The tower of light shines brightly, leading the way ahead.

Jiangan rode a huge yin and yang kun, closely behind.

Behind, followed by the Double-headed God, Lord of Reincarnation, Moon God, and Candle Bear.

"Have you ever heard a call from afar?" Jiang An looked at the other followers.

After listening, the two-headed **** shook his head. As the veteran Emperor Hunyuan, they couldn't hear anything.

"They haven't been there, they can't hear it." The Tower of Light is transmitting to Jiang An, "Don't say they can't hear it, even I can't hear it."

In fact, the candle bear has come here. However, he has not participated in the final battle. He encountered great horror on the road, after a **** battle, difficult to escape, and finally turned back.

After entering the ancient road of origin, Jiang'an found that the calls from afar became more frequent and urgent.

"Hey, Xiaota, can you lead the way?" The two-headed **** turned his head and looked around, but felt very confused.

"You have many heads, and you talk a lot." The Tower of Light snorted, "Master, I go deep into that side. You weren't born when you participated in the Peerless War."

"Then where shall we go?" The two-headed **** couldn't help asking.

"Naturally, go to the ancient battlefield first and pick up the leaks." The Tower of Light had long planned.

"Oh, let me go, would you let us pick up the tatters with you?" The double-headed **** was surprised.

"You know wool, these years, picking up ragged ones is the most popular. If you are not careful, you may be able to pick up the ancient species of origin. If you are not careful, you may be able to pick up the magical material. Even, you can also pick up the origin star. "The Tower of Light is full of expectations for going deep into the ancient battlefield.

"Just now, you have no ancient species, and no parent star, who can you beat?" The Tower of Light is educating the two-headed god, "Young people don't float, you must first arm yourself. Otherwise, you will die the fastest ."

At that moment, the two-headed **** choked silently.

Although this sounds unsatisfactory, you seem to make sense.

The candle bear was at the back, with full consciousness, and he was the most cautious.

He had been here before, and suffered a great horror, and died a whole life. Therefore, there is a shadow in his heart.

The Tower of Light said again: "Two heads, don't always think about sending you to death, learn more from the last bear, you can live the longest if you are afraid of death."

"..." The corner of Zhu Xiong's mouth twitched, "Afraid of death? Why am I afraid of death? I am cautious, understand?"

In the end, Jiangan made the decision.

"Go to the ancient battlefield first, and improve their respective strengths."

As we move forward, the ancient road of origin brightens up. There are thousands of stars, all different.

They rushed on the ancient road of origin, moving forward at full speed, and according to the time outside, it was five years in a flash.

They came to a special area, where the stars were broken and filled with countless cosmic dust.

"This is the ancient battlefield?" The two-headed **** revealed suspiciously.

"No, it's just a small battlefield, it's not a big scene." The Tower of Light said.

But when he came there, Zhu Xiong's body trembled suddenly.

"What's wrong with you, scared to pee?" The two-headed goddess looked at the candle bear and asked aloud.

Zhu Xiong sighed and said, "Back then, I came here and encountered a great horror. Only after nine deaths was I able to escape."

"Great terror," the two-headed **** couldn't help but become vigilant when he heard the words, "dead?"

"It's not dead, let me be injured by a secret method! After so many years, maybe it has recovered!" At this moment, the candle bear is more vigilant than anyone.

He suffered a loss here, and he still has lingering fears at the moment.

Jiang'an released his divine knowledge and investigated, but no creatures were found.

"Continue on the road." Sitting on Yin Yang Kun's back, Jiang An took out the fairy brew that he was carrying and drank it.

Everyone continued on their way, which took another three years.

Suddenly, everyone stopped, attracting a huge corpse in front of them!

It was a black tiger corpse, huge and unknown geometry, covering the sky and the sun, lying in the stars.

"The black tiger digs his heart!"

When they saw the black tiger corpse, everyone was shocked.

Heihu's heart was taken out, and there was a huge hole in his chest.

I don't know how many years have passed, and the chest is still bleeding.

The black tiger's eyes were wide open, and he didn't close his eyes until he died. Obviously he couldn't squint at all!

Suddenly, the candle bear moved and pounced directly on the black tiger corpse.

"Brother Black Tiger, you died so miserably." He was very moved with tears in his eyes.

"What's the situation?" The two-headed **** saw this scene and was immediately taken aback, "This big tiger is your brother? No, it's a tiger, and you are a bear. Could it be your half-father?"

"This is my brother." Zhuxiong said, closing the **** tiger's eyes with his supernatural power.

I think back then, he and the **** tiger in front of him stepped into the ancient road of origin. However, before reaching here, they were washed away.

He encountered great horror on the road, died nine deaths, and was lucky enough to escape back to the origin world.

However, since then, there has been no news of the **** tiger.

How can I think that the **** tiger has fallen here.

The **** tiger back then was stronger than him. However, he died miserably.

After hearing this, the two-headed **** sighed, "People die, no, tigers can't come back from death, you are sorry."

Jiang An came to Heihu's chest, carefully examining the wound.

"It looks like it has been gnawed away!"

"What creature did it?" The two-headed **** also leaned over.


The black tiger in front of him not only had his heart taken out, but his soul was also destroyed. It was indeed miserable.

The most shocking thing is that as a creature of the Emperor Hunyuan level, it seemed to have no ability to fight back, so it was killed.

This can only show that the creature that killed it was terrifying.

"Just dig out the heart and don't move other parts, the old tortoise is too cruel." The two-headed **** looked at the huge paw print on the black tiger's chest and couldn't help feeling.

"All small snacks, maybe the old tortoise is nearby." The Tower of Light said vigilantly.

If he was at his peak, he would not be afraid of any old turtles. However, now he is only in the state of a tower spirit, and his cultivation base is not as good as before, so it is better to be careful.

Although Candle Bear was sad, he had to accept the fact that the **** tiger had fallen.

"Hurry to the ancient battlefield as soon as possible to find opportunities."

The ancient battlefield is the main venue for the ancient and peerless war. The number of emperor-level creatures that fell there was beyond imagination.

The Tower of Light led the way, and he reminded everyone before reaching the ancient battlefield.

"The former convenience was an ancient battlefield. Now that countless years have passed, it is still dangerous. Be careful."

"Do you want to bugger?" The two-headed **** saw that the Tower of Light was about to leave, and he was suspicious.

The Tower of Light is not to go off the beaten path, but to find magical materials to complement itself.

That kind of magical material is not even available in the origin world, only here, it is extremely rare.

"Pick up the omission, the weapon of the gods, the ancient mother star, whoever comes." The two-headed **** took the lead and flew towards the ancient battlefield.

As soon as he entered the ancient battlefield, he suddenly uttered a loud shout: "Oh Huh, there is even a business rob."


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