"How could this happen? How could this happen?" In the meeting room of Fan Nation, many bigwigs gathered again, but the atmosphere in the meeting room this time was worse than last time, and even enveloped a breath of despair.

News from the front line kept coming back. The troops who rushed back from Yanfeng Nation with all their energy, when they first returned to the country, before they had time to support other cities in the country, they were hit head-on, with heavy losses and considerable losses. heavy.

The frontline troops kept reporting their tragedy, and they also kept asking for help from the rear, but, where can these bigwigs send reinforcements? If they had reinforcements, they wouldn't have allowed this main team to rush back at all costs. Therefore, these big brothers are so anxious about their predicament, but they have no way of doing it.

They couldn't figure out why, who was the one who ambushed their team? Judging from the makeup and equipment of that army, it should be the same force as the mysterious team that attacked other cities in their country before, but that team, they have been staring at them, and they have not seen any increase in their troops. Signs, how could there be so many more troops suddenly.

These bigwigs in the fan country really can't figure it out, but the facts do exist.

The current situation is very unfavorable to their Fan Nation. They are suffering a huge blow at home, and the Yanfeng Nation has not stopped. They are still attacking their own troops. Therefore, their current situation is very bad.

"All talk, what should I do now? At this time, speak out any thoughts, don't hide and tuck, and don't pretend to be dumb." said the big guy sitting in the top position.

However, the answer to him was a moment of unspeakable silence. No one spoke. Everyone frowned and bowed their heads. It was not that they didn't want to speak. They really didn't know what to say. They didn't know what to say. Can't think of a way.

"Are you all dumb? You know what the country's situation is. If you have reservations at this time, it is irresponsibility to the whole country. Even if you have a little idea, you can tell me!" Sitting at the top The big guy in the position said angrily.

"My lord, I think we should try to negotiate with Yanfeng Nation." After the big man became angry, someone else finally spoke.

"Negotiating with Yanfeng Nation? We didn't talk with them before, and we also lost a lot of their things. As a result, they treached and attacked us. That is a group of shameless bastards!" .

"My lord, now we have no other way except this method. The mysterious domestic army's purpose is obviously to annex our country. There is nothing to discuss with them, and they will not accept negotiations. Therefore, at this time, we only To be able to talk to Yanfeng Country, no matter what the price is paid, we must obtain their help and use their power to suppress the mysterious force in our country." The person who just opened the mouth said.

"Yanfeng Nation is not a good person!" said a big guy next to him.

"At least they only want money and they don't want to occupy our country!" the big guy who just spoke said.

Everyone at the scene agreed that they had fought many battles with Yanfeng Nation before. Although they lost many times, they generally only had to compensate for economic losses. They had no idea about the territory and the city, so they had lost many battles. In comparison, Yanfeng Country is obviously better.

These people obviously don’t know that the current attitudes and views of the Yanfeng Nation have changed. They knew that they could not completely occupy the Fan Nation, so they did not want the territory and the city, but now it’s different. They now have some certainty and want to take this opportunity to destroy the Fan Country. Therefore, peace talks with the Yanfeng Country at this time will definitely not be of any benefit.

However, the people in the fan country don't know this situation. In the desperate situation in the country, they seem to have no other better choice.

"Well, we will send people to negotiate with Yanfeng Nation, and ask them to send troops to support us. As long as they agree to send troops, everything is easy to say!" The big guy sitting at the top said.

Everyone naturally had no opinion, and their thoughts quickly spread to Yanfeng Nation.

"Everyone, what do you think about the request of the fan country?" In the country of Yanfeng, in that conference room, the big guys sat together to discuss the issue of the fan country for assistance.

"I think I can agree." A big guy next to him said.

"Tell me what you think."

"The mysterious army in Fan Nation is strong, and they dare to act on Fan Nation, which shows that they have great ambitions. It is impossible to guarantee that they will not do it against our Yanfeng Nation in the future. Their strength is not weak in the first place. After digesting the power of the Fan Nation, by then, our Yanfeng Nation may not be able to beat them." The big man said.

Everyone nodded in agreement.

"In addition, our current goal is to occupy the fan country. We cannot watch the fan country being occupied by another force. This time we send troops to the fan country at the invitation of the fan country. We can use some methods from it, not only can we attack the mysterious army, We can also take the opportunity to severely injure the fan country’s army. In that case, when the mysterious army is defeated, we can take the opportunity to occupy the fan country without even sending troops from the country.” The gangster just continued.

"Not bad." The boss next to him supported: "We can take this opportunity to keep the team in the fan country. This will be very helpful for us to attack the fan country. The mysterious army in the fan country is indeed our potential. We can take this opportunity to hit them hard, and we shouldn’t let it go.”

The others also nodded in agreement.

"Well, since everyone has the same idea, then we will send troops to support the Fan Nation!"

When this order was issued, the army of Fan Nation, who was in charge of fighting with the "bandits" in Yanfeng Nation, suddenly discovered that their enemies had voluntarily retreated and their crisis was lifted.

This sudden change surprised them. Then, the news from the country came to them that they knew that Fan Nation and Yanfeng Nation had become an alliance. In this way, the "bandit" army would naturally not attack them. Up.

"What's the matter!" Alvin, who had been injured many times, threw his gun to the ground and said.

During this period of time, they suffered very heavy losses in order to buy time for the large forces. As a result, now because of the above sentence and a decision, this battle does not need to be fought. Moreover, their previous battles seem to be very useless, which makes Alvin, who had made up his mind to fight to the last moment, was speechless, and at the same time felt worthless for his comrades who died here before.