The river bank went straight up to the sky, into the origin star.

Soon, the Origin Star will emit a bright light, shining on countless large and small universes.

For a time, the universe of Origin and its surrounding universes were radiated with vitality like a divine light.

The universe always goes through one cycle after another, destruction, rebirth, and development.

Now, under the shining of Origin Star, the world of Origin is ushering in a period of vigorous development.

The light is shining, the spring flowers are blooming, and all things exude new vitality.

Thousands of people cultivated in the light of the gods, and their cultivation reached a thousand miles in a day. At this moment, neither the state nor the bottleneck seems to be a problem.

"Thank my lord!"

"Xinjiang Tiandi, have eternal life!"

Facing the divine light, thousands of people worship the river bank above the sky.

The light shines, this is Jiang An's handwriting.

According to historical records, after the birth of the Origin Star, the Origin World and its surrounding universes were born.

There are too many secrets hidden in Origin Star.

When Jiang An entered the Origin Star for the first time, he obtained the Tomb of Origin and released the two-headed god.

Now, he has re-entered the Origin Star, and he actually comprehended the profound meaning of life, allowing the Origin Star to bloom with endless divine light, illuminate the world and nourish all races.


The realm of heaven, the Milky Way God's Court, and the Palace of Heavenly Emperor.

"Old ancestor, how do you feel? Are you comfortable?" The second brother Zhu Bajie was beating "someone" on the back, the kind that worked hard.

In fact, the person in front of the second brother is not a person, but the **** pig who has followed the river bank to fight everywhere.

Today, the **** pig is known as the number one pig in the starry sky, and has a prestigious name in the heavens.

After the second brother Zhu Bajie left the Three Realms, he entered the realm of heaven and wandered around, and eventually followed the **** pig.

At this moment, the two pigs are bathed in divine light, not to mention how comfortable!

"The technique is good, it's improved!" The **** pig was enjoying the service of the second senior brother Zhu Bajie, his expression satisfied.

"Thank you ancestor." The second brother grinned, "I have encountered a bottleneck in the practice of ten thousand beasts, and I hope the ancestor will give me some advice."

The **** pig immediately said: "God shines on the world, any bottleneck is not a problem. Today I will point you to one or two. If you don't break through, don't blame me for expelling you from the race and becoming a wild animal."

After hearing this, Zhu Bajie was overjoyed. It seems that today's breakthrough is expected!

Bathed in divine light, under the guidance of the **** pig, the second brother Zhu Bajie broke through the bottleneck, his cultivation base rose greatly, and eventually became a generation of pig ancestors!

Big black pig is known as the great ancestor, he is the second ancestor.

"Old ancestor, what are you looking at?" After the breakthrough, the second brother Zhu Bajie saw the **** pig looking up at the starry sky, his eyes were very complicated.

"I don't know where my brother hit..." the **** pig muttered as he looked at the starry sky.

What he said was Jiang An.

Ever since Jiang An entered the way of God and left the realm of God, **** pigs, old black donkeys, poisonous dragons and others have guarded the galaxy divine garden, working hard and daring not slack in the slightest.

Under their guardianship, the Milky Way Divine Court ruled all races and developed steadily, and there was no major disturbance due to the departure of the river bank.

They also wanted to step on the path of God, to follow the trail of the river bank. However, the development of the Galaxy God's Court needs them.

Therefore, they have stayed in the realm of heaven and did not leave.

Today, the **** pig, the old black donkey, the chaotic vine, and the sunflower are all the peak existence of the great emperor.

Due to the limitation of this universe law, they have not broken through to the realm of emperor.

Without Jiang An's order, they did not dare to leave, they wanted to guard the Heavenly Emperor Palace!

After the Zhu Bajie cultivation base broke through, he left the Heavenly Emperor Palace and went straight to the boundless starry sky to the east.

In the boundless starry sky, there are two strong men fighting.

One of them, holding a golden stick, glowing with golden light all over, is Monkey King.

The other one, dressed in white, is full of sacred light. A silver gun is in hand, the gun is like a dragon, and its power is boundless.

He is Jiang Yining, the son of Jiang An.

The two are fighting fiercely.

"Damn, are you still fighting?" Zhu Bajie looked at the two fighting fiercely, and couldn't help being shocked.

The fighting between the two has lasted for more than ten years, and they are still fighting now, and there is no intention to stop.

Moreover, under the radiant light of God, the two men fought stronger and stronger.

Now, both Monkey King and Jiang Yining are both in the realm of the Great Emperor.

Sun Wukong practiced the supreme heavenly skills left by the fighting emperor, while Jiang Yining practiced the skills left by Jiang An.

Jiang Yining is not a flower in a greenhouse, and rarely appears in Tiandi Palace.

He smashed into the realm of God, went deep into various dangerous places and secret places, and experienced countless battles. He is the leader of the new generation.

Especially his bloodline is super strong, he also possesses the fighting spirit of Jiang An, and his growth potential is endless.

Jiang Yining shot out, and the silver dragon roared, shaking the starry sky.


The silver spear collided with the stick in Monkey King's hand, the starry sky shattered, time and space were chaotic, and Zhu Bajie kept going backwards.

"Sun Dasheng, are you okay?" Jiang Yining's body was radiant and powerful.

"My old grandson fought against your father back then, would it not work?" Sun Wukong said, stepping on auspicious clouds and wearing golden light.

"Then what do I think about your lack of strength?" Jiang Yining said.

"That's an illusion! Even if my grandson fights for another five hundred years, his strength will not be exhausted!" Monkey King's fighting spirit soared, "Come again!"

"Come again!" Jiang Yining wielded a silver spear, regaining strength and fighting against Monkey King.

In the distance, Zhu Bajie saw that the two were about to fight again, and immediately said: "Oh, big brother, you two have been fighting for more than ten years, aren't you tired? Hurry up and take a break."

At this moment, a woman in red appeared in the distance.

"Big brother, the queen mother calls you to go home for dinner!" The woman said, obviously speaking to Jiang Yining.

She is Jiang Yiyao, the daughter of Jiang An, and the younger sister of Jiang Yining.

"If you don't go back, you will make your mother angry!" Jiang Yiyao continued.

Jiang Yiyao knew that her eldest brother was a militant and liked fighting all day long. She was rather helpless about this.

Her eldest brother, because of this fight with Monkey King, has not been home for more than ten years!

Today, even if he doesn't go back, she will tie him back.

Seeing Zhu Bajie and Jiang Yining were all coming, Monkey King waved his hand helplessly.

"Fine, I will fight here, next time my grandson will point you again!"

"Okay, the next time you will be the winner!" Jiang Yining looked forward to it.

Looking at Jiang Yining's self-confident appearance, Sun Wukong couldn't help saying: "You must not be proud. Compared with your father back then, you are not one and a half stars behind. What's more, you can't even beat your sister."

"Um, Sun Dasheng, what are you telling the truth." Jiang Yining put away the silver gun, rather helpless.

He and Jiang Yiyao are brothers and sisters, but his bloodline is far from that of his sister Jiang Yiyao.

Therefore, he has never been Jiang Yiyao's opponent.

He is obsessed with cultivation, and he is a militant who has challenged countless veteran powerhouses.

Jiang Yiyao has no intention of practicing, and she likes to play some weird things with her aunt Jiang Xue and study some new species.

However, her cultivation level has improved beyond imagination, making people envy and hate!

Finally, Jiang Yining and Jiang Yiyao returned to the Heavenly Emperor Palace together.

And Monkey King is going to have a big meal with Zhu Bajie.

"Master, do you see anything different about me?" On the way, Zhu Bajie's face was red.

"It's fat!" Monkey King didn't even look at it, and responded directly.

"Um, Brother Monkey, you entertained me again." Zhu Bajie was rather helpless, "Look at me carefully, am I stronger?"

"Even if you become stronger, you are just my junior." Monkey King said solemnly.

"That's natural." Zhu Bajie nodded.


"Mother, I brought my eldest brother back!"

Before reaching the Tiandi Palace, Jiang Yiyao's voice arrived first.

Inside the Palace of the Emperor of Heaven, there are Zhao Ziqi, Jiang Xue, Jiang Chongtian, and Qin Ziling.

In fact, they have been watching the battle between Jiang Yining and Monkey King. After more than ten years of fighting, Jiang Yining became stronger and stronger, and they were sincerely happy.

Now that Jiang Yining is back, the family gathers together, eats, and is also discussing future development.

"I want to enter the way of God and find my father." Jiang Yining said.

"Just you, you can't beat me, you still want to find my father?" Jiang Yiyao stunned unceremoniously.

"The mother and queen are all here, little girl, you give me some face." Jiang Yining touched his head, rather helpless.

His sister can break through even with a sip. He felt that this was a deliberate arrangement of such a sister, just to torture him.

When a family dinner was held in the Jiang family, the **** pig, the old black donkey, the chaotic vine, and the sunflower also gathered together to discuss future development issues.

"Now that the light is shining, it is a good time and a good time for me to wait for a breakthrough." The old black donkey's face is very long, but it is not angry, his face is like this.

"Now, even if Emperor Jiang Tian is not there, his son Jiang Yining can still sit on the throne of Emperor Tian and command the entire realm of God." Big Black Pig said.

"He leads the realm of heaven, then I can go out to find a breakthrough opportunity when I wait." Chaos Vine was about to move.

"Yes, yes, that's right." Sunflower also stated.

"Now that this world is developing steadily, it's really time for us old things to go out and see the world!" The **** pig looked above the sky, quite yearning.

"Yes, following the steps of Emperor Jiang Tian, ​​I will eventually create another miracle." The old black donkey was full of expectation.

This group of old guys, you say and I say, plan to hand over power to Jiang Yining, and then look for opportunities for breakthroughs.

However, before they waited for their action, they saw a white light floating above the sky.

The speed of that white light was strange, ignoring everything, approaching the Heavenly Emperor Palace.

Take a closer It is a huge tower.

"Enemy attack!"

At that moment, the **** pig was waiting for an enemy.

On the other side, Zhao Ziqi and others also discovered that a huge tower with white light descending from the sky, approaching the Heavenly Emperor Palace. That power is irresistible!

The **** pig and other strong men rose into the air, and the whole body gushed out, trying to prevent the huge tower from coming.

Unfortunately, in front of the huge tower, they are like ants, vulnerable to a blow.

The huge tower glows, and the light shines on the entire Tiandi Palace.

"I am instructed by Emperor Jiang Tian to draw you all into the origin."

After that, the giant tower not only took away Zhao Ziqi and others, but also moved the entire Tiandi Palace away.


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