"Zong He, what did you do while I was sleeping?" He has the right to use his authority, that is, his partner, and Tang is calm. Zong He, who was eating, couldn’t think of it. Zong He could do this.

"Prove yourself a bit of identity." Marshal adults are diligent to give their partners a dish, "eat more, too thin."

Tang squatted at the other side of the mouth and kept a smile. He was so in a good mood and didn't care about him. "Forget it, you are happy."

After eating and drinking, Zonghe took a few mouthfuls of relatives of Tang Yan, and Tang Yan only wanted to turn his eyes, big cat, really sticky!

In the afternoon, Tang Yan combed Zong He, Luo Bingjun sent a message to ask: Officially admitted?

Don Juan: Yes.

Ronaldinho: Very brave, young man.

Don Juan: poor!

Ronaldinho: Playing the game, young man, called Robey~

Zong He felt that when Tang Yan combed his hair, he was dissatisfied and asked: "Who?"

Tang Yan quickly explained: "Ordinary to very ordinary friends, ask me if I want to play games together."

Zonghe raised an eyebrow and asked: "Do you want to go?"

Don Juan did have a dim move. I slept in the morning for a morning. Now I have nothing to do and play the game to relax.

"I go with you."


Zonghe has become a person and started to apply for an account.

Tang Yan saw his seriousness and did not stop. After pulling on the line, he took Luo Bingjun and pulled the crazy Robe. After the three people went online, Luo Bingjun asked: "Do you play or play a position?"

The crazy Lobe is not snoring, Luo Bingjun also sees it, this child is Tang Yan's brain powder, Tang Yan said what to fight, he will fight what, no opinion.

Tang Yan was embarrassed: "Wait a minute, I will pull the individual again."

Luo Bingjun: "How? You find the great god?"

Tang Yan looked at Zong He and said with a smile: "He played for the first time."

Luo Bingjun: "Little chicken!"

Tang Yan was a little bit stunned, and this question is really bad.

Looking at Zong He gave himself a name of 1111, Tang Yan was very domineering to change the other side: Your Majesty, call Dad!

Zong He: "..."

Zong He has never played the game, but he will be tactical. After this kind of thing goes in, he will know it a little. When he comes in, he will be cold. "Listen to my command."

When Luo Bingjun listened to him, he closed his mouth, as if the person who said that the chicken was not him.

Don Juan couldn't hear him poor, and he couldn't get used to it.

This time, Tang Yan and Luo Bingjun still follow the run, the whole process is forced, Zonghe commanded Robey, the two killed the entire map of one-fifth of the people, the output hurts the bombing days.

In the second game, Zong He still shot a little friend. When he was hiding, Tang Yan, who was behind him, didn't know where he was. Let Tang Yan go down to Tang Yan and hurry down. Let him hide where he hides. No one hit Tang Yan in the whole process. After the game was over, Zong He asked: "Is it fun to play games with me, or is it fun with them?"

Tang Hao understands that this is still jealous!

"To tell the truth, it’s not exciting to play games with you."


Tang Hao boringly said: "I have been protected. I have not put a bullet in it. I am forced to do it all the time. I don't know how it happened. I will die on the opposite side. What can I do? I am desperate."

"Is it not protected by me?"

Tang Yan said seriously: "Okay, but I still want to stimulate."

Zonghe spoiled the road: "Well, satisfy you."

In the third game, Zong He did not care about Tang Yin, and let Tang Yan go to death. ”

"Is it exciting?"

Don’t want to cry, “Irritation! The thief is so exciting!”

Zonghe asked seriously: "I still want to stimulate for a while?"

Don Juan grinds, "No, enough."

Zonghe smiled. "That's good, how is it feeling protected?"


Zonghe was satisfied. With the "crazy Robe" sweeping the battlefield, Tang Yan was somewhat puzzled. I don't know if it was his illusion. I always felt that these two people had some similar meanings. The game took the head and saw who took it.

This night, everyone remembered this man called "Your Majesty, Calling Dad."

The post is discussing, who is this **** man?

Which big god's trumpet?

After the fight, Luo Bingjun secretly asked: Is your father calling your father a family member?

Don Juan: Well, I took it!

Luo Bingjun: Then you are quite willful.

Tang Yan sneered, hehe! This is called domineering!

The next day, the Internet is still hotly discussing who is “Daddy Calling Dad”? He was playing with "Crazy Robe". Soon Luo Bingjun and Tang Yan were also smashed out. The three of them were broadcast live together. Many viewers know the three of them. The crazy Lobe is the trumpet that beats the Buddha. Everyone is already familiar with it. Many people are guessing that this person is also the trumpet of a great god, brought by the crazy Robe!

Tang Yu’s secret spit: “Whenever you are known, this person is a marshal, you must be forced.”

Zonghe changed his uniform, went downstairs, and watched him go out. Tang Yan smiled and greeted him. He helped the other party to buckle the epaulettes. The twilight gentle road said: "I seem to be able to summon the tiger. I want to summon one. Tiger on earth?"

Zonghe bowed his head and kissed him. "You have me, what other tigers do?"

Tang Xiao smiled and showed him the picture of the tiger. "Do you not feel very powerful? Raise a cat with a cat at home, it can understand me, and protect me when necessary."

Zong He glanced at him and dismissed it: "A fat orange cat."

"...I understand, the marshal adult is a lemon essence, the daily hobby is sour, seeing everything is sour, all vinegar."


Don Juan was speechless, and he was so generous to admit it!

"Is it only possible to come to the mother?"

"No, the tiger with a long hair at home can only be one of me!"

Tang Xiao smiled and sent people away. "Well, listen to you, don't raise tigers."

Then, when Zonghe returned home, he found a little lion at home!

I even learned to bully and lie down to report military affairs! Zonghe was dissatisfied with a murderous look and scared the little lion.

Tang Yin heard that Zonghe came back and greeted him at the door. He saw the little lion being scared at a glance. Tang Yan rushed over and screamed, the name of the little lion: "Dog!"

Zong He disliked, "It's too dirty, hurry and take it back!"

Don Juan’s distressed hyena’s hair, “I’m not scared by you!”

"This kind of thing can't protect you, it's too unreliable." Zonghe took a step forward, and the little lion was so scared that Zonghe chopped and obviously looked down.

Tang Yan’s distressed collection of the little lion is too bad! The child was intimidated by intimidation. What kind of gas field is Zonghe?

That night, the marshal of the eight-meter-eighth gas field squatted with Tang Yan, licked the back neck of Sui and Tang Dynasties, and plucked it, and took a bite. Understood his intentions, Don Juan suddenly blushes, not to the back of the neck is to bite the knot, what is wrong with this big cat!


In the morning, when Don Juan was still not awake, there was a big event on the Internet: Prince and Prince smashed the marriage contract!

It is said that this is a peaceful breakup after the two people negotiated well. There is no one who is not good to anyone, that is, no feelings. In addition, during the filial piety period, the mother was just dying, her father was seriously ill, and his father was seriously ill. He really did not have the heart to maintain this unmarried marriage contract, so he offered to break up and would like to be well-behaved in the future.

This incident has become the biggest gossip of the empire's people vying to discuss. The princes have achieved excellent results in these years, and they have nothing to do. In addition to being good-looking, they seem to have done nothing.

The occasion where the two people appeared together was very formal. Even the pictures of a show of love were not there. I really couldn’t see any feelings. Now I’m getting married. Everyone is curious. Who else is there, can I be a Prince? !

After Tang Hao woke up, when he heard the news, he only had two words in his heart: "Sure enough."

He knew that the Prince would not continue to do it. The Royals would consider the issue of face and would not want a fake. However, now that he is married, and bye bye, you are not worried about these things, and you will be able to live your own life.

After eating breakfast, Lin Bo handed Tang Yin two invitations. Now Tang Yi saw the invitation and his head hurts. "Come again?!"

After he finished reading it, he was so aggressive. "The Institute of Genetics and the Institute of Biological Evolution want me to go, but I don't want it. Will I study or be a teacher? They can see me too much."

Zong He: "That wouldn't go, it would be enough to raise so many long hairs."

Don Juan thinks too, "Lin Bo, you refused for me, I really have no time."

Zong He said seriously: "Those who have long hair should also deal with it."

Tang Yan extended his hand to touch Zong He’s head. "Marshal, you are already a mature big baby, and your possessiveness cannot be so strong."

Zong He smashed his head and refused to let him touch it. "I wasn't mature before? Do you want to say big and strong?"

As soon as he said that he was strong, Tang Yan was wronged. "I want to be strong, you become like that, let me hug."

Zonghe silently refused, so too weak, he did not want to change.

Don Juan is not happy. "You have lost my son, you have to pay me one."

Zonghe put down the chopsticks and asked seriously: "Do you really want a child?"

Tang Hao silently took the buns to eat. "If it looks like you, I will."

"If it's like you?"

Don Juan hesitated. "That, I have to think about it."

Lin Bo was anxious to listen to the conversation between them. "Don't care whether it is an orc or a human being, you can do it. The children are the same, you don't want to bring it, I bring it!"

Tang Yan and Zong He looked at each other. Hey, the most anxious is Lin Bo.

The two people who didn't know what to answer were decided to pretend together. Tang Yan used chopsticks to pull a boiled peanut. "You don't go to the military today?"

"I am still on vacation, I can't go normally, and the royal order has not yet been officially."

"That's just right, no one is looking for you to rest at home, eat more."


Lin Bo came over and looked at the two dresses with no expression. "I mean, I am still neat and tidy, and I can bring the children to you. Do you really think about it?"

Tang Yan took a piece of paper towel and wiped his mouth. "I decided. I will record a video for the dog and put it on the Internet. The audience must have never seen it."

Zong He: "Yeah."

Lin Bo: "..."

You will never wake up to two shackles!

After Tang Hao ate the meal, he put the dog out and put the little scorpions who liked the sun out and let them run.

Tang Yan discovered that when the little lion appeared, all the nephews were nervous. Only Mulan, looking at the new cat family with a look of disappointment, Tang Yan had an illusion that the prostitute rushed up in minutes, and the dog was beaten into a dog.

The dog's egg is a little heartless, and does not care about the hostility of Mulan, and spreads it to the ground, lazy.

Tang Hao took this paragraph and passed it on Weibo: There is a child who is lazy than Jin Xiaopeng~

Fans: The key point is wrong! You turned out to be the marshal's companion! Why don't you say that early? !

Let's go, love the enemy!

When did the Marshal adult officially take back his position, it is said that he is now a substitute?

Is your health good, and no news has been released!

Big Zhuang is not your child, is it right?

Ah, ah, there are new nephews!

lion! Lying in the trough! This is an animal with a strong attacking power. It is also a tyrant on the earth!


Believe me, really aggressive!

I don't know what is the difference with the orc lion?

This should be considered a beast.

What else can't be summoned

It’s a marshal’s wife, it’s amazing!

Hey Hey hey! When did you marry the Marshal?


Tang Hao automatically screens useful information. He doesn't want to see it. He probably knows what to say after painting. He is entangled in Zong Hedao: "I have a bad feeling, they will impose an invincible aura on you. Come to me."

Zong He snorted and said with emotion: "Because we are legal husbands."

Tang Wei: "..."

I don't know if he is happy or not happy. The big cat is not as good as the kitten.

However, after the horse was dropped, there was no remark on the Internet to talk about right and wrong, and there was no such thing as jealous of him. This is a good thing. Have to feel a bit: privilege, really cool!

At this time, Zonghe’s communicator rang, and he glanced openly and apologized to Tang’s words: “There is something in the military, I’m going to take a trip.”

Tang Hao just quit microblogging. "Go, do you pick someone up or the **** will send you?"

Zonghe pinched the gang of Tang Yan, "Don't leave me?"

Tang Yan turned his eyes. "Is it useful? After the country and the army, there is no small matter in the military. Go and go!"

Zonghe’s mouth is hooked up, laughing with a smile, such a sensible companion, who else?

Just sent Zong He away, Tang Yan received a message from Luo Bingjun: I know what catnip you said before, I summoned it! ! !

Don Juan's surprise reply: I want me to want me!

Luo Bingjun Desai asked: How much? How many lords can give you out!

Tang Yan: 100,000 pots, thank you.

Ronaldinho: Sorry, no.

Tang Zhen is abandoning. Who can say that it can be changed? Can it be okay to directly recognize it?

Tang Wei: First come to ten pots!

Ronaldinho: I sent you the past, you give me an address.

Tang Hao sent the delivery address to the past. Unexpectedly, I received it that afternoon, and Luo Bingjun’s speed was also super fast. Tang Yan looked at these long-lasting catnips and couldn't help but send a message to Luo Bingjun: King Tian, ​​hired you to come to my house to grow grass, how much does it cost?

Ronaldinho: Roll!

Don Juan sighs, this king is too rough! Even the monks, or the nobles!

Tang Hao gave back a sentence: tui!

Xu Mi saw that the chat records of these two people were speechless. "You are both good celebrities, and they are all big aristocrats. Can you pay attention to your identity when you talk, how can you be so rough..."

At the same time, Tang Yuzong, who was labeled as "rough", was not in the carpet. People changed the carpet and put catnip in his bedroom. I fantasized about Zonghe’s seeing these catnips in the evening and couldn’t help but turn into The original look of rolling on the carpet, could not help but: "Hey."

In the evening, the eyes were dark and the Zonghe had not come back. Don Juan was a little anxious. Why didn’t he come back and say good rolling?

Tang Zhen sent a message to Zong He: Dear, when will I come back?

Zong He: Dinner is served in the military department, and it is about ten o'clock.

Tang Xiao smiled and looked at the catnip filled with the room, smirk, after a busy day, it was good to relax. In order to witness the sacred moment of the big cat rolling, Tang Hao also adjusted the video function, and planned to record it, and collect it.

When Zong He was busy returning home, Tang Hao had already finished washing. He sat on the soft carpet and smiled. He asked Zong He who opened the door: "Do you feel very excited? Can’t control it and want to become the original Body, do you want to roll it?"

Zonghe looked at the bedroom environment. Some vigilantly watched the Tang dynasty array posing a row of green plants in the corner. I found that there was nothing unusual. Then I walked coldly into the door and closed the door.

Tang Yan’s face was a bit, and the heart said no, how did it react?

Zonghe asked while changing shoes: "Are you full?"

Tang Yan sighed in disappointment, "I am full."

Zong He cares: "Is it tired today?"

Don Juan lost, "not tired."

It should be said that he was very excited. He prepared for a day. As a result, the big cat came back with no reaction. The catnip must be fake, or the gene has overcome the influence of catnip on the cat when the species evolved.

Zong He untied his clothes and told Tang Yan with a blank expression. "Although I don't know what you are posing, I am really excited if you wish."

Tang Yan excitedly screamed, "You are calm! I am not seduce you!"

Zonghe rushed up and took up Tang Yan who wanted to run. He turned and squatted on the bed. "Is these things refreshing me?"

Tang Yan hurriedly explained: "You really misunderstood, this is called catnip, which is called the spring of cats on the earth, medicine..."


Don Juan cried, "No, no, it's just a saying."

The more misunderstanding, the bigger the mistake!

Zong He grabbed the two hands struggling in front of him and pushed them directly to the top of Tang Yan’s head. It was very cooperative: “Okay, I am excited.”

Tang Wei: "..."

Since rolling over the sheets, every night Marshal adults can't sleep statically!

The next morning, Tang Yan was on the waist, and the dumb scorpion commanded Ji Yan to get these catnips out. It was best to bury them in the ends of the earth. He would never want to see them again!

con man!

The previous knowledge can't be used in this world, or it is yourself!

Luo Bingjun also made a return visit: "How is catnip good? Can you raise it?"

Tang Yan gnawed his teeth and told each other: "...good! Very good!"

Luo Bingjun was pleased to call the newsletter: "That's good, next time you want it, I will call you again. I tell you, my ability, I can't use it when making movies and singing. I I’m panicked.”

Don Juan just wants to say that you have nothing special to go to the wild star to plant grass! Thank you for the environmental department!

Luo Tianwang completely felt the resentment of his friends, and he was also invited by the United States: "I found a new game again. If you want to play, this is absolutely fun!"

Tang Yan indifference refused the invitation of the other party, "Don't go, no mood!"

Luo Bingjun disappointed: "Well, I am going! I still think that there is a bottom of your hand, I can find some sense of existence."

Tang Yan sneered, dead this heart, you know that you are not good!

At this time, Xu Mi’s voice came from the opposite side: “You are not allowed to play the game. You go to practice the song and practice it ten times!”

"I am an ancestor of the day! I practice every day, is Laozi relying on this stuff to eat? The old man's family is entangled, and if you don't play well, you can go home and inherit 100 billion yuan! You can also be the big aristocrat of Laozi, you When I saw Lao Tzu, I had to kneel down and call Dad! What kind of fierce are you?"

Xu Miqi’s violent screaming: "Your day! Your day! You can't do it any day, you give it to me!"

Tang Hao, who had no feelings, was amused by the opposite side. Xu Mi followed Luo Bingjun again. It was easy to be bald. This is crazy!

"Xu Mi, brother, do you want to be my economic man, smash him! Follow me with me!" Tang Yan feared that the world would not scream: "I will pay you, I need a positive image." People, ask for it!"

Xu Mi’s silence was like a dead silence. After half a minute, Xu Mi’s eldest brother said: “You two ancestors, let me go!”

Tang Yan was disappointed. "That's a pity."

Xu Mi is also tired, Tang Yan, this identity, who dares to maintain his image, if not maintained, you have to follow the cool.

Luo Bingjun stared at Xu Mi with a dark voice. "You feel like refusing, huh, oh, let the lion eat him, no, throw Jin Xiaopeng into it, stun him!"

Tang Hao hangs up the communication with disgust, and is noisy!

A moment later, Xu Mi sent a message to Tang Yan: If you need someone who maintains your image, I can make a temporary release. If I can meet better in the future, I will quit.

Tang Yan grateful: That is really thank you very much, rice brother, I really need a broker, not needed before, now urgently needed! I will pay you a salary!

Xu Mi also understands that after Tang Yan announced his identity, he was worried that he would be discredited by those who have the heart. His fans are many and complicated, and it is easy to be led by others.

Xu Mi: You don't need to pay me a salary. I will be deducted from Luo Bingjun's salary. What should you do? If you have something, tell me, my best dark place, don't announce it.

Tang Hao moved to send the other party a squatting expression pack, tears in full of tears, and if you were not careful, there would be a capable agent. Good luck came, and it was really blocked.

However, after seeing Tang Yan’s expression pack, Xu Mi’s mouth was not able to hold back, because he felt that if there was something, Tang Yan should be more difficult to take than Luo Bingjun, because Tang Yan did not face Luo Bingjun, this is two Who is it!

Tang Hao was in a good mood. He ate half a bowl of rice at noon and told Ji Yan: "I will broadcast the lawn for an hour in the afternoon. I will put them all out and let them dry!"

Ji Yan worried: "Are you having a cold? Don't take a break?"

Tang Yanhong kicked a chair and said, "...well."

Ji Yan’s chair was lifted up, and Tang’s eyes were a bit strange, how was he still angry? Ok, isn't it a good thing?

In the afternoon, Tang Yan called out the sled, fox, cat, rabbit, and parrot and rushed to the grass to stock.

The little poodle egg is still lazy to the ground, and no one is too lazy to take care of it. It took a long time, even the cats at home were not afraid of it. There were a few small milk cats who even thought that the sunshine around them was quite good, and they came together to bask with the sun. After a long time, everyone found that it really did not have any aggressiveness, and the courage was getting bigger and bigger. A kitten even climbed onto its back and slumbered.

After the live broadcast of Tang Yin, the audience turned around and the audience was happy: it was confirmed that all the pets of the Tang and Tang Dynasties could coexist peacefully!

The little lion will soon become a giant, and all the kittens can lie on it in the sun!

Tang Tang, you will show your face, we all know what you look like, you still wear the cat's mask, is it interesting?

The most grounded aristocrat! Marshal, what are we talking about today? Talking about the old monk on the mountain?

Millions of blood books to ask for a live broadcast, a wave!

Don Juan is helpless. "Isn't it all used to this year?"

At this time, I heard a low "squeaky" sound, a clear threat. When the camera turned, I found that Erha and a pure white highland were hit. The cat was also an adult, and had a dozen kilograms. Jumping up and licking the two haha, I slap a few slaps.

Erha only knows how to call, and does not know how to fight back. Tang Yan helplessly introduces to you, "The fight has never been won, and the quarrel has never been lost. In fact, the three of them have a name, called sled three stupid. ”

Audience: ......... Hey! !

Next, Tang Hao was very responsible for the science and science of the sleigh three silly, and glared at Alaska's neck, this meaty dog, not crazy when it is super cute.

At this time, Tang Hao's communicator vibrated a bit. Tang Yan opened the door and saw the voice of the crazy Robe. He didn't think much, and he just opened it.

Crazy Robe: "Brother, is that majesty called Dad is Marshal? When are you free to play games, take me, I will learn tactics with him."

Tang Wei: "..."

Audience: "..."

This time, everyone knows, the game id "Daddy called Dad" is the Marshal adult!

It’s really cool and handsome, it’s extremely domineering!

Tang Hao suddenly felt that this name was detrimental to the image of Marshal, and he was too modest. He explained: "I pulled him to play, and the name was taken by me, just take it."

This time the audience is not calm, and not long after, the fans on Tang Wei Weibo also know, Marshal Lady especially worships Marshal adults, playing games, but also to take the id of other people to abuse the id, is definitely recognized The Marshal is omnipotent. As for why the Marshal adults will play this kind of civilian game, because the Marshal’s wife, Jiao Jiao, asked, does this not understand?

The fans also listed a hundred paragraphs of the beautiful and beautiful lady of the US and the United States on the Marshal's adult spoiled, written in a particularly clear and clear, unique picture, can make people fill in countless small yellow text.

Due to the attitude of respecting and hating Zong He, the Duke of Tang Xiaoji secretly smashed the vest of his nephew while his brother was broadcasting live, so that all the people in the empire knew that the marshals who were high above were actually afraid of their wives. Unfortunately, after I finished, I felt that my brother’s depression was not good enough. Online rumors made him even more uncomfortable. If he didn’t lose his brother, his brother would not marry Zong. The Duke of Tang simply picked up the carving knife and cut a piece of wood into sawdust.

Tang Yan saw the comments on Weibo and took a deep breath. I felt that I couldn’t be better. This Robe said that it was not the time! At this time, Zonghe sent him a picture. "I found this on the way back, you should like it."

Tang Yan opened it and turned out to be a cute giant panda pendant.

"You want to buy it for me?"

"I am going to make you a big one."


"Mecha, ten meters high."

Tang Yan said with amazement: "...I want to drive out?"

Zong He calmly said: "Yes, mech is the romance of men."

Don Juan can't smile, "It's the romance of steel straight men! Don't get home, don't open!"

The opposite side should have been heard by Tang Yan, and asked: "Marshal, still do?"

Tang Hao hurriedly shouted: "Do not do it! It is useless!"

Zonghe said seriously: "Of course, when the lady usually wants it, she will say no."

Tang Yi stunned and then blushed. What time did this give him the illusion? !

Three days later, when a three-story building was so tall and the shape of the fat panda was sent to the house, Tang Yan looked numb. He likes pandas right, but not all pandas he likes it!

No matter where you are at home, just look at this position and you can see the steel panda. Don Juan didn’t see it cute at all. He only felt that it was fierce, and the next second could shoot light, or flatten the building. .

Zonghe also felt that the gift he sent was very good. The last time he sent Tang Yan’s ring, Tang Hao was very happy. This time he also voted for it. In the face of the other party's eager eyes, Tang Yan said with a tired heart: "It is ok to be here, I will not open, I will not."

Zonghe encouraged: "Don't be afraid, go up and see."

Don Juan can't live, "I won't open!"

"It doesn't matter, you have to be confident!"

"God is **** confident, this is not a question of self-confidence! I can't drive!"

Zong He frowned, "I know how to open it at a glance."

Don Juan suddenly felt that his IQ was devastated.

Zonghe said seriously: "You must learn to protect yourself. When necessary, it will become a weapon to protect you."

"Where are so many dangers!"

"Military people must be prepared for danger."

"I reject!"

Zonghe is also a little angry, "Why?"

"Is it too ugly?"

Zong He: "...you obviously like this kind of thing, look at the picture of this thing and the eyes are shining."

"But it’s really ugly to make such a big Big Mac!" Tang Yan said with patience: "In fact, I think it is really unnecessary. I have you, not afraid of danger. You are my God of War. ”

Zonghe was silent for a while and suddenly smiled. "It makes sense. Then let's put it."

Tang Wei: "..."

In fact, he really wants to give it away!

In the inadvertently, I can see the deterrence of this huge steel panda. Don Juan can't stand it anymore. He took a self-portrait for himself, and the background is that this huge panda has passed on Weibo: My dear, I know that I like pandas, so I made one, sorry, I intend to give it away.

The first reaction of fans is: lying trough! It turned out to be a real face!

I laughed and cried when I reacted: lying! It’s not what the marshal sent! It’s too manly!

Sent a steel panda, the marshal's romance, we mortal do not understand!

The focus is on Tang Tangsheng's incomprehensible eyes!

Hahahahahahahahaha such a big panda! Hahahahahaha~

Don't give away! Sell ​​it to me, how much I have to pay!

I can't breathe when I laugh, I am a great beauty in Tang Tang, and I have no eyes to love!

Don Juan saw them hahaha, and my heart was even more unbalanced. No one even comforted him. This group of fans is not afraid of it!

Some people ask: I am Tang, you have a clear value, why should you rely on talent to eat?

Tang Hao replied to him: Probably I am married well, after all, others will not send me a steel panda.

The fans were hahaha for a while, and they were distressed by Tang Yan. I don’t know how he came over during the time when the marshal was unconscious. It is very sad to think about it. But still can't stop laughing, Marshal loves him and loves to be in the bones, and even sent gifts to the heart, but unfortunately it is not romantic.

There is also a group of small lemons that are sour in daily life, saying that they can kick the dog food of Don Juan and let him not show love!

Tang Yan was tired and called two soldiers. "Trouble you to pack this mech, I will give it."

The two soldiers asked strangely: "Give someone? This is what the marshal sent you!"

"The marshal should be angry when he returns."

Tang Yi turned his head and saw the panda's head, and he couldn't smile. "No, you must send it. You find a cargo ship, send it to the Duke of Tang, and give it to the Duke of Tang, and say that I am not playing." Move, let him play."

That night, when Zonghe came back, he found that the gift he had sent was gone, and he was not happy.

Tang glared at his neck. "You didn't give me something to send to my brother when you got married. You said that you are too ignorant? I am such a reliable family. How do you do your brother? You Is it his brother?"

Zonghe calmed his face and suddenly felt that Tang Yan said it was very reasonable.

"I will summon a real panda in the future, and I will be able to summon it soon. I will give the steel giant bear to my brother. It is a gift for us to marry and give to the junior."

Zonghe sank a bit and slowly nodded. "Would you like to add something else? Is it too little?"

Don Juan laughed, "All right, you want to send anything."

Zong Heli immediately told Lin Bo, "Go to the military to order a fighter, and send the children to the past to let the other party play."

The words of the money... Zong He took care of Don’t pay attention, gave Lin Bo a look, and took it with you!

Lin Bo: "..."


The Duke of Tang Xiao, who received the steel panda, was delighted to sit on the balcony and quietly admire the big toy. How to see how cute it is, as long as it is given by his brother, it is the best. From the brother to give him a gift, you can see that my brother still cares about him!

The fighter plane was not so well treated. The little duke was still a bit uncomfortable with the man who snatched his brother. After enjoying the heroic posture of the giant panda, the little duke tried to take a big step in his life: brother, I am in the Imperial Capital, face? QAQ (fat lop eared legs stand for sale.jpg)