Myriad Worlds Domination Starts from Douluo

[Hot-blooded. Invincible. Villain. Humor. Fun. Daily] Crossing the Douluo Continent, Yun Hao opened the Lady Luck system and became the spokesperson of the light. As long as he succeeds, he will get the lucky value stack! However, he is arrogant and unruly, he insists on becoming.... Read more

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Chapter List

Chapter 440 -Is this the power of God? Chapter 439 -About the mystery Chapter 438 -Adventure

Chapter 437 -The sea Chapter 436 -Take it easy Chapter 435 -The day is not fulfilled Chapter 434 -Warm glow Chapter 433 -That starlight Chapter 432 -The black world Chapter 431 -Unopenable door Chapter 430 -Eternal fireworks Chapter 429 -Mystic Eye

Chapter 428 -A place to yearn for Chapter 427 -Core crystal Chapter 426 -Direct

Chapter 425 -core Chapter 424 -Magic Enchantment Chapter 423 -The meaning of existence? Chapter 422 -origin! Chapter 421 -Holy Fairy World Chapter 420 -What does the ending mean? Chapter 419 -coming soon Chapter 418 -Time to go! Chapter 417 -Only I can do it

Chapter 416 -Walk together Chapter 415 -myth Chapter 414 -Missed Chapter 413 -Signals from the future Chapter 412 -This heart Chapter 411 -Huge changes Chapter 410 -Great love Chapter 409 -time Tunnel Chapter 408 -Hinder Chapter 407 -Tianyu Chapter 406 -Voyage Chapter 405 -Shaking

Chapter 404 -Tianxia Chapter 403 -Eternal power Chapter 402 -Run Chapter 401 -Only the winner Chapter 400 -Take it right Chapter 399 -noble Chapter 398 -Start Chapter 397 -source Chapter 396 -Night Chapter 395 -Night God Chapter 394 -Forever enemy Chapter 393 -forgive

Chapter 392 -create Chapter 391 -Secret Chapter 390 -Eternal God Seat Chapter 389 -Promise Chapter 388 -The decision of fate Chapter 387 -Beyond Chapter 386 -Courage Chapter 385 -mysterious Chapter 384 -Sky curtain Chapter 383 -Di Zun Chapter 382 -fate Chapter 381 -Wuheng

Chapter 380 -Forever time Chapter 379 -Yu Guang Chapter 378 -Mysterious visitor Chapter 377 -The main world Chapter 376 -Fate Chapter 375 -Forever power Chapter 374 -Defeat the demons Chapter 373 -Eternal Flame Chapter 372 -The source of power Chapter 371 -Devil Chapter 370 -Hara Hikari Chapter 369 -Beyond the world

Chapter 368 -God's rules Chapter 367 -The strongest Chapter 366 -Tianfen Chapter 365 -The heavens and the world Chapter 364 -Sky pole Chapter 363 -Goou Chapter 362 -Teachers tirelessly Chapter 361 -Tianxiu Chapter 360 -I am the strongest Chapter 359 -God is coming Chapter 358 -new world Chapter 357 -Reshape the Pirate World

Chapter 356 Chapter 352-Destroy the Pirate World Chapter 355 -Nightmare of this world Chapter 354 -Fate Chapter 353 -Turn on Chapter 352 -The horror of supernatural power Chapter 351 -Holy Fire Chapter 350 -I am the source of all power Chapter 349 -God Chapter 348 -God is here! Chapter 347 -This sea Chapter 346 -The power of the devil fruit Chapter 345 -The Pirate World comes

Chapter 344 -End Chapter 343 -The ultimate home of Naruto Chapter 342 -Forbidden area Chapter 341 -Mystery visitor Chapter 340 -World system establishment Chapter 339 -Collect all super shadows Chapter 338 -Akatsuki's conspiracy Chapter 337 -Bloom Chapter 336 -Tomorrow will be better Chapter 335 -zero Chapter 334 -Fear of death Chapter 333 -A new era is coming!

Chapter 332 -Ninja game Chapter 331 -God Chapter 330 -Divine power! Chapter 329 -The power of the Kingdom of Gods! Chapter 328 -The ultimate secret of the ninja! Chapter 327 -The secret of ninja! Chapter 326 -The power of God Shadow Kingdom! Chapter 325 -This is the power of God! Chapter 324 -God's anger Chapter 323 -Tianxiu Chapter 322 -Challenge of Five Shadows Chapter 321 -Tsunade's actions

Chapter 320 -Start Chapter 319 -I am the strongest ninja! Chapter 318 -God Shadow Kingdom begins! Chapter 317 -Naruto World is coming Chapter 316 -New era Chapter 315 -Tianming Chapter 314 -The owner of the Temple of Heavenly Oracle Chapter 313 -Tianyu Temple, Tianyu Shenlong! Chapter 312 -Looking for the Dragon Soul Crystal (24) Chapter 311 -Looking for the Dragon Soul Crystal (23) Chapter 310 -Looking for the Dragon Soul Crystal (22) Chapter 309 -Looking for the Dragon Soul Crystal (21)

Chapter 308 -Looking for the Dragon Soul Crystal (20) Chapter 307 -Looking for the Dragon Soul Crystal (19) Chapter 306 -Looking for the Dragon Soul Crystal (18) Chapter 305 -Looking for the Dragon Soul Crystal (17) Chapter 304 -Looking for the Dragon Soul Crystal (16) Chapter 303 -Looking for the Dragon Soul Crystal (15) Chapter 302 -Looking for the Dragon Soul Crystal (14) Chapter 301 -Looking for the Dragon Soul Crystal (13) Chapter 300 -Looking for the Dragon Soul Crystal (12) Chapter 299 -Looking for the Dragon Soul Crystal (11) Chapter 298 -Looking for the Dragon Soul Crystal (10) Chapter 297 -Looking for the Dragon Soul Crystal (9)

Chapter 296 -Looking for the Dragon Soul Crystal (8) Chapter 295 -Looking for the Dragon Soul Crystal (7) Chapter 294 -Looking for the Dragon Soul Crystal (6) Chapter 293 -Looking for the Dragon Soul Crystal (5) Chapter 292 -Looking for the Dragon Soul Crystal (4) Chapter 291 -Looking for the Dragon Soul Crystal (3) Chapter 290 -Looking for the Dragon Soul Crystal (2) Chapter 289 -Looking for the Dragon Soul Crystal (1) Chapter 288 -Mountain and soil Chapter 287 -I will rule the world Chapter 286 -Defeated the three kings Chapter 285 -The God Realm will be my rule

Chapter 284 -This is my rule! Chapter 283 -True God Emperor strong Chapter 282 -Are you a monster? Chapter 281 -Battle with three priests Chapter 280 -I am the rule Chapter 279 -Rules of the God Realm Chapter 278 -Three priests Chapter 277 -Tianyu Shenlong Chapter 276 -Eliminate Tai Chi Chapter 275 -Tianyu Shenlong Xian! Chapter 274 -Fight Tai Chi, Bright and Sha! Chapter 273 -Three gods coexist, the battle of the gods!

Chapter 272 -Yin and Yang reincarnated, the emperor of evil! Chapter 271 -Tai Chi God Realm Great Array, God Emperor Strong! Chapter 270 -God worship ritual, devour the gods! Chapter 269 -Heavenly Oracle Sword, Tianya Ancient Emperor! Chapter 268 -Dragon Tomb, Dragon Tomb! Chapter 267 -Lord Barbarian Ray! Chapter 266 -Army of Barbarian Rays Chapter 265 -Sleepy God array! Chapter 264 -Ancient God, Tai Chi! Chapter 263 -Quiet place, barren! Chapter 262 -The power of faith, the origin of the emerald dragon king and dragon soul! Chapter 261 -Tianyu Temple, give you eternal honor!

Chapter 260 -The Lord of the Forest, the Emerald Dragon King! Chapter 259 -The power of forest faith! Chapter 258 -The past of the dragon Chapter 257 -Eros kiss! Share God! Chapter 256 -Qiankun Love Valley Chapter 255 -The land where the **** of love fell, the plane of the protoss! Chapter 254 -Star Dragon King Dragon Soul Origin Chapter 253 -The City of Abyss Chapter 252 -Super God Fusion! Destroy the Sage of the Abyss! Chapter 251 -The goddess of luck is here! Eternal enchantment! Chapter 250 -Angel and light! Battle of the Abyss Sovereign! Chapter 249 -Super Artifact: Heavenly Sacred Abyss Halberd!

Chapter 248 -Concubine is also forced! Chapter 247 -Fight against the Lord of the Abyss! Chapter 246 -Lord of the Abyss and One Hundred Eight Emperors Chapter 245 -Plane Tower Chapter 244 -The Lord of the Planes, the Lord of the Abyss! Chapter 243 -Abyss plane Chapter 242 -Water and fire double dragon soul, ice and fire two heavens! Chapter 241 -Dragon Soul Origin! Chapter 240 -Wuhun Holy Kingdom! Chapter 239 -End! The power of God's escape! Chapter 238 -Donghuang is now in control of everything! Chapter 237 -The battle of the kings! The ultimate judgment of light!

Chapter 236 -Twelve True Rings Double God King! Light is coming! Chapter 235 -Raksha God VS Demon God! Chapter 234 -Dark night is coming! Demon God Realm! Chapter 233 -Two piercing arrows, come to meet each other! Chapter 232 -Poseidon! Chapter 231 -Extreme duel! The devil comes! Chapter 230 -Tianluo and Earth Temple Chapter 229 -Twelve-winged dark fallen angel! Chapter 228 -Guest from the starry sky, Emperor Feng, the lord of the star crown! Chapter 227 -Zidian Yutian, a godlike existence! Chapter 226 -Golden Crocodile Worship VS Clear Sky Douluo Chapter 225 -The legendary Ultimate Douluo, Zidian Yutian!

Chapter 224 -Fantasy realm, a breakthrough under pressure! Chapter 223 -The Shura Sacred Sword shows its power! Chapter 222 -AWM sniper gun! Chapter 221 -Title entry into the war! Chapter 220 -The horror of fixed soul guide! ~ Say three big things! Must see! Chapter 219 -Let's fight! Tang Sect Hidden Weapon VS Wuhun Fixed Soul Guidance Device! Chapter 218 -Discuss before the war Chapter 217 -Go to war Chapter 216 -Badamon! The light of hope! Chapter 215 -God bestowed spirit ring, dream field! Chapter 214 -inherited! God of Shura!

Chapter 213 -Haotianling Chapter 212 -Negotiations with Tang Chen Chapter 211 -Peerless Douluo Tang Chen! Chapter 210 -Purification! Bright trial! Chapter 209 -Shen Yao! Holy Realm VS Killing Realm! Chapter 208 -The angry king of killing! Chapter 207 -Destroy the killing capital Chapter 206 -Hell Road! Turn it on! Chapter 205 -Invitation of the Killing King! Chapter 204 -Meet Tang San again Chapter 203 -Sin Paradise Chapter 202 -Hell Killing Field

Chapter 201 -Terror Knight Scott Chapter 200 -The City of Killing Chapter 199 -Golden Dragon King? Chapter 198 -Transform the Douluo world system Chapter 197 -The seventh test of the angel, Haoxue's supernatural power comes to help! Chapter 196 -Shocked the world Chapter 195 -Super Douluo, sacred realm! Chapter 194 -Yunhao title, Guangming Douluo! Chapter 193 -Trust me, I will help you! Chapter 192 -Zhu Zhuqing, the ghost cat! Chapter 191 -Angel Soul Core! Dual soul core! Chapter 190 -Soul core sharing, holy soul core!

Chapter 189 -Cortana and Xuexue Chapter 188 -Purple Electric Glazed Sect Chapter 187 -the moon represents my heart! Chapter 186 -Advanced fixed-mounted soul guide, Odin's bow! Chapter 185 -Plan failed Chapter 184 -Tiandou Palace Change Chapter 183 -Customized Soul Guidance Device, mass production! Chapter 182 -Killing and Darkness Chapter 181 -Impact Contra Chapter 180 -God Emperor's true body! Chapter 179 -Son! ~ From Douluo to control the world, happy Dragon Boat Festival!

Chapter 178 -Haotianweilin! Chapter 177 -Tathagata palm, win easily! Chapter 176 -The statue of Shakyamuni, invincible one dozen seven! Chapter 175 -Different strengths! Chapter 174 -finals! Wuhun Academy VS Shrek Academy! Chapter 173 -Angel body, angel realm! Chapter 172 -The final is coming! Chapter 171 -Dark Horse and Beast Trainer Chapter 170 -The Shrek team led by Tang Hao! Chapter 169 -My princess, your prince is here! ~ Say something brothers Chapter 168 -Haotian Douluo Tang Hao!

Chapter 167 -Shrek Team Chapter 166 -Tangmen? Chapter 165 -The Continent Advanced Soul Master Elite Competition is now open! ~ Say an important thing Chapter 164 -Collected Chapter 163 -Auction Resources Chapter 162 -Deep Sea Immersion Silver and Bi Luo Shengjing Chapter 161 -Wuhun main hall, Miles! Chapter 160 -Conquer Blacksmiths Association Chapter 159 -The height of the master Chapter 158 -Gengxin City, the capital of blacksmiths! Chapter 157 -Garuda and Garuru

Chapter 156 -Have you ever been moved by me? Chapter 155 -Nine Lamas, the power of the tail beast jade! Chapter 154 -Grilled whole ape! ! ! Chapter 153 -Challenge the Titan Great Ape! ? Chapter 152 -Glowing Soul Core Chapter 151 -Condensed Soul Core Chapter 150 -Tomorrow will be a must-see Chapter 149 -The first soul core Chapter 148 -Wuhun Fusion Skill, Tiangang Holy Armor! Chapter 147 -Star glass beads and iron-clad black turtle Chapter 146 -Agumon evolution, Tyrannosaurus beast! Chapter 145 -Boutique summoning item card

Chapter 144 -10 consecutive draws! Chapter 143 -This world is fair! ? (Three shifts) Chapter 142 -Divine glory, true sword intent! Chapter 141 -Shenwei, play Liu Erlong! Chapter 140 -The grumpy female dragon, the cheerful Yunhao! Chapter 139 -Don't be obsessed with brother, brother is just a legend! Chapter 138 -Meet the Shrek Seven Monsters again Chapter 137 -Breakthrough Soul Emperor Chapter 136 -Heroic Dugu Bo! Chapter 135 -The prodigal son looks back Chapter 134 -Ice Fire Alchemy Blood Chapter 133 -Long Han Yin Dream Body

Chapter 132 -The Presbyterian Hall Chapter 131 -Creator Chapter 130 -Gu Yuena who stole the mouth! Chapter 129 -The next four Chapter 128 -My Xiaodong, why are you so open? Chapter 127 -On the eve of the Pope’s birthday Chapter 126 -The fear brought by the realm of killing gods! Chapter 125 -Haotian has changed! Chapter 124 -The wind is surging, the seven kills are revealed! Chapter 123 -Seven Kill Sword Ancestor, Kendo Chenxin! (Four more monthly tickets) Chapter 122 -The Emperor's House, you can't help it! (Three more monthly tickets) Chapter 121 -Argument in front of the temple (2nd more asking monthly ticket)

Chapter 120 -The cute Agumon! Chapter 119 -incubation! Agumon! (Four more monthly tickets) Chapter 118 -High-quality digital egg (three-shift monthly ticket) Chapter 117 -The fourth spirit ability, sacred glory! (Two more) Chapter 116 -This is a warning, but also an opportunity! (One more) Chapter 115 -Thunder Douluo, Yu Yuanzhen! (Four more monthly tickets) Chapter 114 -new member! (Three more monthly tickets) Chapter 113 -Captain Timo is on standby! (2nd more monthly pass) Chapter 112 -The power of the silver dragon spear! (One more) Chapter 111 -Arctic Frozen Array Chapter 110 -Silver Dragon King Gu Yuena! Chapter 109 -Conditional trading with Silver Dragon King

Chapter 108 -Gu Yuena! Chapter 107 -A beautiful woman in the bath? Chapter 106 -Sacred tree of light! Chapter 105 -Dark Eye Cthulhu! Chapter 104 -faith! Chapter 103 -This is called Guan Yin Zuo Lian Style! Chapter 102 -Detox Chapter 101 -Don't worry, I will lighten it! Chapter 100 -Emerald never Chapter 99 -Two options Chapter 98 -Have friends come from afar! Chapter 97 -Forty-level soul sect bottleneck

Chapter 96 -Youxiang Qiluo Fairy Chapter 95 -Do you have love? Chapter 94 -I am the father you will never get! Chapter 93 -I will help you detoxify, you are for my use! Chapter 92 -Slightly better, Medusa's stare! Chapter 91 -Two Eyes of Ice and Fire (four more for subscription and monthly pass) Chapter 90 -Poison Douluo, Dugu Bo! (Three more for the first booking and monthly pass) Chapter 89 -Sunset Forest Poisonous Array (seeking subscription for monthly pass) Chapter 88 -Universe Hundred Treasure Bag (seeking for the first booking and monthly pass) Chapter 87 Testimonials on the shelves! Must see! Chapter 86 -Platonic love! Chapter 85 -Ten basic custom soul guides

Chapter 84 -Shot you doubt life! Chapter 83 -Fixed Soul Guidance Device, Gatling Cannon! Chapter 82 Special Extraordinary Part (2): The Kiss of Eros, Sharing God! Holy shine, revival! Chapter 81 Special extravaganza (1): Qiankun Asking for Love! Chapter 80 -Soul Guidance Device artwork (recommendation ticket required) Chapter 79 -Assassination, civet cat for prince! (Recommendation ticket) Chapter 78 -Kaleidoscope writing round eyes! (Recommendation ticket) Chapter 77 -Emperor Tiandou City (recommendation ticket) Chapter 76 QQ Book Friends Group Chapter 75 -How does it feel to be beaten up in a group? Chapter 74 -Multiple shadow clones, teach you how to be human! Chapter 73 -Moon Black Wind High Killer

Chapter 72 -Soto City meets Shrek again Chapter 71 -Infiltrate Tento Empire Chapter 70 -First attempt at swordsmanship Chapter 69 -Jade Girl Sword Technique and Quanzhen Sword Technique Chapter 68 -It's nice to be young! Chapter 67 -Screech Chapter 66 -Start planning Chapter 65 -The first evolution of the Golden Dragon Wing Chapter 64 -Latent mission Chapter 63 -Qian Renxue, the thirty-ninth level soul sovereign! Chapter 62 -Thirty-five level, three ring soul sovereign Chapter 61 -Titan Great Ape, King of the Forest!

Chapter 60 -Yunhao VS Tang San (Part 2) Chapter 59 -Yunhao VS Tang San (Part 1) Chapter 58 -On behalf of the moon to destroy Tang San Chapter 57 -Titled Douluo who loves flowers, Qirong Tongtianju Chapter 56 -Snatch Tang San's resources Chapter 55 -Two dogs fight, play off! Chapter 54 -Gai Shi Long Snake, Long Gong Snake Po Chapter 53 -Twenty thousand year spirit ring, 30th level bottleneck Chapter 52 -Soul Ring Fusion Chapter 51 -Shenyao first showed his power! Chapter 50 -Basalt Chapter 49 -Two women and one man at night!

Chapter 48 -Phantom pupil Chapter 47 -The enchanting skull of spiritual cohesion Chapter 46 -White Eyes VS Fantasy Demon Fox Chapter 45 -Fantasy Monster Fox Chapter 44 -Go to Star Dou Great Forest Chapter 43 -"A Hundred Ways to Be a Woman"! Chapter 42 -This is the legendary Ximena? ! Chapter 41 -Holy Annihilation·Shen Yao! Chapter 40 -Possibility of martial arts fusion skills Chapter 39 -Come to Xuexue, let's take one! Chapter 38 -You and my glory? Chapter 37 -Our crystallization

Chapter 36 -Golden balls? Chapter 35 -Perfect integration, the power of Haoxue! Chapter 34 -No, then do it again! Chapter 33 -Wuhun double repair Chapter 32 -Wet and far away Chapter 31 -The origin of Douluo Temple Chapter 30 -My **** artistic talent! Chapter 29 -And go with the wind Chapter 28 -Water escape, the technique of water dragon bomb! Chapter 27 -The War Book from Yan and Xie Yue! Chapter 26 -The arrival of Xie Yue and Yan Chapter 25 -I was slammed by Qianren Xuebi? !

Chapter 24 -Golden Dragon Wing one to one Chapter 23 -Evolve soul bone attached to the torso Chapter 22 -Vientiane Tianyin VS Tian Renxue (Part 2) Chapter 21 -Vientiane Tianyin VS Qian Renxue (Part 1) Chapter 20 -Do you know the battle between Buddha and Concubine? Chapter 19 -Your energy is beyond your imagination! Chapter 18 -Want to have Schwarzenegger's perfect figure? Chapter 17 -Fitness exercises Chapter 16 -Yamadie! Chapter 15 -You are the most powerful brain! Chapter 14 -Five years of science, three years of theory Chapter 13 -Types of Lady Luck Card

Chapter 12 -Prophet! ! ! Chapter 11 -The meaning of the periodic table! Chapter 10 -I teach you science, you teach me practice! Chapter 9 -The product of a chemical reaction? Chapter 8 -I can see through you! Chapter 7 -Can you get me, summoner? Chapter 6 -Lingbo Microstep Chapter 5 -Wheel of fortune Chapter 4 -Four stunning Chapter 3 -Beautiful sister, Bibi Dong! Chapter 2 -One hundred thousand year soul beast sacrifice Chapter 1 -Lady Luck is smiling

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