were able to get along, but now, in a blink of an eye, the two parties began to fight again. This ever-changing relationship makes Al Many people in the text are quite speechless.

However, even if they are speechless, the battle is still to be fought, because they know very well that Yanfeng Nation will attack them in this situation, and the plan is definitely not small, so they must not back down, otherwise, their country will be dangerous. Up.

The battle between the two superpowers was fierce.

The fan country has a geographical advantage and a harmony of people. After all, this is their own territory and their home field. They are familiar with the surrounding environment, and they can also use the people to support and occupy some favorable conditions.

However, the Yanfeng Nation also has favorable conditions. Their strength is stronger than the Fan Nation. Moreover, after the previous battles, the Fan Nation's vitality has been severely injured and has not had time to recover. Therefore, although the Yanfeng Nation is an "away game", However, there is nothing wrong with it.

The battle between the two sides has entered a white-hot stage from the beginning. The attitude of Yanfeng Nation is obviously different from before. Before they fought with Fan Nation, they only wanted to obtain some resources and money, but this time it was different. They wanted the entire fan. Therefore, they played very hard this time, and they didn't want to show mercy at all.

And the fan country is a last-ditch fight, it won't work if it doesn't win.

Therefore, the fighting was fiercer than before, and both sides suffered extremely heavy casualties.

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