The huge tower shines, and it is boundless, it is the tower of light.

The giant tower took away the Jiang family, including Jiang Chongtian, Jiang Yining, Jiang Yiyao, Zhao Ziqi, Qin Ziling, and Jiang Xue.

At the same time, the Big Black Pig, Old Black Donkey, Chaos Vine, Sunflower, and Monkey King, Zhu Bajie and other soldiers of the Galaxy God Court were also brought to the origin world by the Tower of Light.

They are lucky, because Jiang An, as a pathfinder, has laid a brand new and safe world for them.

At the beginning, Jiang An entered the Origin Realm alone and was attacked all the way, how difficult it was.

Now, Jiang An is strong enough to shelter everyone.

In the realm of God, the **** pig and the old black donkey are already at their peak.

Now that they have entered the origin world, they know how small they are!

The origin world is vast and unpredictable, and there are many strong ones.

For a while, the **** pig couldn't help sighing: "Master Pig, I have lived all my life, so it's an eye-opener! This is the real universe, I almost became a pig at the bottom of the well!"

The old black donkey's face was drawn very long and long, and he was full of emotion!

"A hundred-year-old baby is better than me. I really feel that these years have been in vain!"

The realm of God is just a small universe, while the realm of origin is the real big universe. The laws of the universe are different and the development of all things is different.

Now, the heart of the old black donkey is really unbalanced.

"Lord Lord, I will not break the emperor, and I will never leave!"

Before he even broke through, he had already decided on his title, called Black Emperor!

The **** pig looked up at the sky, where the Origin Star was unusually bright, even a little dazzling.

He now knew that Jiang An was there.

"Hey, Lord Pig, I am destined to only look up to you!"

At the beginning, in the realm of heaven, he and Jiang An called brothers and sisters, and fought side by side to kill the Quartet.

Today, he has fallen behind Jiang An too much, and he is not at the same height as Jiang An!

"Master Pig, I want to break through!"

The divine light still shines all over the world, this is a good opportunity for breakthrough.

Big black pig, old black donkey, Chaos Vine, and Sunflower have been at the peak of the Great Emperor level for a long time, only one opportunity is needed to make a breakthrough.

This is the opportunity to come to the origin world.

Their bodies were no longer bound, so it didn't take long for them to successfully break through to the realm of the emperor.

For them, Emperor Zun is a brand new realm. Since then, they have stepped into a whole new world.

Moreover, there are many secret realms and opportunities in the origin world, and their progress continues.

The divine light shines all over the world, but Jiang An quietly leaves the Origin Star and returns to the Heavenly Emperor Palace.

It is not easy for a person to smash the realm of heaven, and now he can finally reunite with his family.

Now, in his capacity, the Jiang family can develop with peace of mind in the origin world, completely worry-free.

Thousands of years have passed in a hurry in a big world like the origin world. In this millennium, the world of origin has flourished and flourished.

Especially with the help of the Tomb of Origin, the Lord of Samsara gained a new life, not only reshaping the soul, but also restored his cultivation to the peak state.

That is, when the Lord of Samsara recovered to the peak, Jiang An received a summon in the dark.

That kind of call came from the other side of the road of origin, more like a cry for help.

He communicated with the Tower of Light, and the Tower of Light contemplated for a long time.

"Could it be that there are still people alive over there, they can't support it, and ask you for help? Well, it must be so!"

The Haotian God of War, as well as the ancestors of the God of War clan, all went there.

When Jiang An smashed into the realm of God, they all showed their spirits and dealt with Jiang An.

Now, thousands of years have passed, could it be that they couldn't support it over there?

This is Jiang An's guess!

"Maybe, we should start!" The Tower of Light murmured.

"It's just them..."

Jiang An thought of the two-headed god, the moon god, and the candle bear. They were still in the recovery period and failed to recover to their peak.

"You have comprehended the profound meaning of life. If you cooperate with the power of the Tomb of Origin to bring you back to life, you might have an unexpected effect." The Tower of Light is uncertain.

"Okay, then I will give it a try!"

Jiang An was also uncertain, after all, they hurt the origin, too badly!

If you don't try this, you won't know, but surprises will happen at the first try.

He used the profound meaning of life to illuminate the three powerhouses, and with the role of the Tomb of Origin, he restored the three of them to their peak state in less than a hundred years.

"Too timely!"

The three returned to their peak state, which is a rare happy event.

The four powerhouses: Lord of Reincarnation, Double-headed God, Moon God, and Candle Bear returned to their peaks, and Jiang An and the others set foot on the ancient road of origin, and were also put on the agenda.

Of course, over the past thousand years, the origin world has also cultivated a new generation of strong people.

However, Jiang An did not take them when they set foot on the ancient road of origin.

"Countless years ago, I waited for a group to enter that world, how strong the lineup is, far better than the current one. However, in the end it proved that no matter how many people there are, it is only to give experience!" This was said by the Tower of Light, and it was for Jiang An. Listen, "Resources are limited and need to be centralized!"

"Besides, the situation over there is unclear, what if all the strong are gone and can't hold it? Then you have to endure the disaster of destruction." The Tower of Light was worried and worried about the way forward.

Therefore, the only people who finally set foot on the ancient road of origin are Jiang An, the Tower of Light, the Two-Headed God, the Lord of Reincarnation, the Candle Bear, and the Moon God!

Two-headed God, Lord of Reincarnation, Candle Bear, and Moon God, can become the Emperor Hunyuan without fusion of ancient species. He has a strong foundation, extraordinary talent, and considerable growth potential.

They have not set foot on the ancient road of origin, but they are guided by the tower of light, and they will not be blackened.

The Tower of Light has stepped into the ancient road of origin, and has experienced a tragic battle, which is rich in experience.

And Jiang An, according to the memory fragments, he also set foot on that side. Moreover, at that time, he was still the leader, leading everyone to face the enemy.

Now he stepped in again, determined to be better than before!

The ancient road of origin has no direction, even if it is the Emperor Hunyuan, it will be lost in it.

However, the Tower of Light knows the way forward, so everyone is moving fast!

"We all need to become stronger!" said while advancing Tower of Light.

Yes, although Jiang An and the others set foot on the ancient road of origin, they are not the strongest.

The Tower of Light is now in an incomplete tower spirit state. It needs magical materials to complement the tower body and then restore its peak strength back then.

As for the Lord of Reincarnation, the Double-headed God, the Candle Bear, and the Moon God, they have not yet integrated the ancient species of origin. They need to find the ancient species of origin and then merge.

But after merging the ancient species of origin, it is not the end, but progress and improvement.

One step further is to give birth to your own mother star!

The current Jiangan has long been fused with the ancient species of origin, which is an ancient species of flame! However, he has not yet bred his own mother star!

There are thousands of stars in the distance, and there is always one bright for you!


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