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My Wife is Obviously a Queen But She is Too Virtuous

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Novel Summary

I am very helpless to my wife.

She is obviously the queen of singing, but she only likes to buy vegetables and cook for me.

She is obviously the goddess of the nation, but she just wants to be a good wife and mother.

Her fans send me blades every day, saying that I have delayed her, but I don’t want to!

It turns out that a wife who is too virtuous is also a burden?

Speaking of it, all the troubles of happiness originated from that night. I sat on the roof and sang “Rooftop”…

(No hostility, full of dog food)

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:MWOQBSTV
Alternate Title:我老婆明明是天后却过于贤惠了
Author:Light and shadow
Weekly Rank:#1803
Monthly Rank:#2039
All Time Rank:#2411
Tags:Celebrities, Clingy Lover, Early Romance, Entertainment, Male Protagonist, Marriage, Poor to Rich, Showbiz, Transmigration,
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17 Comments on “My Wife is Obviously a Queen But She is Too Virtuous
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  1. Hmmm....I know a good novel here I just want to share it with you name:吞噬從靈籠開始鄧恩....The mc is a humanoid weapon/experiment subject....The mc wake up in wasteland world where monster are everywhere the mc power is to adsorb the monster strength or life force...hmmm the since of desolation and decay are perfectly captured by this novel...

  2. Synopsis makes me question the authors’ brain if he got kicked by a donkey. Feels like it’s going to be a drama fest because of dumbass main character and I hate drama.

  3. Bad reviews who makes the author made that kind of synopsis, what a virtues wife is a burden, then does he want prostitutes. I’m just judging synopsis, then predict what it’s going to be. Sheesh... people with a brain would know that I haven’t even read it yet but just give an opinion base on the author dumb synopsis. Like I said again with the tone author is giving off it’s going to be a story about little misunderstanding turning into a break off between them etc... which is called drama. People like you should open your eyeballs and carefully read before even replying. I didn’t even said the book was bad because I didn’t read it not with that kind synopsis. Sure it’s your cup of tea but don’t go blind pointing your finger.

  4. I'm not saying the author didn't wrote that synopsis (novel summary), because I didn't know who put it there. But if you read a lot of novel in this website, you will notice that almost all of it were taken directly from the last few chapters of the novel. What I'm trying to say here is those synopsis (novel summary) is what was written in the novel and were taken directly as synopsis. Most of them can be found in the last few chapter of the story. So yeah that why, you will find some didn't make sense at all. Btw I didn't read this novel yet. 🤗

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