The blood is like fire, extremely hot.

In an instant, Jiang An woke up completely, and the blood from the corners of his mouth disappeared.

A drop of blood can destroy the realm, and such a powerful person has evolved to a height beyond imagination. Every drop of blood possesses incredible power, which is too precious.

The head can be broken, but the blood can't flow!

A hundred years of fighting is also a hundred years of tempering, and his combat effectiveness has reached an unprecedented height.

Now, his strongest attack method is the newly controlled Jiucai Divine Flame!

Nine-color divine flame is a new power born after the fusion of ancient flame species and that nine-color divine light, and its damage is exploding.

And his strongest defense is the tomb of origin.

After digesting some of the memory fragments in his head, he also knew that the original tomb was left by himself for countless years.

In that era, he had already calculated that there would be such a day, so he arranged such a back hand.

Relying on this large tomb of origin, as well as those nine-color divine light, Jiang'an cultivation base skyrocketed, and countless major crises were resolved.

In the hundred years of fighting with the two tentacle monsters, the Tomb of Origin played a vital role and blocked countless attacks for him.

That large tomb is against the sky, and its defense is beyond imagination. After a hundred years, there is no sign of cracking!

Finally, he lay in the tomb.

He closed his eyes, said nothing, appeared very quiet, in fact he was "digesting" something.

The tomb is magical, surrounded by nine-color divine light. Lying in it, Jiang An's heart was calm beyond imagination. The most important thing is that under the shroud of those nine-color divine lights, the power consumed during the war has been quickly restored.

This tomb of origin is not only a defensive artifact, but also a cultivation artifact. Lying in it, there is a wonderful rejuvenation.

Jiang An did not control the Tomb of Origin, but allowed it to float everywhere. After all, this is a void, vast and boundless, even he himself can't perceive the existence of the boundary, so it seems to be the same everywhere.

According to his guess, this should be a transitional area.

However, just such an area can trap a Hunyuan Emperor like him, making him lost in it and unable to find his way.

The Tomb of Origin glows, it is the nine-color divine light. The nine-color divine light was extremely bright, but it appeared very dim in the vast void, like the light of fireflies, inconspicuous.

This piece of void is too huge, but there are no other creatures.

Lying in the large tomb, Jiang An quickly recovered his strength, and the whole person's condition became better.

The next moment, he suddenly opened his eyes and looked far away stubbornly.

In the distant starry sky, there is a special existence, that is a huge tower!

"It's it!"

At that moment, Jiang An couldn't help but let out a surprised voice.

That huge tower is huge, and it is full of rolling power, which is very extraordinary.

In the ancient emperor's holy land in the origin world, he has seen that huge tower, which is a real ancient artifact of origin.

At the beginning, he relied on the Tomb of Origin to suppress the giant tower. However, in the end, the huge tower escaped and entered the ancient road of origin.

How could I think that one person and one tower met here!

The huge tower belongs to the real ancient artifact of origin, boundless power, full of spirituality, but just like an unowned thing, floating in the void without direction.

When one person and one tower met, let alone Jiang An's surprise, even the giant tower was shocked.

At the beginning, it escaped into the path of origin just to escape the suppression of the river bank.

How can I think that it's not that the enemies didn't meet together, they met again today!

After an instant of surprise, where would Jiang An hesitate, he flew up, slapped a big palm, and swept toward the giant tower.

Treasures of the level of Origin Ancient Artifacts must be captured.

Seeing Jiang'an's big palm swept over, the huge tower spun quickly, and the tower body sprayed out rolling force, greeted Jiang's attack.


Jiang'an's big palm was filled with raging nine-color divine flames, burning everything, directly burning the power ejected from the giant tower.

"..." At that moment, the giant tower almost cursed.

It was truly shocked, and it was unexpected that Jiang'an had become so much stronger today! I think Jiang'an was far less powerful when he was in the origin world!

In the end, the blazing palm of the river bank blasted heavily on the top of the giant tower. However, unexpectedly, the huge tower did not shatter, but fell from the starry sky.

The material of the huge tower is very extraordinary, extremely strong, and it can withstand the burning of the nine-color divine flame.

Jiang An frowned slightly when he saw the huge tower just falling. It seems that this huge tower is even more extraordinary than imagined.

But think about it, this is a real ancient artifact of origin, not a counterfeit, and it will not break so easily.

The huge tower is an ancient artifact of origin, but no one controls it, and it has not been able to exert its full power.

Now, facing the river bank with the Tomb of Origin, it knows that it is invincible and retreats decisively.

Yes, it did not resist, but flee!

"This time, you have nowhere to run!" Jiang An stepped on the Tomb of Origin and pursued him.

The huge tower is so extraordinary, there is no reason to let it go.

If he obtains the ancient artifact of the origin of the giant tower, his entire strength will be greatly increased.

The unknown ahead, enhancing strength is by no means a bad thing.

Thinking about it, Jiang An couldn't help speeding up. He reached out his big hand again and grabbed the huge tower in front of him.

The giant tower shook violently.

At that moment, it really cursed!

"Thousands of knives, I have already entered here, you are still chasing after!" The giant tower vomited, cursing Jiang An.

Vigorous power emerged from the tower body, contending with the palm of the flames on the river bank.

You can't hide, you have to fight hard. It is an ancient artifact of origin, it is supremely existing, and it is for the sake of face. How can it be so easily subjugated to others?

The huge tower is showing its power, trying to contend with the nine-color **** flame.

However, Jiang An's power is too terrifying. In an instant, the void was red. The sky full of nine-color divine flame enveloped the huge tower, leaving it nowhere to escape.

Under the sweep of the Nine-Colored Divine Flame, the power of the giant tower was suppressed and weakened.

At that moment, the giant tower was what do you want? "

He was communicating with Jiang An, and of course it was a last resort.

Flames billowed on Jiang An, and the nine-color flames raged endlessly, burning the huge tower at all times.

He was surprised again in his heart. He couldn't think that the huge tower was so extraordinary, after being burned by the nine-color flame for so long, it hadn't broken yet, and it was still strong.

"Fuck with me and take you to suppress the enemies of the heavens!" Jiang An said in his heart.

The giant tower was horrified, and said: "I just want to live quietly, I don't want to go there!"

"Have you been there?" Jiang An was slightly taken aback.

The next moment, the giant tower fell into silence. It has not only been there, but also participated in the war. But in the end it failed!


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