Mystery is always higher than mystery, and it is always the case. After all, no one can really understand this, in the whole thing full of beauty.

"If it's just this, then this Saint Immortal Realm is definitely not that simple." Qian Renxue said.

"Then we can't just leave so easily. I want to fight side by side with you. Let's work hard together, okay?" Ning Feng turned to look at Hai Feifei, with a smile on his face full of admiration.

"Yeah!" Hai Feifei rested her head in Ning Feng's arms, and looked at him affectionately.

Perhaps it has been too long since they have seen each other, but at this moment, the two of them are close to each other, and they are unwilling to destroy the atmosphere, let alone leave.

Time flies, although the reality is no longer the same as before, but the hearts of the people are still there.

"Xiaofeng, can you tell me about your experience these years?" Hai Feifei asked.

I have always cared about my sweetheart, so I also want to hear what he experienced, whether it will be very interesting.

"of course can......"

Ning Feng told Hai Feifei in a concise and concise manner the various experiences after leaving Shrek Academy.


Until the dead of night.

The two people reluctantly separated. As a saint, Hai Feifei must return to the Mermaid Temple.

However, as soon as he arrived at the temple, he saw that the mermaid king was talking to two middle-aged men.

One of them was the One Million Years Soul Beast that brought Ning Feng and the others to Mermaid Island.

His status is second only to the greatest sea god, and he also has the same faith as the sea god, creating infinite vitality and peace for the sea!

"Did the saint go to see him?" the mermaid king asked suddenly.

"Well, I think Xiaofeng really wants to help me, my friends, I hope they can stay, and they are willing to face it with me!" Hai Feifei said.

"The saint is serious. They are humans and cannot stay on our Mermaid Island. Even if they have that heart, it is enough. As for the catastrophe of our mermaid tribe, we don't want outsiders to intervene!" The mermaid king is still so insensitive Even when Xu and Yao were both present, he was still very strict with Haifeifei.

On the surface, she respectfully calls her a saint, but in her heart she still thinks that Haifeifei's heart age is still young, and she must experience more to understand some truth.

Therefore, as her only relative, she must be strictly required, and she must not be allowed to follow in the footsteps of her mother.

"Human?" Xu frowned suddenly, and did not understand for a while.

"Emperor Whale, a few humans came to Mermaid Island with Emperor Yao. They are all friends that the saint had met before going out to experience." The Mermaid King said.

"Oh? Immortal, why didn't you tell me about this?" Xu turned his head and asked Yao.

"Leave it to the young people to handle this kind of thing, and they also have the right to choose..." Yao said softly.

"Well, that's also true." Xu nodded and said.

The relationship between him and Yao is inconsistent, and occasionally it doesn't matter to you, and when you encounter such things, you usually don't care too much.

The mermaid king just wanted to use the whale emperor's hatred of humans to take the next move, but it was a pity that she missed the unusual relationship between the two soul beast emperors.

With Yao's help, it was really impossible to drive the group of humans out of Mermaid Island for a while.

The first question at this stage to keep the saints away from them, otherwise once the emotions are affected, it may affect the catastrophe...

"Feifei, tell Grandpa Xu about your friends?" Xu said.

"Hmm!" Hefeifei began to tell.

Of course, in her heart, the importance of Ning Feng is self-evident, and Ning Feng talks about it most.

Xudu was a little fascinated by it, but suddenly he had a bold idea in his heart.

"Feifei, tell Grandpa Xu, are you secretly in love with that Ning Feng human being?" Xu asked.

However, before Hai Feifei could answer, the mermaid king said: "The saints of the mermaid tribe must not be entangled with humans, let alone give their love. If the saints are affected by humans, I will persuade them as soon as possible. Leave, so as not to delay your important time for cultivation."

"Grandma, I have said that Xiaofeng and the others really don't have any evil intentions. They really want to help me. If there are other ways to avoid the catastrophe, wouldn't it be better?"

"I don't have to stay in the Holy Land for life, I think that would make me crazy."

She almost uttered these words in a roaring manner, and the Emperor Whale, Emperor Yao and the Mermaid King were startled.

I have never seen Feifei speaking so emotionally, actually for a humble human being?

From an objective point of view, this is an extremely dangerous warning, of course this is the personal view of the Mermaid King.

And the other one, wearing a blue-gold armor robe, had long hair that was as thick as the waves and almost fell to the ground.

On his forehead there is a totem magic pattern resembling a "whale", which is pale gold and emits a blue streamer, which is particularly noticeable.

This person has dark blue eyes that are as deep as the sea, with a bright and smiling face, and he is chatting happily with Yao.

From time to time, he laughed loudly, and occasionally suddenly stood in a stalemate, showing a serious and inviolable fierce power.

"I said you are old and immortal, why didn't you tell me earlier, tell me about you, you came all the way here without notifying me in advance, so I didn't prepare a grand welcome ceremony!" said the middle-aged man.

"Don't come to these imaginary things, things are like this anyway, I don't plan to go back next, just at night in your whale spirit sea area, it's been a long time since I did it with you, my hands are itchy!" Yao Zheng said with fullness.

"I said you, the old immortal, came to look for a fight again, but I'm here to accompany you at any time, and I just want to find a target to practice hand skills, you came just right!"


The two talked and laughed, the mermaid king stood alone, just listening quietly, behaving respectfully.

"Grandpa Xu, Grandpa Yao, what are you talking about?" Hai Feifei repeated the past, and rushed into Xu's arms.

"Yo yo yo, our little princess is here, your grandfather Xu, I'm thinking about teaching you grandpa Yao, who doesn't know the heights of the sky, and let him have a long memory, haha!" Xu said in a teasing tone.

That's right, this eccentric middle-aged man is the one who guards the sea, ends marine wars, and balances the sea, the patron saint of the sea, the million-year-old soul beast Whale Emperor, Xu!

His deeds are widely circulated throughout the ocean, no life does not know.

And everyone who knows his prestige is respected and admired!

Whale Emperor can be said to have brought infinite vitality to this ocean. He is the well-deserved patron saint sent by heaven to save this ocean from fire and water!

Mysterious things always appear in front of everyone very mysteriously, in any case so sacred and inviolable.

But with regard to mystery, the reason for this can only be known at the end of time and space.

If you can't really comprehend, you can't pass the test, and Yun Hao himself does the same.