"Senior, how do you sell this fan?"

On an inner square of Jiang University, a twenty-five-year-old young man squatted in front of a stall, picked up a small white electric fan and asked the stall owner, who was about the same size as him, or even bigger than him. Obese youths who are one or two years younger are required.

Jiangzhou University, the full name of Jiangzhou University, is the best comprehensive university in Jiangzhou, and Jiangzhou is the largest city in Qing Province and the capital city. Therefore, Jiangzhou University is also the best university in Qing Province, even if it is Across the country, Jiangzhou University has consistently entered the top ten.

Today, in the best university in Qinghai Province, a small trade fair is being held. Both sides of the transaction are students from Jiangda University. The main reason is that the graduation season is here, and the seniors are about to leave the school. Many of their things will not be taken away, and if they can continue to be used, they will be traded. Those who come to buy things are some lower grade students. You can buy things here without worry, and the price is relatively cheaper. Therefore, today this trade fair is very lively.

The trade fair was held in the largest square in the school, and the person who just spoke was a small fan in the booth.

However, the fat stall owner did not directly answer his words, but looked at him with some doubts and asked, "How old are you? Why don't you look like it."

The young man said with a calm face: "My sophomore, only twenty years old, it's just that the elder has become a little older."

"Is this a little bit?" the fat man murmured. You obviously look older than me, but he didn't bother with this issue. Whatever he did, he was here to sell things, not to check his account. of.

"I bought this fan last year. You see, it's useless. It's still new. For the sake of everyone being a school, it will sell you for 20 yuan." The fat man said, he is also a new one. A senior student, this is about to leave school, he plans to go to the magic city to develop, naturally these little things can't be brought, and it's not convenient.

In front of this fat man’s booth, besides the fan, there were a lot of clothes hangers, washbasins and shoe cabinets, and so on. He went to the field by himself, it was not easy to bring too many things, so he had to deal with it here.

"Twenty yuan? Senior, you are too high, right? Even if I buy a new one, it is only twenty-five. You have used all of this. Look, there is still a crack here. Let's do it, everyone Step back each, five yuan." The young man was not satisfied with the price.

The fat man almost spewed a mouthful of old blood after hearing this young man's words. Is this taking a step back? There are too many retreats. And, the crack, you look at it with a magnifying glass, it has no effect at all. Okay, you can't see it if you don't stick your eyes on it.

The fat man was a little speechless about this schoolboy, but he still wanted to sell these things. The price was not satisfied, so he could continue to talk, but he obviously had no experience in this area. Finally, after being fooled by the young man, he agreed to sell it for eight yuan. When he reacted, the young man had already held the electric fan in his hand.

The fat senior was a little bit dumbfounded, but he didn't continue to entangle himself. Everyone is from the same school, so there is no need to quarrel about this ten-odd dollar thing.

And that young man seemed to have a soft spot for the fat seniors. After talking about the fan, he didn't pay to leave immediately, but continued to look at other things. So, in the nerves of the fat seniors becoming more and more broken, that The young man bought most of the things in his stall, and all the things added up, the total is less than fifty yuan, even if all of these have been used, he has lost a lot.

Regarding the crying expression of the fat senior in front of him, the young man didn't seem to see it. Instead, he said to himself: "Senior, you see that I take care of your business so much. Should you give me something? ?"

"Give it as a gift? I've already lost money by selling these things to you." If there were too many people around, the fat senior would almost be called out. He didn't think of the somewhat sophisticated junior in front of him. Actually, he is very good at fooling around and bargaining. He was biased by him unknowingly. If it weren't for considering that everyone is in the same school, he would want to take things back and not sell them.

"Senior, don't be so pretentious, everyone is from the same school, you can't take these things with you, I will help you deal with it, didn't I help you solve the trouble? Don't say thank you, we are all From a school, you just give me some small things." The young man said to the fat senior with a sincere smile on his face.

"How can I care about it? If it weren't for a school, I would have blasted you away." The fat man felt his blood surge, and he was obviously the other party who had been arguing about the price. He seemed to be compromising all the time.

"Senior, you see that we should stop entangled in this issue, it is meaningless, you see that I have bought so many things from you, it is considered to take good care of your business, you are so good to give away some small things, show it Right." The young man said without giving up.

"Yes, do you think you can take it yourself, take it, and go quickly, and I will lose money when I sell you things." The fat young man was obviously afraid of the student opposite him, and the rest of these There is nothing valuable in it.

"I know the senior is the most generous, and can take care of our junior students, so I won't pick it anymore, just take this." The young man said as he said, he swiftly placed the fat senior next to the senior. I brought a large storage box from. He had been eyeing this storage box a long time ago, but he didn't think there was anything magical about this storage box. On the contrary, he bought so many things, it was not good at all. Take it, it's best to have this box.

"I'm going, this is what you call the ‘little thing’?" The fat man had a new understanding of the cheeky of the schoolboy opposite him.

"Isn't it just a small thing, senior, but you said you asked me to pick it, you won't regret it?" The young man looked at the fat senior warily, as if he was afraid he would come up to grab it.

"What's your expression? Okay, take it, take it." The fat senior said, this storage box was originally prepared to deal with, but because the model is a little bigger, it takes up space, and the edges are cracked. Some were opened, so no one had asked before, and there was nothing to give to the young man.

"Thank you, senior." The young man swiftly put all the things he bought in the storage box, and then paid the money, holding the storage box and left, fearing that the fat senior would chase him.

"Hey, why did he go outside the school? Where is he going to hold these things?" The fat senior thought, looking at the young man in confusion.

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