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“Welcome to Perfect Life Simulator!”

“You can choose to simulate your own life or someone else’s life to find solutions to many life problems!”

A watch handed down from his deceased parents allowed Su Wu to start a future life simulator.

He thought that he could really use this simulator to lead a perfect life without regrets, but unexpectedly things developed in another direction.

In the future, as long as there is light, there will be evil spirits that kill people;

Hanging in the sky and covering a city, it leaves a city without red lanterns of living people;

The scarlet eye that can use a mobile phone to spy on the specific location of others…

Will such a future really come?

“you are dead.”

“This simulation is over.”

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:MWL
Alternate Title:我的诡异人生
Author:Slash the Spring Breeze
Weekly Rank:#2080
Monthly Rank:#2160
All Time Rank:#6528
Tags:Ancient Times, Apocalypse, Buddhism, Calm Protagonist, Cautious Protagonist, Demons, Exorcism, Ghosts, Male Protagonist, Modern, Survival, System, Time Travel,
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11 Comments on “My Weird Life
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  1. The start is good but later it become more complications, the story become longer and a lot of potential harem grow everywhere (everytime MC go to simulator there will be girls who fall for him, not to mention the real world) sometimes those girls clearly send hint to him but MC act like "there nothing wrong" it feel like MC just hang them not give them positive or negative responds

  2. Bullshit rating don't even have explanations mtl really should add a word minimum cuz mtl been having some shitty ratings

  3. Nah, if there's word minimum, people would just spam garbage to rate it. Or if chapters read are required to rate it, if it's a trash novel, no one will dare to read and rate it considering the brain damage sustained.

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