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Myriad Realms Grand Manager with a God Class System

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There are chewing gums that can be chewed in your mouth and continuously provide energy; there are sodas that can be alive and kicking even if you only have one breath.

There are warehouses full of sacred animals and houses full of artifacts. There are only commodities that you can’t imagine, and no commodities that will not appear.

Countless powerful people gathered to go, and the power ministers and emperors came in droves, but they could only wait outside. Because the store manager Qi Le will definitely open the door on time.

“What? For these guys, let me lose one minute of sleep? Impossible!” Qi Le said…

- Description from MTL


Short Title:MRGMGCS
Alternate Title:神级系统万界大店长
Author:Ninth Reading of Book of Songs
Weekly Rank:#163
Monthly Rank:#225
All Time Rank:#31
Tags:Arrogant Characters, Beasts, Business Management, Cultivation, Lazy Protagonist, Money Grubber, Monsters, Pets, Store Owner, System Administrator, Weak Protagonist, World Travel,
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35 Comments on “Myriad Realms Grand Manager with a God Class System
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  1. **** This novel writer . it almost reach end point and u make mc start from zero again **** it i give up i drop the novel at this point

  2. The bovel is good. Don't be fooled by those other comments. The only thing is that the first loli clerk annoys the hell out of me.

  3. When reading this I can't help but to compare it to fantasy god level store manager, it is trash compare to it. Full of plot holes and uninteresting interactions between people. Unorganize system rules and restrictions to the MC, it is annoying that you own things but you need to pay for them. Oh god why did I read fantasy god level store manager first. Ignore me, I just want to convry my feelings. It is a decent novel if I may say, just 'cause.

  4. TRUE... neither the system has proper functionality and communication with host nor the cultivation system properly introduced, very hard to understand... Too lousy and complex description

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