"My name is the Tower of Light."

After the silence, the huge tower shook violently.

Back then, this was a well-known name.

It once bloomed with the light of hope, leading the way for countless ultimate powers in the dark.

However, the creature that now knows its name is almost extinct!

Those glories are all past tense. The erosion of years is enough to annihilate too many extraordinary things and people!

"The Tower of Light, guide the way for the ultimate strong..." Jiang An closed his eyes and saw some scenes in the memory fragments!

It was a huge tower with extreme brilliance, extremely magnificent, bursting with extreme light, and leading countless strong men forward in the darkness.

It is a pity that it is an incomplete scene in the memory fragments, not complete.

"Could it be you?" Jiang An looked at the giant tower in front of him, and then shook his head, "You are far from the tower that appeared in the memory fragment."

"I'm in the state of tower spirit now!" The huge tower shook violently, thinking of the peerless battle that year was so tragic!

Its tower shattered, leaving only one tower spirit to escape. After countless years of cultivation, the tower body was reunited.

However, it is incomparable to what it was now. The power it lost is incalculable.

"Have you really been there?" The giant tower was a little unbelievable.

"In my memory, I have been there." This is Jiang An's answer.

Upon hearing the words, the giant tower could not help but look carefully at the river bank. Suddenly, it trembled fiercely and found that Jiang An had gradually merged with the stalwart figure in the memory.

"You are him? No, you are not him. You are too far away from him, not at the same height."

"I am me, a brand new me." Jiang An dissipated the memory fragments in his mind, and completely recovered.

"You have been to that side, and I have been to that side. If you were him, we were comrades-in-arms countless years ago. You flame, we should get rid of it." The giant tower is a little helpless, and now it hasn't returned to its peak state, it can't bear it. This nine-color divine flame burned for a long time.

"Unless you fight back with me." Jiang An offered the conditions.

"Um, go back and die?" Juta sighed, "Back then, so many strong team members, how strong the lineup was. In the end, it was not destroyed by the group. Now, relying on you and me to fight back is too unrealistic."

Jiang An's eyes glowed, and he said, "Are you persuaded? We can find no teammates. I will ask you, are you willing to live?"

"Not reconciled!" said the giant tower with strength, "but what? Even if you are him, what can you do with your current state!"

"If you don't try, how can you know if the result will be what you want!" Jiang An's eyes were firm.

The more things he remembered, the more he felt that he had a mission to accomplish! In the distance, there is a power calling him!

"Fine, since you are so decisive and insist on fighting back, then I will accompany you!" In the end, the Tower of Light compromised.

In the deep level of consciousness, it also wants to kill it back, avenge it, but cannot do it!

"Welcome to join the new camp!" As he said, Jiang An withdrew the Nine-Colored Divine Flame!

Once the nine-color divine flame disappeared, the Tower of Light felt a sense of relief! In fact, the feeling of burning is not good!

The Tower of Light said: "Neither you nor I are at the peak. To fight back, you must make sufficient preparations! I must reshape the tower, and you must give birth to the mother star."

"Before this, we need to find some helpers." Jiang Andao.

"The only ones who can be helpers are those!" The powerhouses referred to by the Tower of Light are the Lord of Reincarnation, the Candle Bear, the Double Headed God, and the Moon God. In the past, each of them was at the level of Emperor Hunyuan.

However, now they are not incomplete, not in their peak state at all!

"You show the way, let's go back first!" Jiang An quickly made a decision.

"This is not a problem!" The Tower of Light glowed, and the radiance shone through the boundary of time and space to the Origin World!

Leading the way, this tower is an experienced connoisseur!

In the end, Jiang An successfully returned to the origin world under the guidance of the Tower of Light!

The return of the river bank caused a shock to the tens of thousands of races in the origin world. They scrambled to come to the Heavenly Emperor Palace of the Galaxy God's Court to visit the river bank.

This kind of grand occasion is rare in countless years.

Even the two-headed gods, moon gods, candle bears and the like, can't do the ten thousand races.

Jiang An slayed the Heavenly Jade Saint Lord, and even stepped into the ancient path of origin, suppressing two extremely powerful tentacles with one's own power, and rescued the origin world from danger.

He deserves this treatment!

Now, he is the lord of all races and the supreme and strongest in the origin world.

After the great crisis, the origin world has once again ushered in a peaceful development opportunity!

There have been too many dark faults in history. This time, thanks to Jiang An's efforts to turn the tide and suppress the three returnees, the origin world did not enter the historical fault period.

The Tower of Light became smaller, only as big as a palm.

One person, one tower, discussing the way to the origin.

"How do you reshape the tower?" Jiang An asked.

"Need the ultimate magical material!" Road of Light Tower.

"The ultimate divine material?" Jiang An frowned slightly after hearing this. The Origins didn't seem to have this material.

"There is no such material in this world, only on the ancient road." The Tower of Light said helplessly.

If it wants to reshape the tower with the ultimate magic material, it means that it must step into that ancient road.

That is a way of no return.

"Leave me alone, help them first." The Tower of Light said.

Two-headed God, Lord of Reincarnation, Moon God, and Candle Bear were injured too badly. Some left only Yuanshen, and some left only Dao Guo. They are still healing.

Even if they have great medicine, it will take countless years to recover to their peak.

"You have the tomb of the gods, you can help them." The Tower of Light said again.

After Jiang An heard this, his heart couldn't help but move. That big tomb is not only a defensive artifact, but also a healing artifact.

It seems that they really need to be buried in the tomb for healing.

"Okay, then I'll see how it works." Jiang An said while acting.

I saw him stick out a big hand and swept directly towards the land of reincarnation!

That kind of momentum~www.mtlnovel.com~ nobody can do it!

In the end, his big hand caught the remnant flower in the Samsara Temple and sent it into the Tomb of Origin.

That flower is the last fruit and hope of the Lord of Samsara.

The remnant flower entered the tomb, as if bathing in nectar, and an amazing change took place immediately.

Can Hua is recovering faster than expected!

Seeing this scene, the Tower of Light said: "This tomb of the gods is really mysterious. At this speed, he can recover in just a thousand years."

If there is no Tomb of Origin, the Lord of Samsara wants to recover, and it will be impossible to recover for tens of thousands of years.

"A thousand years will be a thousand years." Jiang An was not too anxious, he also had to prepare something.


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