"There's something to do with the physical education teacher, I'll take this class..."

   When he heard these words, Jiang An was full of thoughts.

   Everything is as if yesterday, how can I think that now he is in another era.

   Jiang'an in the previous life failed the college entrance examination, so he went to the beach to calm down.

  , I slipped my foot and fell into the sea with a thud, and I got cold.

   And the era he is now in is the New Era of Humanity, New Era 11111.

   Bai Qingxue, the head teacher of the gene theory class, walked up to the stage while talking, and quickly opened the courseware.

   "The physical education teacher is always in trouble!"

   "What I want to ask is, is there really something wrong with the physical education teacher?"


   Although it has long been known that this class was changed from physical education to genetic theory, the students below still couldn't help shaking their heads and sighing.

   In the era of civil and military training, physical education was a rare relaxation time, but now it is deprived!

   "What are you still whispering about, if you don't want to be the worst one I have ever brought, please hurry up!"

   Hearing what the class teacher Bai Qingxue said, the students below quieted down one after another and started the last class of the afternoon.

   However, Jiang An, who was sitting in the last row, was obviously absent-minded.

   Jiangan, 18 years old, a senior high school student in Lincheng No. 1 Middle School.

   He looked at the head teacher Bai Qingxue who was standing on the podium, with some doubts.

   Bai Qingxue's hair is jet-black and straight, his skin is fair and shiny, and there is not a trace of wrinkles on his face. She looks like she is in her early 30s.

   However, it is said that she is actually younger than sixty years old.

   "You said, is our class teacher really over 60 years old?"

   Jiang An muttered softly, turning his eyes to Qi Feng at the same table.

   Qi Feng, height 180, weight 180.

   "There must be. Teacher Bai has been teaching in Lincheng No. 1 Middle School for more than 40 years. Hey, Jiang An, why are you suddenly interested in Teacher Bai's age?"

   Qi Feng glanced at Jiang An, revealing a puzzled look.

   Jiang An shook his head slightly and said, "It's nothing, it just feels like our head teacher is very young and doesn't look like someone in his sixties."

   Jiang An's face didn't change much, but he was surprised inside.

   Is this the power of genes?

   If this were in the previous life, in his sixties, he could be called an old woman, and some people would have even fallen into the soil.

   In this era, a woman in her sixties is full of vitality, and she is more vigorous than a thirty-year-old woman in her previous life, and she does not look old at all.

   The river bank has crossed from the 21st century, and the soul came to this era in only two days.

   Two days, plus the memory of his predecessor, Jiang An has a general understanding of this era.

   In the new era, humans have cracked the secrets of genes and awakened powerful forces from genes. Human development has entered an era of rapid progress.

   Humans have already conquered the solar system, and their footprints extend beyond the Milky Way.

   "Jiang An."

   If Bai Qingxue hadn't called him by his name, Jiang An could think more.


   When Jiang An stood up, Bai Qingxue was already less than one meter away from him.

   After seeing Jiangan, his heart jumped.

   Bai Qingxue is a person who has completed two genetic evolutions, and his cultivation ranks in the entire Lincheng No. 1 Middle School.

   A little movement of the students under the stage, such as whispering, walking a **** or something, how can they escape her eyes?

   "If you are interested in the age of the teacher, then I can tell you that I just passed my 66th birthday yesterday."


   I was heard!

   Without waiting for Jiang An to say anything, Bai Qingxue continued: "What's the matter with you these past few days? I was absent-minded in class and often wandered."


   After suddenly crossing from the 21st century to ten thousand years, in the period of surprise and adaptation, Jiang An is indeed a little abnormal.

   "The college entrance examination is only the last two months left. At this critical stage, are you in a relationship?"

   Jiangan shook his head and replied decisively: "No."

   Bai Qingxue narrowed her eyes and stared at the river bank.

   "Aren't you thinking about the girl you like?"


   At this time, you must decisively return no!

   Otherwise, the consequences may be serious.

   "It doesn't matter if you want to like someone. Teacher, I am here, and I can understand your mind at your age."

   Bai Qingxue suddenly showed a seemingly kind smile, which made Jiang An feel that this class teacher seemed good.

   However, the next moment Bai Qingxue's face changed and became serious.

   "But, these last two months will definitely not work!"

   Jiangan suddenly showed an innocent look, shook his head and said, "Teacher, there really is no!"

   "It's fine if you don't have it. Now, let's explain the major events that have happened since the new era! If you make a mistake, copy it a hundred times!"

   One hundred times is not just talking, many students have already been recruited.

   The river bank that has returned to the west has been hit before, and more than once.

   After hearing this, Qi Feng at the same table quietly glanced at Jiang An, there was a deep meaning in his eyes, as if he was saying, buddy, you want to hold on.

After    Jiangan listened, he was relieved.

  Although the memory he inherited from his predecessor is only intermittent, but in two days, he has learned a lot of knowledge, and the problem in front of him is not troubled at all.

"The first thing, in the first year of the new era, mankind has cracked the secret of genes, and the first genetic man was born! The power of genes is born in the genetic human body of the new era, with powerful power. With personal power, you can split mountains and gravel. , Move mountains and fill the sea.

   With the breakthrough of genetic technology, human beings not only modify their own genes, but also modify the genes of other organisms. Mankind has gradually recovered from the previous nuclear wars. After the devastating nuclear wars, the earth has regained its vitality. "

   "The second piece, in New Era 1000, mankind has mastered wormhole technology. Using wormhole technology, mankind has achieved interstellar shuttle, started the interstellar journey, and also began the interstellar colonization."

   "The third piece, in the New Era 4000, mankind conquered the solar system and gradually entered the age of stellar civilization. The planets in the solar system were transformed into planets suitable for human habitation, and the footprints of human beings on the earth are all over the solar system."

  "The fourth piece, 6000 years in the ephemeris, during the process of colonizing the Milky Way, humans encountered powerful alien creatures-Zergs. There are a large number of Zergs and their parasitic ability is super strong. Humans have suffered a huge blow.

   Then, the star beasts outside the galaxy also began to enter the human world. The giant star beast is huge, terrifying in power, amazing in destructive power, and powerful beyond imagination.

   In the end, humans discovered that the solar system is a prison.

  And human beings are sinners imprisoned in the solar system.

   The zerg and the star beast are creatures that watch humans. Behind them, there is a pair of God's hands controlling everything.

   The humans broke through the protective shield of the solar system, the prisoners who escaped from prison, caused frantic attacks by the Zerg and the star behemoths.

   Next, there is a two-thousand-year interstellar war between humans and aliens! The invasion of the Zerg race and the attack of the giant star beasts have caused an unprecedented blow to human civilization. Human beings were once beaten back to the solar system, even in danger of extinction. "

   "The fifth and most critical event."


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