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When Ye Chen was eight years old, the veteran fortune teller said: When you were eighteen years old, you added a yellow robe to your companions!

I believe in you, damn old man! The yellow work clothes of the delivery staff are also yellow robe added?

In the end, Ye Chen really became a delivery man with Huangpao and fish, but… his delivery can connect with Myriad Worlds!

In the world of animation, martial arts, fantasy, film, and mythology, he has seen him deliver food, and the rewards that customers give to Ye Chen are also slipping away!

I gave Wu Zetian a piece of yellow braised chicken, Long Yan Joy, gave Ye Chen a piece of land!

I gave Yandi a perverted spicy barbecue and gave Ye Chen a group of easy fire!

I gave Gu Aotian a piece of bridge rice noodles and gave Ye Chen’s full attributes +999999!

Sent a copy of Buddha Jumping the Wall to Tathagata Buddha, and directly gave Ye Chen Tathagata palm!


Across the Myriad Worlds and playing in the city, he is the number one delivery man from Myriad Worlds in the universe!

- Description from MTL


Short Title:MWFDS
Alternate Title:我在万界送外卖
Author:Krypton King
Weekly Rank:#134
Monthly Rank:#120
All Time Rank:#79
Tags:Ancient China, Appearance Different from Actual Age, Arrogant Characters, Comedic Undertone, eastern fantasy, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Handsome Male Lead, Harem, Immortals, Loyal Subordinates, Male Protagonist, Multiple Timelines, Nationalism, Racism, Revenge, System Administrator, Time Travel, Younger Sisters,

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55 Comments on “Myriad Worlds Food Delivery System
  1. Mierda nos dan a imaginar el como sería un Jhon wick como un cultivador inmortal solo imagínense esas escenas de Jhon matando alos inmortales que lo jodan

  2. Pls answer my question i need to know Mc still virgin or no??? And if not he gets a curse for not doing that as a price for the system please answer I need you answer fast

  3. If the racism, sexism and toddler IQ villains isn't enough. Chapter 906 broke the straw for me. He literally has concentration camps that forcibly takes in his detractors and "fix" with electric shock therapy. Now I see why this chinese mentality reflects real life. He is so brainwashed by his government that he developed a inferiority and persecution complex. Maybe he is the one that should go to a mental hospital.

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