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wake up.

Luo Qingzhou became a little bastard of the Luo family in the Chengguo Mansion of the Great Yan Empire.

In order to help the second son of the Luo family regret his marriage, Luo Qingzhou was forced to marry into a married woman and married a foolish bride who was said to be unable to speak or laugh.

It wasn’t until after worshiping heaven and earth and after the wedding night in the bridal chamber that he suddenly realized:

“My wife, something is wrong!”

Not only is there something wrong with the lady, even the two little maids beside the lady and the rest of the Qin family are all wrong!

The big maid is sweet, charming and seductive, with a voice like a lark;

The little maid was as cold as ice and snow with a murderous aura, her throat was sealed as soon as she drew her sword.

My sister-in-law is talented, and she is as delicate and beautiful as Lin Daiyu.

The little cousin is arrogant and domineering, and the whip is fatal.

The father-in-law has a serious face, but secretly speaks dirty words.

The mother-in-law is as beautiful as a flower, and she loves to roll her eyes at the top of her head.

The second elder brother devoted himself to practicing martial arts and said that he wanted to honor his ancestors.

As for Luo Qingzhou, he just wanted to be a son-in-law honestly, and then sneak around and be invincible…

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Short Title:MWSW
Alternate Title:我家娘子,不对劲
Author:one cicada chika
Weekly Rank:#1363
Monthly Rank:#1928
All Time Rank:#6076
Tags:Harem, Male Protagonist, Son-in-law,
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14 Comments on “My Wife, Something is Wrong
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  1. No se porque tiene baja calificación esta novela, sinceramente es una buena novela, voy al corriente con ella, su historia es interesante y novedosa, no como el 90% de las novelas chinas que tienen tramas idénticas, esta novela está en un 4.5 de calificación, el 5 no se lo doy por que los primeros capítulos es un poco desconcertante como el mismo autor trata de humillar al protagonista, creo que la gente se quejó de eso y como al capítulo 300+ lo corrigió, el harem es un harem tranquilo y novedoso no tiene largas separaciones y el protagonista trata de convivir bien con todas, en pocas palabras es una novela muy buena.

  2. Baca sampai chap 20 Entah kenapa membuatku kesal. Entah kenapa novel cina jika cerita kita suami masuk ke keluarga istri akan di perlkuan begini, istrinya yang dingin atau angkuh menurutku mereka sudah suami-istri namun masih saja merendahkan sang suaminya,bahkan bawahannya sama. Mau pernikahan paksa atau tidak berprilakulah baik ke MC yg jadi suami karena bukannya ini keinginan heroine untuk menikah mc karena butuh domba hitam,tanggung jawab dengan memperlakukan lebih baik ke mc. Untuk mc buatku lebih baik menikahi Xiadiedi banding istrinya, kecuali kau seorang M.

  3. If you like Keyboard Immortal, you will like this. I don't like these type of badly executed novels where MC is a licking dog in a drama-type story. I have yet to see a CN that does it right! It can be frustrating. Why go so far for a household that's not good to you? @Didi-lung makes a good point, the oppression MC faces while eating soft rice. This is why I prefer to read Salted Fish's instead. I don't mind being born in a feudal era but do it in way where MC still stands in a superior badass position.

  4. The novel is shit. It is creating this sense of mystery which is not actually a mystery at all. Also a waste of time cuz i read 200 chapters and nothing good happened. But mc is not looking for abuse as the comments below said, he just said about filial piety because it was a thing to say, not he is really filial.

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