Title: My Weibo can tell

Author: Ginger Fish


After rebirth, Shen Yuanye found that her Weibo could predict the future

As soon as she pays attention to the other party’s Weibo, the other party’s [photograph], [date of death], and [photo of the scene of death] will be refreshed immediately

...Later, Weibo's predictive function was upgraded

"The Zhang movie emperor Li Tianhou who is torn every day... is his photo framed in the same frame?"

"The singer was killed... the shoes of the murderer at the death scene were photographed?"

"The newly promoted Xiaohua and the shadow queen... die at the same time?"

"The two big companies that are recognized as the opposite family in the circle... the two old men are always husband and wife?"

Jiangpan: Why don't you follow me?

Shen Yuan Ye:...

Because she didn't want to see the old photo of the two of them in the same frame after paying attention, so she could get it out!

①Model x Criminal Police Captain

②Wei Suspense, Cookies, Weibo @姜之鱼y

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Brief comment on works:

Once reborn, Shen Yuanye found that she could predict the future after logging into Weibo. As long as she followed the other party's Weibo, she could see the death information of the person concerned, including the photo, the date of death and the photo of the death scene. Then Weibo was upgraded, and the functions became more comprehensive. The torn photo of the actor and the actress was in the same frame, and the singer was killed... It was like a secret excavation site in a large entertainment circle... At the end of the clinker, I saw the photo of others and myself ? This article has a wide-open mind, an alternative case-breaking reasoning essay. As a small model, the female protagonist found clues about the murderer through Weibo and solved the case together with the male protagonist who is a criminal police officer. The plot is unexpected and worth reading.


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