In a residence in Shanghai's Xingyun community, the 17-year-old Yun Hao was excited to operate the bounty hunter to win today's seventh five kills and win the game!

As the strongest king in the national costume, Yun Hao played superbly with Miss Doom!

"The goddess of luck is smiling, oh oh, keep going, hehe..."

Looking at the enchanting bounty hunter with double guns on the computer screen, Yun Hao felt that the goddess of luck was already beckoning to him. Today, not only will the king win ten consecutive victories, but also five kills!

Go to the next one immediately!

Yunhao believes that Miss Doom’s endorsement of fame: Good luck will not favor fools!

He immediately showed a triumphant smile!

As a genius-level existence in the League of Legends, when I got Miss Doom, everything was under my control!

On the line, I quickly brushed a few waves of troops, and I was ready to return to the city to buy equipment.

As a professional goddess of luck, Yun Hao's first piece of equipment is basically to choose the tears of the goddess in seconds!

Because he always feels that Goddess Tears is a unique gift from Goddess of Luck. When a bounty hunter with Goddess Tears gallops on the battlefield, it is invincible!

"Ding! The goddess of luck is smiling, and the opening is successful!"

"Ding! The system is binding!"

"Ding! Congratulations to the host for successfully binding the Lady Luck system!"

Just as Yun Hao clicked to buy the goddess tears, a sweet woman's voice suddenly sounded in his mind.

what! What's the matter, did I have auditory hallucinations?

Putting down the headset, he quickly ran to the bathroom, and rinsed his handsome face with cold water.

Back to the room!

Just as he was about to pick up the mouse and continue fighting, the voice sounded again: "Ding! The Lady Luck system has been activated, and the identity of the host's shuttle to the Ten Thousand Realms has been confirmed!"

What? system?

Yun Hao looked confused, and once again ran to the bathroom to rinse his face carefully, but the voice remained lingering in his ears like a ghost.

So Yun Hao staged a panic drama of seven in and seven out of the bathroom. He calmed down when he was completely sure that he did not have auditory hallucinations because of a mental disorder.

However, the mysterious voice seemed to fit Yun Hao's performance. When he was completely calm, he said:

"Ding! Hello, host, I am the Lady Luck system, this system will serve you wholeheartedly!"

That charming voice came into Yun Hao's ears, making him feel a little dreamy, and the image he had been dreaming of began to emerge in his mind...

No, he shook his head immediately...

"What? System?"

Yun Hao hesitated.

"Yes the host, you awakened this system, you are the most noble VIP of this system, this system will help you cross the world, help you become the strongest in cultivation, and control the world!"

The sweet voice sounded again.



Yun Hao looked dumbfounded, but he was already a little excited in his heart. In order to confirm whether it was true or not, he asked softly again: "Is the system like the invincible golden finger in novels and anime?"

In addition to being a game genius, Yun Hao is also a fanatic, reading madman, and he has seen all kinds of animations and novels. Even often imagine that he can have such a heaven-defying golden finger, happy flower city, dominate the world! But did the golden fingers in novels and anime really appear in front of you?

The voice replied sweetly: "Yes, this system is what you call a golden finger, and can tailor a variety of thoughtful solutions for you to cross the world!"

Hearing this true answer, Yun Hao's heart was already galloping, and there was a sense of excitement of riding a horse!

I rely on!

This is true, this is not a dream!

Completely attracted by that goddess-like voice, Yun Hao could not bear the ecstasy in his heart.

It seems that this time the goddess of luck is really smiling at me, I am invincible!


"Then what should I do?"

After thinking about it carefully, Yun Hao asked.

"Of course it is to go to the world you want to go to, and then practice to become stronger!"

The system explained politely.

"Oh, what are the specific steps?"

Although Yun Hao understands what it means to cross the world, he still needs to know how to operate it!

"It doesn't matter, this system will guide you!"

As soon as the voice fell, a blue and golden light flew from the computer screen and exploded quickly in front of Yun Hao's eyes.

Then a strange card floated quietly in the air.

"Host, this is a symbol of your status, goddess card!"

"The Goddess Card will be adjusted accordingly according to the rules of the world you are in. It is also equivalent to a special and unique weapon of yours. When not in use, you can retract your body through consciousness!"

"What is the use of the goddess card? This system will answer you one by one in the follow-up process!"


Goddess card?

Yun Hao looked hesitant, stretched out his hand to take the goddess card in his hand, and observed carefully.

One side of the card is engraved with a charming lips that smiles like an angel, and on the other side is engraved —

Goddess tears?

When Yun Hao saw the goddess tears pattern on the card, he looked at the computer screen subconsciously.

The four teammates on the screen had already given up resistance. They frantically swiped the screen and called him scams and garbage. Some even cursed him for being hit by a car.

But Yun Hao didn't care about this. He looked at his inventory and found that the Goddess Tears he had originally purchased disappeared?

So that light just now, is the goddess tears flying out by herself? !

No, I have to calm down! calm!

What happened one after another made Yun Hao a little confused, completely breaking his view of cognition.

Who would have thought of playing a game, and actually playing a naughty system?

Immediately retracted his gaze and looked at the smile on the other side of the card. It was really the smile of a goddess!


"You can check the identity information and positioning in your mind, including the function introduction of the system!"

The voice continued.

"Oh, there are special functions?"

Yun Hao froze for a moment, and then followed the method described by the system to check through consciousness.

A special panel appeared in my mind with several function options:

Function 1: Lucky Mall, you can exchange all kinds of items and props in Ten Thousand Realms through lucky value. The exchanged items and props are divided into one-time and permanent ones. Please feel free to use them!

Function two: Wanjie map, you can choose any world you want to go to! You can cultivate to the strongest strength in the corresponding world, and the cultivation base will be retained by the system!

Function 3: Lucky Wheel, divided into three types: ordinary, advanced and fine. Ordinary consumption of 1,000 lucky points will be transferred once; advanced consumption of 10,000 lucky points will be converted once; fine products will be converted once if consumption of 100,000 lucky points. Every time one million lucky points are consumed to upgrade, the items obtained will be valid forever!

Function 4: Storage space, you can store all the items in the heavens and the world!

Function 5: Information bar, repair attribute panel!

Function 6: Scan and identify!

Looking at the function and function introduction of the entire panel, Yun Hao has a general understanding of the Lady Luck system. There are still some differences from most of the novels of the crossing system. The Lady Luck system is quite special.

"Host, now that you understand all the functions of this system, then start your journey to the world!"

"and many more!"

Yun Hao stopped suddenly.

"I want to ask... I am... how do I travel?"

"Of course it's your own crossing, of course your body will rejuvenate according to the cultivation mechanism!"

"That's the case, as long as it's not for the soul, then I can rest assured!"

If the soul wears on someone else, I don't know how much trouble there will be.

Many of the protagonists in Traverse Novels travel to a new body. They either offend the whole world or engage in family targeting. When they think of these, they are the first two.

Since it is a direct crossing, it's fine!

This time the invincible heavens, the dream of crossing the ten thousand realms has really come true!


"I think about which world I want to go to first..."

Yun Hao began to brew repeatedly. He has read too many novels and animations. Which one should he choose?

While thinking about it, Yun Hao subconsciously noticed that there was a book from Douluo Continent on the desk, which was obtained at the signing of the Third Master some time ago.

Recently, Douluo Dalu animation is also being broadcast, so choose Douluo Dalu!

After choosing the world, Yun Hao clicked the map of Ten Thousand Realms in his mind and started the system traversal!

"Ding! The system travels through, and the target world: Douluo Continent!"


The goddess card in his hand emits a dazzling light, enveloped him, and disappeared in the next moment...


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