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My Wife Heard That You Have a Crush on Me

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The news that the Chu family had a sweetheart and beloved one by one gradually spread in Yuncheng, and everyone speculated about which of the lucky ones was favored by this master.
You must know that this master is notoriously not close to female, but he has a gentle appearance like a gentleman like Yuqianqian, which has stirred the hearts of thousands of young girls.
When a friend asked him about this, Chu Shao sneered: I only treat her as a younger sister.
Later, his face was beaten and swollen.
Friends smirk: Does your face hurt?
Chu Shao calmly: You single dogs can’t understand my happiness.
After speaking, she looked at a certain girl, her eyes were gentle and contented.
Twitching corners of a friend’s mouth: abuse the dog face to face? Is there any reason? !
Friendly reminder: 1V1 pet text, the heroine is not a white, not a virgin, and is good to pretend
【small theater】
A well-known actress came out of black material, ruined, and her younger sister was also in jail. The news spread, and the whole city was in an uproar.
The aunt sternly accused: Mu Yunxi, you are a wolf with white eyes, how can you treat me like this!
Mu Yunxi smiled sweetly: I’m just trying to treat him in his own way.
The aunt was angry and wanted to eat her, but her wrist was caught before she touched her.
Chu Shao smiled: Did you agree to bullying her?
Aunt twitches: Who is bullying whom?
Chu Shaofeng calmly said: She can bully others, but she can’t bully others!
Mu Yunxi saw a certain man, Miao turned into a small woman, and looked at him with admiration.
Chu Shao lowered his head and smiled dozingly, his eyes full of affection.
There are thousands of landscapes in the world, and you are the only one in my eyes; wind, frost, rain and snow, knives, mountains and fires, for you, nine deaths without regret. ——Chu Jiangchi

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Short Title:MWHYHCOM
Alternate Title:老婆听说你暗恋我
Author:Jiu Mo Li
Weekly Rank:#6295
Monthly Rank:#7901
All Time Rank:#6944
Tags:Beautiful Female Lead, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Wealthy Characters,
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  1. I feel so tired everytime mc lost her mind whenever facing ML .like she blush with every word he said . seriously tired of that. I thought she will be more brave and bold since it took her 10 year to comeback.but she was more naive than I thought.

  2. Hello, I am looking for the title of a romance novel where the girl work for the guys company for 3 years, she is a jewelry designer and the guy needed up with step sister. The ML was introduced to the Fl by the Ml grandmother

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