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My Understanding Defies Heaven: I Create Laws and Preach In the Heavens

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Lin Yuan took a ‘Gate to All Realms’ and traveled to the vast universe of the Star Sea.

The most powerful person here can destroy the starry river system with a snap of his finger, and tens of millions of light years are coming in a blink of an eye.

Lin Yuan, who has been reduced to the bottom, can only rely on the ‘Gate of All Realms’ and the bound talent ‘Heaven-defying Comprehension’ to travel through all realms and become stronger silently.

[You have incredible understanding, practice the Yi Jin Jing, and understand the ‘Yi Jin Jing, body exchanging blood and quenching the gods’]

[Your understanding is against the heavens, you understand the thunder in your palm, and understand the ‘Thunder Creation and Development Method’]

[Your understanding is contrary to heaven, watching the birth and death of the world, and realizing the ‘world in the palm of your hand’]

[Your understanding is contrary to the heavens, you have studied the art of incarnation outside the body, and realized the ‘Great Law of Self-Transformation’]

As he traveled back and forth again and again, Lin Yuan grew stronger endlessly, until… he was invincible in the world.

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Alternate Title:悟性逆天:我在诸天创法传道
Author:not sunday
Weekly Rank:#25
Monthly Rank:#32
All Time Rank:#3495
Tags:Calm Protagonist, Cosmic Wars, Evolution, Fast Cultivation, Future Civilization, Gate to Another World, Genius Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Outer Space, Protagonist with Multiple Bodies, Skill Creation, Superpowers, Transmigration,
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24 Comments on “My Understanding Defies Heaven: I Create Laws and Preach In the Heavens
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  1. MC is stupid. The main character has been chosen to be sent to the battlefield, but he can refuse if he is an evolutioner and is sent to another world with the ‘Heaven-defying Comprehension’ talent. After going through the world and gaining knowledge, instead of being presented as an evolutionary type of wisdom (the author described the standard of an evolutionary. A person is considered an evolutionary who has exceeded certain parameters). Our fool chose, instead of being a wisdom evolutioner, he downloaded information from another world, which the AI strangely calmly accepted. (The compatibility of the two knowledge systems is in question and the problem of basic knowledge). In total, a short story for those who don’t want to think.

  2. The text in the chapters is jumbled. Sequence of the paragraphs is not right. So, not able to make out the meaning. This is not only for this novel, some other novels are also facing this issue. @MTLNovel

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