Chapter 526 Wanfa Zongtan Talisman (22)

  There is yellow air and black air infecting the Taiji diagram,

  Yellow air falls on the pattern of Yinyu and turns into a dragon shape, which coils around and gathers into a dot, pointing out Yinyu's eyes.

  The black air fell on the pattern of the Yang fish, turning into a tiger shape, sitting in the tiger shape, and gathering into a dot, pointing out the eyes of the Yang fish!


  Su Wu finally confirmed,

  I have the qualification to invite the 'Wanfa Zongtan'!

However, before he figured out the true meaning, all scrolls on the dharma altar trembled suddenly, and the sound made by more than 280 scrolls shaking in unison was extremely loud in the Hall of Silence. loud

  The rustling sound keeps going,

   But creepy!

  Su Wu contemplates himself,

  Seeing that between the heart chakra and the Tianguan chakra, the four characters of "Wanfa Zongtan" surrounded by the four directions around the newly erected altar talisman gradually turned blood-colored, and the blood-color was so bright that it was about to drip!

   This must not be a good sign!

  The altar guard standing under the altar knows nothing about it,

  Seeing that the painting scrolls of more than two hundred and eighty Dao Patriarchs vibrated, he said to Su Wu with a look of astonishment: "Fellow Daoist, can you invite so many Patriarchs?!

  I have never seen such a description in ancient books! "

  Su Wu shook his head, but did not explain anything to the Altar Protector next to him.

  He stared at the scrolls of the ancestors of the Tianshi Mansion, and his mental energy flooded the audience. He used his naked eyes and "mind eyes" to discern the root of the changes here, trying to find clues.


  Su Wu didn't notice anything unusual.

  The scene in front of him and the scene of the ‘Altar Talisman’ that he observed inwardly were all so weird and bizarre, but when he observed carefully, he couldn’t find anything weird.

  The stick of incense he inserted into the incense burner burned out extremely quickly.

  The two hundred and eighty scrolls stopped shaking.

Between his own heart chakra and the Tianguan chakra, the handwriting of the four talismans on the "Fatan Talisman" turned half blood red and half dark gold, giving Su Wu a feeling of being infected by a strange .

  He thus determined,

  There have been some strange changes in the ‘Wanfa Zongtan’,

   It’s just that these changes are hidden most of the time,

   Not visible.

  I don't know why now, but happened to trigger the weird side of the 'Wanfa Zongtan'.

  —Perhaps because of the portraits of the patriarchs who were willing to list in their altars in response to my own request, those ten patriarchs responded to my wishes,

   Caused the treachery hidden under the water,

   At this point, the water surfaced.

"Fellow Taoist, since all the portraits of the patriarchs are shaking together, you can recruit all the patriarchs to help you when you set up the dharma altar in the future!" color.

  Su Wu didn't comment on this.

  The more than ten portraits of the patriarch Shenzhen who had just started to shake were the ones that could really help him.

  At that time, the ‘Wanfa Zongtan Talisman’ under his Vipassana was still in a normal state,

   After that, all the portraits of the ancestors trembled,

  The purpose of the altar symbol becomes abnormal.

  Even if he uses the Wanfa Zongtan to open the altar in the future, he will only invite the more than ten patriarchs, Shenzhen, and it is impossible to invite all the patriarchs at the same time—it is not clear whether this will help the altar.

   But disaster is predictable.

   "How many pujas does Tianshi Mansion hold each year?

   One year to be consecrated by Wanfa Zongtan, how many talismans are given to ordinary people? "Su Wu suddenly asked the altar master a seemingly nonsensical question.

  The great mage protecting the altar was slightly stunned when he heard the words, and after thinking for a while, he said: "In a year, there will be the Grand Master's Birthday Dafa, the Chongyang Dafa, the Luotian Dafa, etc...

   Calculated in this way, there must be at least 10,000 talismans awarded to ordinary people. "

"I see."

  Su Wu didn't say any more, but instead said: "Please gather the root talismans of the more than ten patriarchs and gods who were willing to call for me earlier."

   Only by obtaining the root talisman can one truly invite the gods to come to the altar.

  The root talisman can be said to be the only identity card of a **** and patriarch.

   "The rest of the patriarch's talisman roots can also be handed over to fellow daoists.

   Fellow Daoists, please leave together? "The Great Master Protecting the Altar asked.

   "Not for the time being." Su Wu shook his head and smiled again, "Contact the Tianshi Mansion again if necessary."


  A black off-road vehicle gallops on the road.

  Sitting in the back seat of the car, Su Wu looked at the mountain scenery passing by outside the window, and suddenly said: "Tell the platform above—there is something wrong with the Wanfa Zongtan in Sihan Tianshi Mansion.

  Please cooperate with the suspension of all religious activities in Tianshi Mansion,

   Temporarily close the Tianshi Mansion, and require the 'Great Master' and all Taoist priests who have close contact with the 'Wanfa Zongtan' to cooperate with the investigation. "

Yun Nishang held the steering wheel with both hands, and she was slightly hesitant when she heard the words: "Is there any evidence to prove that there may be something weird in Sihan Tianshi's mansion? If there is, I will submit it to the platform. It will be easier for the platform to adopt our investigation bureau. Suggest.

  —For a while, there was a lot of turmoil in various places, many areas were blocked, and many local people were transferred.

  Everyone is quite critical of this kind of thing..."

"No evidence.

   It's just that I have a vague feeling that something might be going on in that place.

  Once it is not controlled and closed in time, this incident may be as harmful as the 'Mingzhou Incident', or even better. "Su Wu closed his eyes.

  Yun Nishang immediately became serious when he heard him mention the 'Mingzhou Incident'.

  She nodded immediately: "I will inform the platform about this as soon as possible. Is there anything else that needs to be added?"

   "As soon as possible, the tourists and pilgrims who have received the amulets consecrated by the "Wanfa Zongtan" of the Tianshi Mansion in the past year will be screened out, and they will be closely watched, and abnormalities will be recorded at any time.

  Isolate Tianshi Mansion from the outside world,

   It is strictly forbidden for anyone to go to the Tianshi Mansion to worship. "Su Wu said.

   "Yes." Yun Nishang nodded solemnly.


  Longhushan suburb.

  Pingtian Village.

  The silhouettes of high-rise buildings are looming in the distance.

  This side is already completely like a rural area.

   Neatly and beautifully built single courtyards are lined up on both sides of the street,

  At the entrance of a private courtyard with a two-story building as the main body, equipped with a kitchen and a chicken coop, a tricycle carrying passengers slowly stopped.

  The old woman bent down and got out of the tricycle, turned around and hugged the little boy and **** the car, took out five yuan and handed it to the old man riding the tricycle, and said with a smile: "Thank you."

   "It's okay!" The old man stuffed the money into his coat pocket, took out another cigarette and held it between his fingers.

  He was not in a hurry to leave, and looked sideways at the beautifully built two-story building in the single courtyard, then turned to look at the old woman, and said, "Is Junsheng's illness better? Get well soon!"

   "It's better, it's better!"

  Watching the other party leave in a tricycle, he took out the key and opened the big red iron door of the private courtyard.

  She led her grandchildren back home, closed the door behind her body, and said to her grandchildren: "Yuyu, Haohao, you go back to the house to play and see if Dad is awake? Let him take the medicine,

  Grandma feed the chicken, it's getting dark. "

"it is good!"

  The two children agreed briskly, and bounced to the door of the main room.

  The girl lifted the mat in front of the door, and the younger brother bent down to pick up a key under the mat, and opened the door swiftly.

  As soon as the door is pushed open,

   There is a strong smell of Chinese herbal medicine.

  The children walked into the house and went straight to a bedroom on the west side—the smell of Chinese herbal medicine was the strongest in that room.

   No sooner had they entered the half-covered room than they cried, "Papa! Papa!"


  The little girl ran out the door to call the old woman who scooped out corn from the utility room pocket to feed the chickens.

  She was full of anxiety: "Grandma! Dad is lying on the ground!"

   "Get out of bed again?!"

  The old lady hurriedly put down the ladle when she heard the words, and hurried to the house.

  Walking into the room full of strong smell of traditional Chinese medicine,

   At a glance, he saw a middle-aged man with his arms propped on the cold tiled floor, the veins on his neck, forehead, and arms protruding, and his face flushed from suffocation. The man's lower body was limp on the ground,

  He was only wearing a pair of underwear, the quilt had slipped halfway off the bed, and his legs were blue from the cold.

   "Why did you get up from the bed again?!

   Don't you know what's going on with you? How good it is to be frozen! When the old woman saw her son, who was still propping up his palms, she burst into tears. She scolded her and squatted down to help her son up.

   "I'm fine, I'm fine...

  Yuyu, Haohao, you guys go out first, go out first. "The man had bulging veins on his forehead, obviously it was very difficult for him to maintain the current posture, but in front of his children, he especially wanted to maintain some dignity of being a father.

  He opened his mouth to comfort the family, and finally persuaded the two children out of the bedroom. With the help of his mother, he finally moved back to the bed.

His mother covered him with a quilt, and he looked at his mother with red eyes, and grinned: "It's nothing, Mom, I drank those traditional Chinese medicines today, and I felt that my legs seemed to be strong, so I tried it. I didn't lie down on the ground." How long has it been..."

   "The legs are freezing!

   also said nothing! "The old mother wiped her tears and reprimanded her son.

  She seemed to suddenly remember something, broke through her tears into a smile, and said to her son: "I went to the Tianshi Mansion to ask for an amulet for you today, it will definitely bless your leg to recover,

don’t worry!

   I will make an offering in the shrine later, and then put it on for you! "

   "What are you going to do in those places?

   Nothing works. "The man was a little nervous when he heard his mother's words, "The amulet didn't cost much, did it? "

   "It costs nothing!

  I begged for it—a kind person gave it to me! "The old woman stood up and told her son to rest on the bed, then went out of the bedroom to continue what she had just done.

  She went out into the yard,

  Grandson and granddaughter have helped her sprinkle corn in the chicken bowl,

  Several chickens are pecking around the food bowl.

  The two grandsons were squatting in the corner, talking with smiles.

  The granddaughter took out a wooden sign, and said something to the grandson seriously, and the two children laughed without worry.

  The old lady sighed slightly,

   My heart is sour.

  She wiped the corners of her eyes, and said to her two grandchildren, "Yuyu, Haohao, how about I cook pork ribs for you tonight? When grandma was shopping for vegetables today, she chose the two best ribs!"

"it is good!"

  The two children raised their smiling faces.

  The girl 'Yuyu' smiled, and took off the agate pendant on her neck, untied the red string, and threaded one end of the red string into the small hole at the top of another half-black and half-yellow wooden sign in her hand.

  She stringed the agate pendant and the wooden plaque on the red string, and put it on her neck again.

  (end of this chapter)

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