My Sweet and Charming Wife

“It’s fine, everything can be restarted.” Gu Huanyue opened her eyes slowly and a smile shown on her face. In her previous life, she was betrayed by her relatives and missed the right one eventually. Now that the god gave her another chance, she must regain all her lost and let t.... Read more

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Chapter 1387 The finale, the full text is over Chapter 1386 looks like you, very nice Chapter 1385 Twins

Chapter 1384 going to give birth Chapter 1383 what about the twins Chapter 1382 clearly Chapter 1381 Working capital has been used! Chapter 1380 Let the proprietress endorse the product herself! Chapter 1379 lady boss on radio Chapter 1378 like a female star Chapter 1377 News says to interview you Chapter 1376 too angry to say

Chapter 1375 rob him Chapter 1374 get him hooked Chapter 1373 Do you want to change places?

Chapter 1372 Competitive land Chapter 1371 It's easy to have a second child Chapter 1370 save face Chapter 1369 ok, a bit difficult Chapter 1368 Your wife drinks soda, are you unhappy? Chapter 1367 I want a soda! Chapter 1366 It's normal to have a fat baby in your stomach Chapter 1365 Why am I gaining so much weight during pregnancy? Chapter 1364 i didn't drink

Chapter 1363 honor my good brother Chapter 1362 If you drink again, I will give birth to a son Chapter 1361 100 boxes Chapter 1360 The door-to-door business must be done Chapter 1359 Suddenly that man appeared Chapter 1358 keep the fat guy out Chapter 1357 I hope it's a daughter Chapter 1356 This is a happy event Chapter 1355 Gu Yuehuan has a second child Chapter 1354 What will I do with my children in the future? Chapter 1353 Stomach trouble Chapter 1352 Hollington is back

Chapter 1351 Already persuaded, still drinking like this Chapter 1350 Huo Qingyue, can I give you a second child? Chapter 1349 Wife and children are motivation for work Chapter 1348 Fatty likes to eat lollipops Chapter 1347 Why is it so hard to be pregnant? Chapter 1346 go back to the room Chapter 1345 Jiang Dahe fell in love with Zhaodi Chapter 1344 Mother-in-law wants another son Chapter 1343 dull marriage Chapter 1342 ask the staff to hang out Chapter 1341 we have a baby Chapter 1340 Your wife is pregnant and you don't even know me?

Chapter 1339 Su Yiyou is pregnant Chapter 1338 why is my stomach still Chapter 1337 ruined ruined Chapter 1336 Let mom go, okay? Chapter 1335 found it Chapter 1334 Bring the baby back tomorrow Chapter 1333 What can she do? Chapter 1332 take away the child Chapter 1331 This is rat poison! Chapter 1330 to make trouble Chapter 1329 have to get your brother out Chapter 1328 send discount coupon

Chapter 1327 I fought her Chapter 1326 A big man was scared to pee his pants Chapter 1325 not going to save him Chapter 1324 why so happy Chapter 1323 There is always a way out Chapter 1322 If he really did it, report it to the police Chapter 1321 sprouted potatoes cause Chapter 1320 Gu Yuehuan will definitely not turn over Chapter 1319 come home to make trouble Chapter 1318 Raising a child is like raising a swallowing gold beast Chapter 1317 i like you, i don't like the little fat man Chapter 1316 Huo Qingyue was going to throw the child away after getting drunk

Chapter 1315 all will be refunded Chapter 1314 Why is the smelly baby crying? Chapter 1313 It's food poisoning Chapter 1312 Was thrown rotten eggs and vegetable leaves Chapter 1311 There is a problem with drinks in the north and south Chapter 1310 must have been slandered Chapter 1309 There's something wrong with the drinks, eating bad people Chapter 1308 I'm afraid I won't be able to have children, you will not want me Chapter 1307 If I can't give birth, will you find someone to give birth to you? Chapter 1306 We need to do business abroad. Chapter 1305 Just ruin Gu Yuehuan's reputation Chapter 1304 hospitalized

Chapter 1303 All the stock was sold out this morning Chapter 1302 Great discounts and promotions to buy drinks, free pots and pans Chapter 1301 Water flows to lower place, man goes to higher position Chapter 1300 I don't recognize you as a sister Chapter 1299 Zhao Di found out what Jiang Kai did! Chapter 1298 I'm your brother, I should spoil you Chapter 1297 Huo Qing is jealous of the baby Chapter 1296 The baby will call mother Chapter 1295 Dad takes the child, dad takes you to find mom Chapter 1294 Cooperate with the company to send gifts Chapter 1293 Free pots and pans with the purchase of beverages Chapter 1292 Women should stay at home with their husbands and children

Chapter 1291 Can't fight price war Chapter 1290 Advertise on radio Chapter 1289 Yuehuan, look at this Chapter 1288 How is it? Did you find it? Chapter 1287 So you can't buy a car or a house? Chapter 1286 you just look down on me Chapter 1285 You guys are selfish and don't let yourself get rich Chapter 1284 When will I be able to afford a car and a house? Chapter 1283 You can make a lot of money by selling it for a dollar Chapter 1282 Fatty is sticky Chapter 1281 Gu Yuehuan and Huo Qingyue make up for their honeymoon Chapter 1280 Huo Qingyue secretly ran to the south to find her

Chapter 1279 Huo Qingyue didn't even make a single call. Chapter 1278 steal business Chapter 1277 You are at a loss for buying this Chapter 1276 the first time we have been apart for such a long time Chapter 1275 Gu Yuehuan is on a business trip Chapter 1274 lottery Chapter 1273 I don't want you to have children! Chapter 1272 Su Yiyou was hospitalized in pain Chapter 1271 This is a birth recipe Chapter 1270 Do you want to continue to produce this batch Chapter 1269 No smoking in the factory Chapter 1268 The factory is not going to close down!

Chapter 1267 Gu Yuehuan borrowed money from the Jiang family Chapter 1266 chip in for compensation Chapter 1265 Does it taste exactly the same? Chapter 1264 You lose money if you don't cooperate Chapter 1263 Gu Yuehuan was cheated for the first time in business Chapter 1262 Huo Qingyue, take care of the child yourself! Chapter 1261 Dahe, if you want to divorce, I can divorce you. Chapter 1260 You just don't want your brother to live well Chapter 1259 How about building a house for your brother and marrying a wife? Chapter 1258 you go home Chapter 1257 Be careful that all their property is given to that sister Chapter 1256 The little fat man really looks like his father

Chapter 1255 Babies especially like to look at these machines Chapter 1254 mom won't go back Chapter 1253 Might as well let mom take care of you Chapter 1252 take good care of your body Chapter 1251 Can you let him go to work in the factory? Chapter 1250 We're all family, don't go around like this Chapter 1249 At that time, I invite you to travel at public expense Chapter 1248 bring kids to work Chapter 1247 baby stroller Chapter 1246 Yuehuan, why don't you stay at home full-time and take care of the kids? Chapter 1245 With your mouth, who will bully you? Chapter 1244 Why don't you transfer the money to your mother?

Chapter 1243 You have to help your brother, let your brother live too Chapter 1242 Give him a son after you raise him well Chapter 1241 This nanny pays so much a month Chapter 1240 well married Chapter 1239 Your parents said they want to see you Chapter 1238 I think it is easy for others to have children, why? Chapter 1237 take business to the south Chapter 1236 Someone came to cooperate Chapter 1235 I gave birth to a daughter, my mother-in-law is not happy Chapter 1234 If you really like your daughter, let's have another one Chapter 1233 Encouraging Di to give birth to a daughter made Huo Qingyue cry with envy Chapter 1232 Zhaodi was born prematurely

Chapter 1231 If you give birth to a daughter, you will bring it yourself Chapter 1230 Why do you keep bullying your own children? Chapter 1229 The child's name is Jin Jin Chapter 1228 Is it not easy for me to have children? Chapter 1227 The baby drools when he sees the beautiful sister Chapter 1226 Such a cute baby, I can take one bite Chapter 1225 back home Chapter 1224 Just drink powdered milk Chapter 1223 I just had a baby, am I still a little ugly? Chapter 1222 I don't know who the child looks like, so chubby Chapter 1221 How about we have one too? Chapter 1220 This is too cute, I want to steal it!

Chapter 1219 foreign milk powder Chapter 1218 The baby cries when it leaves its mother Chapter 1217 Izuko Chapter 1216 confinement Chapter 1215 What the daughter does smells good, but the son smells bad Chapter 1214 When Gu Yuehuan gave birth, Huo Qingyue cried with worry Chapter 1213 Gu Yuehuan called her Li Shuyuan's mother Chapter 1212 Why are newborn babies so ugly? Chapter 1211 The mother and child are safe, the baby is a boy, big fat boy Chapter 1210 Hemorrhage requires emergency blood transfusion Chapter 1209 Broken, amniotic fluid broke! Chapter 1208 Why haven't you given birth yet?

Chapter 1207 The little girl who went to the next room to see life Chapter 1206 Went to the hospital and died again Chapter 1205 I'm going to give birth! Chapter 1204 I just think you are so handsome Chapter 1203 Wash Gu Yuehuan's feet Chapter 1202 When the time comes, will you keep the big one or the young one? Chapter 1201 Gu Yuehuan: It hurts to have a baby, I don't want to Chapter 1200 eight months pregnant Chapter 1199 Here at home, be careful! Chapter 1198 Jiang Luyou's revenge Chapter 1197 where to change my wife Chapter 1196 why can't you like me

Chapter 1195 Su Yishen has always liked Jiang Luyou Chapter 1194 Then you really wronged your husband Chapter 1193 Gu Wei asked Gu Yuehuan to borrow money Chapter 1192 Genes are really doomed Chapter 1191 Jiang Luming was arrested and sentenced to death Chapter 1190 New milk tea shop opens, selling milk capped tea Chapter 1189 Go back and say it, it's outside Chapter 1188 You still say it's okay Chapter 1187 Jiang Luyou took Su Yiyou to the dance hall Chapter 1186 Su Yiyou, is that why you don't believe me? Chapter 1185 Jiang Luyou was beaten by Su Yiyou Chapter 1184 Don't look for these ladies again, I forgive you

Chapter 1183 The wild flowers outside are more fragrant, aren't they? Chapter 1182 my wife doesn't drink well Chapter 1181 follow to socialize Chapter 1180 Jiang Luyou, is there anyone out there? Chapter 1179 your own affairs you decide Chapter 1178 Next time I dare to eat popsicles, I will hit the baby Chapter 1177 Gu Yuehuan, are you stealing popsicles again? Chapter 1176 Open another milk tea shop Chapter 1175 Huo Qingyue, will you cry if I give birth to a son? Chapter 1174 Relatives have a lot of children Chapter 1173 The first time I met the Jiang family, it was the family members celebrating the New Year Chapter 1172 The belly is a bit pointy, could it be a boy

Chapter 1171 Longevity lock bought for my daughter Chapter 1170 Big belly woman is lucky Chapter 1169 Play majiang Chapter 1168 spawn peloton Chapter 1167 Huo Qingyue set off fireworks for Gu Yuehuan Chapter 1166 Red packet Chapter 1165 New Year's Eve Chapter 1164 soybean juice Chapter 1163 Compared with roses, I prefer a fortune tree Chapter 1162 go home for the new year Chapter 1161 Write Spring Festival couplets, New Year taste Chapter 1160 I plan to open another milk tea shop in the department store

Chapter 1159 end of the year Chapter 1158 Can you take me there next time for a social event? Chapter 1157 I will not eat you Chapter 1156 Do you have a woman out there? Chapter 1155 A woman's lipstick mark on the shirt Chapter 1154 wife, thank you Chapter 1153 I will definitely come back to seek revenge on Huo Qingyue! Chapter 1152 You go abroad to find your uncle Chapter 1151 You are secretly happy now Chapter 1150 The company will now be inherited by Qingyue Chapter 1149 you call the shots Chapter 1148 Whether a man is good or not depends on what happens after marriage

Chapter 1147 Why is everyone buying a house now? Chapter 1146 For the sake of future generations Chapter 1145 keep out of the dirt Chapter 1144 baby is a lazy pig Chapter 1143 baby moving Chapter 1142 Gu Yuewei was unwilling to die in the end Chapter 1141 Gu Yuewei is dead Chapter 1140 Gu Yuewei: I dreamed that I was a rich wife in my previous life Chapter 1139 Gu Yuehuan touched her belly: The baby is so small Chapter 1138 Huo Qingyue: It should be because my daughter is getting fat Chapter 1137 Gu Yuehuan is puzzled: My stomach is bigger than the average pregnant mother Chapter 1136 How about our daughter's name being Drumstick?

Chapter 1135 Kicked out of the dance hall, living on the street Chapter 1134 Gu Yuewei went for a check-up, she did have a heart disease Chapter 1133 I'm afraid of getting sick Chapter 1132 Gu Yuewei, you must be suffering from some kind of dirty disease Chapter 1131 Gu Yuehuan saw Gu Yuewei as the hostess Chapter 1130 Zhaodi is pregnant Chapter 1129 Abandoned like a eunuch Chapter 1128 Let Huo Lingwen become a useless person Chapter 1127 If I die, you get nothing Chapter 1126 Not ready to combine yet Chapter 1125 Damn it's the wrong way Chapter 1124 You don't like me, why did you give birth to me

Chapter 1123 Do you treat me like family? Chapter 1122 Falling in love at this age is still the same as being young Chapter 1121 Zhao Yun has returned to Huo's house Chapter 1120 When a wife is in confinement, a man can gain ten catties Chapter 1119 also want to buy a house Chapter 1118 Jiang Lu agrees to get married Chapter 1117 Is a person worth entrusting for life Chapter 1116 Will you marry me? Chapter 1115 This woman just can't bear a son Chapter 1114 Yes, I just don't like my daughter, so I'm going to sell it! Chapter 1113 My own children dare to sell, do they still have a conscience? Chapter 1112 Ji Hui and Li Huijuan were arrested

Chapter 1111 the child was saved Chapter 1110 Yuehuan, grandma bought you several boxes of big strawberries Chapter 1109 Yuehuan, don't move your tires Chapter 1108 lost child Chapter 1107 My daughter is a money-losing product Chapter 1106 sell the child Chapter 1105 I have to get my 20 yuan back Chapter 1104 That's how you should treat that old woman Chapter 1103 Money-losing goods! Chapter 1102 no wonder i got a mistress Chapter 1101 20 pieces of clothing, inlaid with gold! Chapter 1100 They are all clothes left by relatives.

Chapter 1099 Gu Yuehuan tricks Li Huijuan Chapter 1098 If a son is not born, he will definitely be laughed at Chapter 1097 Li Huijuan made a big fuss in the milk tea shop Chapter 1096 It's been so good since the divorce Chapter 1095 was opened Chapter 1094 this nasty bitch Chapter 1093 I'm the father of the child, so it's okay to see the child Chapter 1092 Gu Yuehuan, you are a gossip Chapter 1091 I think you ran off with an adulterer Chapter 1090 The child was picked up by the father Chapter 1089 The two of them are fine together Chapter 1088 Daughter-in-law, have you found out that after you were pregnant, you followed

Chapter 1087 Yuehuan, let's go home for dinner this year Chapter 1086 Li Shuyuan changed her clothes nervously Chapter 1085 Gu Yuehuan is worried about Li Shuyuan Chapter 1084 Is this plane going down? Chapter 1083 After the baby is born, I will take you out to play Chapter 1082 Huo Qingyue said to Gu Yuehuan: How about the two of us? Chapter 1081 First time flying! Chapter 1080 Sell ​​your wife and make a lot of money Chapter 1079 Gu Yuewei became the number one in the dance hall Chapter 1078 Zhao Yun: You didn't believe me back then Chapter 1077 Song Qinya was arrested Chapter 1076 Mom, please coax my dad!

Chapter 1075 If it wasn't for you to favor the mistress, would I be like this? Chapter 1074 you think you're right Chapter 1073 Zhang Shufen was cheated by Gu Yuehuan Chapter 1072 can you show me my son Chapter 1071 Who told you to kill my child? Chapter 1070 I curse you, curse you until I die Chapter 1069 There is no normal person in this family, they are all mentally ill Chapter 1068 really crazy woman Chapter 1067 This is a mother's instinct to save her daughter Chapter 1066 Li Shuyuan rushed out to save Gu Yuehuan from being injured Chapter 1065 Zhang Shufen stabbed Gu Yuehuan in the stomach with a knife Chapter 1064 Huo Qingyue helps his wife with homework

Chapter 1063 Well done, a set of employee incentive awards Chapter 1062 Gu Yuehuan got a bank loan to build a new factory Chapter 1061 what does honeymoon mean Chapter 1060 Huo Qingyue just wanted to have a baby girl Chapter 1059 Huo Qingyue, if I give birth to a daughter, you will be **** off Chapter 1058 Yuewei's child was killed by Gu Yuehuan Chapter 1057 Song Qinya borrowed Zhang Shufen's hand to kill Gu Yuehuan's child Chapter 1056 This dead old woman didn't intend to give their mother and child two Chapter 1055 From now on, everything will be for Qingyue Chapter 1054 Shufen, all this is our retribution Chapter 1053 Gu Wei wants to go to jail instead of Jiang Luyou Chapter 1052 Give Zhaodi a child to make up for guilt

Chapter 1051 Your parents are urging us to have a baby Chapter 1050 Once you get married, you will become a little rich woman. Chapter 1049 Jiang Luyou and Su Yiyou's wedding Chapter 1048 Yuehuan, do you think it's okay to get married? Chapter 1047 sell wife for money Chapter 1046 Gu Yuewei was sold by Huo Linwen to a dance hall as a dancer Chapter 1045 Isn't she destined to be rich? Chapter 1044 Are these things for people to eat? feed the dog Chapter 1043 Can't you bear it? Chapter 1042 Huo Qingyue: My father-in-law and mother-in-law asked me to help, there is no reason Chapter 1041 Li Shuyuan intervened behind the scenes Chapter 1040 Gu Yuehuan has no way to sympathize with Gu Yuewei

Chapter 1039 It's all your fault that I will become like this Chapter 1038 They were all instigated by Gu Yuewei! Chapter 1037 Gu Yuewei was completely kicked out Chapter 1036 You unfilial son, framed your brother and your younger siblings! Chapter 1035 Even if the miscarriage stops before, it's your fault Chapter 1034 the child is long gone Chapter 1033 Gu Yuewei's fake miscarriage was exposed on the spot Chapter 1032 Sure enough, there is no way out Chapter 1031 I guess it's because the baby in my stomach hurts my mother. Chapter 1030 I took the money and rolled it back as far as possible Chapter 1029 I want you to have five suites, isn't that too much? Chapter 1028 Gu Yuewei can't even confine herself to confinement now

Chapter 1027 Don't be so angry that you move your tires Chapter 1026 It turns out that all of this is Gu Yuewei's acting Chapter 1025 Gu Yuehuan, you just want to **** me off so I can change my husband Chapter 1024 Still think of me as your husband? do you have me in your heart Chapter 1023 The Huo family's property is given to us. Chapter 1022 Give me three days to deal with it, or the child will be beaten Chapter 1021 Let Gu Yuehuan abort her child too Chapter 1020 Grandma, don't be partial to this matter. Chapter 1019 Huo Qingyue: I believe my wife didn't do it Chapter 1018 Grandma, you have to decide for my dead child Chapter 1017 Gu Yuehuan, you killed my child! Chapter 1016 Gu Yuewei, you deliberately framed me!

Chapter 1015 Gu Yuewei pretended to be pushed down by Gu Yuehuan to have a miscarriage Chapter 1014 sister, don't be angry Chapter 1013 My baby will be fine Chapter 1012 I'm afraid I won't be happy in the future Chapter 1011 Jiang Dahe invites Di to get married Chapter 1010 women are trouble Chapter 1009 wash together Chapter 1008 wife don't be angry Chapter 1007 Why do you always make your daughter-in-law angry? Chapter 1006 Pregnant women are emotionally unstable Chapter 1005 It turns out that you have long wanted to make a promise to me Chapter 1004 Gu Yuehuan once saved Huo Qingyue

Chapter 1003 Huo Qingyue felt that after his daughter-in-law became pregnant, Chapter 1002 Not being able to marry the person you like is more terrifying than marrying the wrong person Chapter 1001 It's okay to live like this forever Chapter 1000 Gu Yuehuan: My face has gained a lot of weight! Chapter 999 I've had morning sickness for so long, and I can finally eat Chapter 998 Ask Li Shuyuan to cook for Gu Yuehuan Chapter 997 Huo Qing felt distressed: Do you want to have a child? Chapter 996 Gu Yuehuan: I don’t want to have children anymore, it’s too painful Chapter 995 Throw the pot to Gu Yuehuan! Chapter 994 Gu Yuewei's child is gone Chapter 993 Huo Linwen pushes Gu Yuewei to have a miscarriage Chapter 992 Eat more spicy, I like it's my daughter

Chapter 991 Sour and spicy girl, you like spicy food, could it be a girl Chapter 990 She's got no kids, she's got nothing Chapter 989 The child in Gu Yuewei's womb was told it was stillborn Chapter 988 Gu Yuehuan: My husband cares more about me Chapter 987 Huo Qingyue accompanied Gu Yuehuan to the obstetric examination Chapter 986 Girls need to be rich, boys can be raised casually Chapter 985 If you marry the wrong person, you will regret it forever Chapter 984 Feelings come out Chapter 983 He just wants to marry me now Chapter 982 I really didn't lie to you, he wants to marry me! Chapter 981 How to marry a second marriage? Chapter 980 Gu Yuehuan: I want to have a girl

Chapter 979 I want to be a child godmother! Chapter 978 You don't know how to bring children, I will teach you Chapter 977 Li Shuyuan: Am I going to be a grandmother? Chapter 976 Pregnancy at this time is good for family property! Chapter 975 This is an accidental pregnancy! Chapter 974 The doctor asked: Do you want to keep this child? Chapter 973 The test results came out, Gu Yuehuan was indeed pregnant Chapter 972 Gu Yuehuan: I don't know if I can be a good Chapter 971 Pregnancy can really torment the dead Chapter 970 Huo Qingyue, if I am pregnant, do I want the child? Chapter 969 Huo Qingyue, I might be pregnant Chapter 968 Gu Yuehuan couldn't vomit dryly, could it be that she was pregnant?

Chapter 967 You find a man to take revenge on me! Chapter 966 Jiang Yiner suffers from mental illness Chapter 965 Jiang Yin'er kills Gu Yuehuan with a knife Chapter 964 Now you are satisfied! Chapter 963 When I think of Yue Huan getting married without a bride price, I feel uncomfortable Chapter 962 It's okay if I don't get married anymore! Chapter 961 Are you marrying your daughter or selling your daughter? Chapter 960 gift money Chapter 959 will please your mother Chapter 958 I want to live in a big villa! Chapter 957 How can you, a girl, have the ability to make money? Chapter 956 Aren't we sisters?

Chapter 955 kicked out Chapter 954 Are you so perfunctory in proposing? Chapter 953 Jiang Luyou came to take her away Chapter 952 I don't like whatever you become Chapter 951 Am I looking good now? Chapter 950 This is what the lady boss cleaned up for me! Chapter 949 People rely on clothes, changing the shape immediately changes Chapter 948 Ask Gu Yuehuan for help Chapter 947 His face is not worthy of such a good thing as cream! Chapter 946 Do you want to go? Chapter 945 Huo Qingyue, are you going to the dance hall? Chapter 944 Which women would like their husbands to go to dance halls

Chapter 943 Do the beverage business in the dance hall Chapter 942 At best, you are just giving birth to our family. Chapter 941 I'm tired of Gu Yuewei Chapter 940 just help your mother Chapter 939 You murdered me for this woman Chapter 938 You ruined me! Chapter 937 Jiang Yiner said I never did it Chapter 936 Everyone is questioning Jiang Yin'er Chapter 935 Jiang Yin'er woke up Chapter 934 How important it is for a woman to be able to conceive Chapter 933 Grandma will avenge you! Chapter 932 Know that there is saffron in bird's nest

Chapter 931 get me out of jail Chapter 930 Who is the person he likes? Chapter 929 who wants you in the future Chapter 928 Test the bird's nest Chapter 927 Give Gu Yuehuan something that saffron can't get pregnant Chapter 926 Zhang Shufen only went to jail when she was old, so it’s cheaper for her Chapter 925 Not picky eaters Chapter 924 Mom, don't keep looking for Yuehuan Chapter 923 Sure enough, I can't believe what a woman says Chapter 922 A room with one queen bed? Chapter 921 You are going to get married, why are you looking for me? Chapter 920 I miss him so much

Chapter 919 Could it be possible for me to destroy them? Chapter 918 Best real estate investment right now Chapter 917 The family is not happy that Gu Yuehuan bought a house Chapter 916 There are many houses in the house, so why spend money to buy them! Chapter 915 Buy a two-bedroom first Chapter 914 Prices will definitely rise in the future Chapter 913 Gu Yuehuan is ready to buy a house by herself Chapter 912 Young lady, you have to eat while it's hot Chapter 911 Su Yiyou breaks up with Jiang Luyou Chapter 910 Why are you avoiding me? Chapter 909 Suspected of abduction and trafficking, arrested Zhang Shufen Chapter 908 you are stubborn

Chapter 907 Replenish Your Dowry Dragon and Phoenix Bracelet Chapter 906 Li Shuyuan introduces business to Gu Yuehuan Chapter 905 Can it still hurt you? Chapter 904 please be nice Chapter 903 If you don't want to live, you can't force it Chapter 902 You push me! don't you know i'm pregnant now Chapter 901 Gu Yuehuan, how did you become such a rich lady? Chapter 900 Everyone loves Gu Yuehuan and makes Gu Yuewei angry Chapter 899 If the belly is a daughter, you're screwed Chapter 898 what the family wants Chapter 897 Gu Yuewei and Huo Linwen asked for money Chapter 896 Stomach to live up to, take care of the miscarriage

Chapter 895 i don't believe your brother is going to gamble Chapter 894 Zhang Shufen: I am your own mother! Chapter 893 Su Yiyou's blind date Chapter 892 What if you just listen to your sister? Chapter 891 or you listen to your sister Chapter 890 You really embarrass everyone Chapter 889 Come home with me for dinner during the Spring Festival, huh? Chapter 888 The day I wanted to beat my boyfriend to death Chapter 887 Life advice: Don't go shopping with your boyfriend Chapter 886 Jiang Luyou looking for Gu Yuehuan Chapter 885 family can always be together Chapter 884 Don't bring a foreign girl home for the New Year

Chapter 883 Can't let go of my little wife Chapter 882 I'm afraid Gu Yuehuan is pregnant Chapter 881 you are a married man after all Chapter 880 winter solstice Chapter 879 you just want to keep the money Chapter 878 I'm afraid I'll have an iceberg face in the future Chapter 877 I don't know when to call me mom Chapter 876 Everyone says your factory drinks are really good Chapter 875 The quantity you want is so large, I will give you the wholesale price Chapter 874 Older gingers are more spicy Chapter 873 The Jiang family takes care of Gu Yuehuan's business Chapter 872 God is going to punish me now

Chapter 871 Gu Yuewei worried that she would not be able to give birth to a son Chapter 870 Men can do whatever they want, what do you care Chapter 869 If your daughter-in-law is pregnant, you may be so excited Chapter 868 You became a father at the same age, don't you care? Chapter 867 Yuehuan, why don't I get you a baby room too? Chapter 866 How can we look like we are enjoying peace and happiness now? Chapter 865 Zhang Shufen was very angry: Yuewei, you don't care about me now Chapter 864 Yuewei, I think your stomach must be a boy Chapter 863 If I don't give you the bride price, I will kill the child Chapter 862 Zhang Shufen called Gu Yuewei stupid Chapter 861 The most important thing in business is profit Chapter 860 Gu Yuehuan recruited Lin Xiaochun and his team back to work

Chapter 859 cornered Chapter 858 Can we still come back and work for you, lady boss? Chapter 857 Lin Xiaochun came back to beg Gu Yuehuan Chapter 856 Old people all over the world have the same aesthetic Chapter 855 There is a blood relationship, this cannot be changed Chapter 854 I want to give you a bigger deck Chapter 853 Grandma Jiang wants to give Gu Yuehuan a shop Chapter 852 How did the two of them get along? Chapter 851 Gu Yuehuan felt that she was spoiled by the group and couldn't adapt Chapter 850 Grandma Jiang wants to send Gu Yuehuan to the shop Chapter 849 Zhang Shufen enters the city again Chapter 848 Zhang Shufen still wants to go to a big city to enjoy Qingfu

Chapter 847 You have become a young mistress, will you have no money? Chapter 846 lost all the money Chapter 845 Jiang Luming is back Chapter 844 I'm not planning to be a mother right now Chapter 843 Huo Qingyue, do you want me to have a baby? Chapter 842 pink lace bed Chapter 841 Grandma Huo urges Gu Yuehuan to have a baby Chapter 840 Grandma Huo's attitude towards Gu Yuehuan has changed Chapter 839 Gu Yuewei is really rich Chapter 838 Two old ladies **** Gu Yuehuan home Chapter 837 Auntie, take your time with this kind of thing Chapter 836 Yuehuan, I will be your sister-in-law from now on!

Chapter 835 It's not because your husband loves you Chapter 834 I don't want to drink chicken soup anymore Chapter 833 Where are you qualified to choose? Chapter 832 When a child is born, the mother is more expensive than the child Chapter 831 Let you marry two wives, Gu Yuewei will be the youngest Chapter 830 Huo Linwen married Gu Yuewei for the sake of her child Chapter 829 Gu Yuewei kept the child Chapter 828 Gu Yuewei is pregnant Chapter 827 Gu Yuewei was beaten to miscarriage by Huo Linwen Chapter 826 Your identity is not worthy of washing my feet Chapter 825 It's like a slap in the face Chapter 824 i can't let my kids hate me

Chapter 823 Don't blame grandma for treating you badly and looking down on you Chapter 822 drink chicken soup every day Chapter 821 Gu Yuehuan feels that she has little family affection Chapter 820 I am your mother! Chapter 819 Yuehuan, don't refuse us to treat you well Chapter 818 Li Shuyuan knew that Gu Yuehuan was her own daughter Chapter 817 Shuyuan, Yuewei is not your own Chapter 816 All of Gu Yuewei's things were taken back Chapter 815 It seems to be fate Chapter 814 Mrs. Huo regretted how she treated Gu Yuehuan in the past Chapter 813 The Huo family was very angry when they knew Gu Yuewei's identity Chapter 812 Don't want her again?

Chapter 811 Gu Yuewei was kicked out and left homeless Chapter 810 Gu Yuewei's wedding was ruined again Chapter 809 Gu Yuehuan: I don't really want to recognize my family Chapter 808 Gu Yuehuan: I am the biological child of the Jiang family Chapter 807 Where will we face Yuehuan in the future? Chapter 806 The old lady slapped Gu Yuewei Chapter 805 Yuehuan, please save your mother Chapter 804 Yuehuan is your own! Chapter 803 Gu Yuewei knelt down and begged for mercy: It was Jiang Yiner who threatened me Chapter 802 Gu Yuewei was not exposed because of her own blood. Chapter 801 Gu Yuewei refuses to donate bone marrow Chapter 800 Let Gu Yuewei donate bone marrow to Li Shuyuan

Chapter 799 Li Shuyuan fell ill and fainted Chapter 798 Am I afraid that he still likes you? Chapter 797 It's inappropriate for you to introduce the two of them Chapter 796 be squeezed out Chapter 795 Life is cheaper than a dog, don't you deserve to be beaten by me? Chapter 794 I hate people talking about me behind Chapter 793 Recruit temporary workers, calculated on a daily basis Chapter 792 Yue Wei is much easier to get along with than Yue Huan Chapter 791 you can't do business with me Chapter 790 Do you want to find students as temporary workers? Chapter 789 All employees resign collectively Chapter 788 Sister Yuehuan, you won't leave if you give us a raise

Chapter 787 Or let's all go! Chapter 786 so much! Chapter 785 Leave Gu Yuehuan and come to work with me, the salary is 300 Chapter 784 It's over if Miss Yue Huan finds out Chapter 783 Gu Yuewei poached Gu Yuehuan's workers Chapter 782 Those who don’t know think that Gu Yuehuan is your own Chapter 781 you have to let your sister Chapter 780 Have you managed the store since you opened it? Chapter 779 Everyone sells it, but not to you Chapter 778 Want to buy from your factory Chapter 777 Spoke for others before getting married? Chapter 776 run as far as you can

Chapter 775 The bamboo basket is empty Chapter 774 Li Shuyuan, Gu Yuehuan is your illegitimate daughter! Chapter 773 How does the girl's family get to the lower places Chapter 772 Are you still protecting her? Chapter 771 horrible Chapter 770 Li Shuyuan came out to testify Chapter 769 Dispose of directly now Chapter 768 Fortunately, there is such a caring little padded jacket like you Chapter 767 Your elbow turned out? Chapter 766 I think it's clean Chapter 765 My stuff has been stolen Chapter 764 You don't suspect that I killed someone, do you?

Chapter 763 kiss Chapter 762 Pass him candied haws Chapter 761 I'll never meet a better woman than you Chapter 760 Don't seniors only go to the park on a date? Chapter 759 The factory's business is up Chapter 758 I found out that it looks pretty good Chapter 757 What do you want to do to me, laugh like this Chapter 756 Eggs can't be put in one basket Chapter 755 Drinks from our factory are sold to you for free Chapter 754 foreign soda Chapter 753 Don't want to live anymore, right? Chapter 752 Surely I won't let you do it in vain

Chapter 751 We are siblings, if something happens to me, you will be fine? Chapter 750 Your surname is Gu, not Jiang! Chapter 749 You fake! Chapter 748 Aren't I doing this all for you? Chapter 747 Your partner is also very sweet to you Chapter 746 Yuehuan, your husband loves you so much! Chapter 745 Brother, how can you doubt me? Chapter 744 Are you helping your sister? Chapter 743 I don't like men who don't know right from wrong Chapter 742 Who sent you here? Chapter 741 drink smashed Chapter 740 can be sick forever

Chapter 739 Why are they two brothers and sisters not alike at all? Chapter 738 old people are like this Chapter 737 To say so partial? Chapter 736 Is someone bullying my precious granddaughter? Chapter 735 I now suspect that you are slandering me Chapter 734 Which hand did I push you with? Chapter 733 Don't you just ignore your daughter and me? Chapter 732 It was Gu Yuehuan who pushed me! Chapter 731 Make Gu Yuehuan ashamed but reap the consequences Chapter 730 Any cat or dog can come Chapter 729 Gu Yuehuan used to be fat, ugly and dark Chapter 728 I thought it was a city girl

Chapter 727 attend a banquet together Chapter 726 fitting room Chapter 725 Do you want to have **** with me? Chapter 724 It's so hard to deal with Chapter 723 How can a girl take the initiative to do such a thing? Chapter 722 Talking about someone is the same as not talking about it Chapter 721 you have to teach me Chapter 720 Do you still want to find another woman? Chapter 719 How about you attend with me? Chapter 718 Product trademark Chapter 717 Huanhe Chapter 716 I won't rob Gu Yuehuan

Chapter 715 I am willing Chapter 714 Mom, how did you know this? Chapter 713 Seen by Li Shuyuan Chapter 712 Naturally, I won't tell my sister's secret Chapter 711 Mom, you just think I'm nothing compared to Gu Yue Chapter 710 Mom, I am your daughter! Gu Yuehuan is not! Chapter 709 Why do you want to grab everything from Yue Huan? Chapter 708 You like me so much that you even think about getting married? Chapter 707 So eager? Is this thing ready for a date? Chapter 706 Family planning supplies were seen by him Chapter 705 I'm not watching a movie, I'm watching you Chapter 704 Talking about a partner for the first time is quite exciting

Chapter 703 Otherwise, how are they like a couple? Chapter 702 This has to be done after marriage Chapter 701 Don't know this stuff if you're not married Chapter 700 Would you like me without your husband? Chapter 699 Huo Qingyue asked Gu Yuehuan to buy it, it was embarrassing Chapter 698 Is the proprietress so young and beautiful or a college student? Chapter 697 not tonight, no more Chapter 696 make more money in the future Chapter 695 Give you 100 yuan a month's wages Chapter 694 Your female boss is too young Chapter 693 just right Chapter 692 Didn't you say invite someone?

Chapter 691 Grandma, this Gu Yuehuan has a full belly! Chapter 690 This girl saved me Chapter 689 Gu Yuehuan saved Mrs. Jiang Chapter 688 keep the two of us a secret Chapter 687 kissed Chapter 686 Are you waiting for me to come after you? Chapter 685 Didn't you say you like me? Why hide from me? Chapter 684 wall dong Chapter 683 Jiang Luming knew Gu Yuewei's identity Chapter 682 Lu Ming, I know you have my mother in your heart Chapter 681 Who do I ask for money after Zhang Shufen dies? Chapter 680 What are you running for, old woman?

Chapter 679 Yuewei, save mom Chapter 678 What man would refuse Chapter 677 Why was it snatched by your sister? Chapter 676 I want to ask if you have any conflicts with Yuewei? Chapter 675 Jiang Luyou's compensation to Gu Yuehuan Chapter 674 Gu Yuehuan discusses business with Jiang Luyou Chapter 673 Gu Yuehuan buys machines from Jiang's company Chapter 672 Successfully opened a factory with a bank loan Chapter 671 Won't make the girls angry again? Chapter 670 No wonder I feel that something is wrong with this woman recently Chapter 669 It's such a hassle for girls to dress up Chapter 668 you steal my man?

Chapter 667 Gu Yuewei had someone kill Zhang Shufen Chapter 666 Your brother is having a good life, so are you Chapter 665 I knew you were filial and loved Mom! Chapter 664 Give me your money, I have no money to spend Chapter 663 Grandma Ginger Chapter 662 Gu Yuewei married Huo Linwen again Chapter 661 write my name? Chapter 660 don't be fooled anymore Chapter 659 Open a factory with a bank loan to start a business Chapter 658 Let Huo Qingyue's handsome face send her flyers Chapter 657 Can my daughter-in-law not listen? Chapter 656 Let Huo Qingyue kneel on the washboard

Chapter 655 The reason why grandma insisted on marrying the Jiang family Chapter 654 life is to accommodate each other Chapter 653 Will you stop being jealous in the future? Chapter 652 Daughter-in-law, I was wrong Chapter 651 Huo Qing coaxed Gu Yuehuan back more and more Chapter 650 Gu Yuehuan suddenly missed Huo Qingyue Chapter 649 Gu Yuehuan's shop must be forced to close down! Chapter 648 Started a takeaway business Chapter 647 You have been away from home for so long, Huo Qing will not come to you Chapter 646 I won't let you suffer with me Chapter 645 He just identified her Chapter 644 Doing business can't be smooth sailing

Chapter 643 Gu Yuehuan printed leaflets and distributed them Chapter 642 If he can't help cheating, he can lock him up in a cage Chapter 641 If you don't pay attention, you will be snatched away Chapter 640 Gu Yuehuan ran away from home Chapter 639 In the final analysis, it is still eccentric Chapter 638 I see you don't like me that much Chapter 637 so as not to affect my pursuit of men Chapter 636 That tail is going up to the sky Chapter 635 I didn't have a family before, and I don't need one in the future Chapter 634 Su Yiyou heard the conversation between Gu Yuewei and Jiang Yin'er Chapter 633 Miss Jiang, what do you want me to do for you? Chapter 632 Would you like to watch a movie?

Chapter 631 It's your husband who is narrow-minded and misunderstood. Chapter 630 After all, your husband doesn't believe you Chapter 629 The two of them have never quarreled, they quarreled so fiercely Chapter 628 Husband and wife quarreling and sleeping in separate rooms Chapter 627 Gu Yuehuan, you didn't regard me as your husband at all Chapter 626 Huo Qingyue quarreled with Gu Yuehuan Chapter 625 Huo Qingyue, take care of your wife Chapter 624 Misunderstood by Huo Qingyue Chapter 623 So obviously seen? Chapter 622 Gu Yuehuan was afraid of disturbing Huo Qingyue Chapter 621 As long as you open your mouth, your husband will definitely be willing Chapter 620 The Jiang family is really spoiled and lawless

Chapter 619 Gu Yuewei even opened a milk tea shop Chapter 618 I can't believe I can't find the right store Chapter 617 Come to North City with me Chapter 616 Gu Yuewei overheard Chapter 615 I just feel that Yuewei is not my own Chapter 614 i don't like mama you hate me Chapter 613 Qingyue, your wife doesn't have you in her heart Chapter 612 Kiyoshi must have misunderstood, right? Chapter 611 Look at how shameless you are on two boats! Chapter 610 Aunt Li, stop being hypocritical, I won't believe it Chapter 609 How did you close the shop? Chapter 608 What, are you afraid of me?

Chapter 607 Gu Yuehuan felt like she was unemployed Chapter 606 Recycle Gu Yuehuan's shop Chapter 605 Those who didn't know thought you were her mother Chapter 604 I want Gu Yuehuan's shop Chapter 603 In the future, the Jiang family will be inherited by you and your brother. Chapter 602 Let your brother teach you the business Chapter 601 Gu Yuewei: Mom, I want to open a store Chapter 600 I really don't have a girlfriend Chapter 599 You obviously have a girlfriend Chapter 598 The coquettish Huo Qingyue Chapter 597 I'm Huo Qingyue's secretary Chapter 596 buy abandoned factories

Chapter 595 made it Chapter 594 she doesn't believe you, let me explain Chapter 593 If you have money, you have to give it to your brother Chapter 592 it's all you owe me Chapter 591 Auntie treats you so well, how can you forget Auntie? Chapter 590 Huo Qingyue actually bought her pajamas! Chapter 589 Why am I jealous of her? Chapter 588 Married? Chapter 587 Ask me to settle accounts? Chapter 586 He's going to make this woman pay Chapter 585 Can you? Chapter 584 Don't you like you very much?

Chapter 583 What do you want to buy? Mom will buy it for you. Chapter 582 take you shopping Chapter 581 I feel so guilty about Yuehuan Chapter 580 Are you willing? Chapter 579 then you carry me Chapter 578 Who gave me such a beautiful daughter-in-law? Chapter 577 You enjoyed it, but don't forget your brother Chapter 576 Gu Yuewei: If Auntie doesn't like me, I will leave Chapter 575 Is Gu Yuewei her own? Chapter 574 The paternity test report came out. Chapter 573 She is not his object, why explain? Chapter 572 Huo Qingyue: Is the store more important than me?

Chapter 571 I want to sell canned drinks Chapter 570 Gu Yuehuan didn't accompany Huo Qingyue to watch a movie, he sulked Chapter 569 He should be single-minded! Chapter 568 Gu Yuewei: You want to be my sister-in-law, it's impossible Chapter 567 Do you really want to see it? Chapter 566 How to put these things in the room? Chapter 565 Tell me who are you interested in? Chapter 564 Are you dating? Chapter 563 Gu Yuewei coaxed the Jiang family well Chapter 562 Yuehuan, can you go back with me? Chapter 561 If you are my mother, give me money Chapter 560 You're my mom makes me feel so ashamed

Chapter 559 Zhang Shufen was beaten by Jiang Luming Chapter 558 Jiang Luming went to Jiang's house to recognize his parents Chapter 557 Gu Yuewei is courteous Chapter 556 I definitely want Yuehuan to be my daughter Chapter 555 I don't know who your problem is with. Chapter 554 Stop talking nonsense with your big mouth Chapter 553 I'm here to help you Chapter 552 Just go for a paternity test. Chapter 551 Yue Huan is one month older than Yue Wei! Chapter 550 Gu Yuewei pretends to be Chapter 549 What is your relationship with me, you just go home with me? Chapter 548 My mom said my sister found it

Chapter 547 Li Shuyuan said excitedly: Your sister has been found! Chapter 546 I will not eat you Chapter 545 It's been a long time since I felt my heart beat so fast. Chapter 544 Maximize your audacity Chapter 543 If you used to clean yourself up, I wouldn't Chapter 542 I just thought about whether to make do with it or not. Chapter 541 When you see it, I am the one who suffers! Chapter 540 You should ask yourself if you want to recognize your father Chapter 539 Gu Yuewei: Mom, you just say that the child who dropped the bag back then Chapter 538 Gu Yuewei: Parents, I have a way to help you! Chapter 537 Go back and do a paternity test, you will know if it is true Chapter 536 Yue Huan, I think you are Aunt Li who was transferred back then

Chapter 535 Zhang Shufen felt very guilty when she was exposed Chapter 534 Jiang Luyou meets Zhang Shufen Chapter 533 Jiang Luyou: I came to this village to find my sister Chapter 532 What a dog man Chapter 531 I'm a girl Chapter 530 Jiang Luyou: Do you know Zhang Shufen? I look for her Chapter 529 Jiang Luming was unwilling to accept that he was not his own hair Chapter 528 How did this **** become so beautiful? Chapter 527 Huo Qingyue: Perm your hair and I will change my wife Chapter 526 Gu Yuehuan went to perm her hair Chapter 525 Hurry up and don't bother Chapter 524 Lin Chuchu jumped off the building with her baby in her arms

Chapter 523 It has nothing to do with us anyway Chapter 522 Lin Chuchu threw the child in front of Gu Yuehuan Chapter 521 You must let your son be responsible for the rest of his life! Chapter 520 Brother Qingyue will dislike me for becoming fat and ugly after pregnancy Chapter 519 Brother Qingyue, do you want to have a baby? Chapter 518 The child is deformed and you gave birth to it! Chapter 517 If you want to have a son, find another woman to give birth to you Chapter 516 Not our children, whoever loves them wants them! Chapter 515 This is not a son, this is a monster! Chapter 514 The child who was beaten was born prematurely Chapter 513 I thought I married a pig Chapter 512 After pregnancy, fat as fat as two people

Chapter 511 Having a son will make you ugly Chapter 510 Get better after divorce Chapter 509 Mrs. Jiang, the child you gave birth to was not a son, Chapter 508 Li Shuyuan found the nurse who delivered the child back then and asked Chapter 507 go back home Chapter 506 Huo Qingyue was jealous of his wife with a woman Chapter 505 Gu Yuehuan is a professional bullshit Chapter 504 Kiss me a few more times so I can calm down Chapter 503 Have you settled with him? Chapter 502 Li Shuyuan knows that Jiang Luming is not her biological son Chapter 501 Jiang Luming had a car accident and needed a blood transfusion, but found that his blood type was wrong Chapter 500 Take me back home with you

Chapter 499 Vicious Huo Qingyue Chapter 498 Huo Qingyue avenged Gu Yuehuan and beat him to death Chapter 497 Auntie gives you money, please forgive my son, okay? Chapter 496 Li Shuyuan begged Gu Yuehuan to forgive her son Chapter 495 Brother is going to beat me to death! Chapter 494 You are not human for doing this kind of thing! Chapter 493 Gu Yuehuan, what are you so cold about? Chapter 492 Jiang Luming wants to succeed Gu Yuehuan Chapter 491 Jiang Luyou rescued Gu Yuehuan Chapter 490 Gu Yuehuan's accident Chapter 489 Jiang Luming thinks Zhang Shufen is a beggar Chapter 488 Gu Yuewei stole Zhang Shufen's pension money

Chapter 487 Zhang Shufen was worried that Gu Yuehuan would take away her son's honor. Chapter 486 Gu Yuewei kneels down in order to marry into a wealthy family without losing face Chapter 485 Gu Yuehuan beat Zhang Shufen Chapter 484 Zhang Shufen saw that her son liked Gu Yuehuan Chapter 483 These are the karma you got for swapping two children back then. Chapter 482 Everyone spurns Gu Yuewei Chapter 481 The pheasant still wants to become a phoenix Chapter 480 Gu Yuewei's number one in the college entrance examination is fake, but Gu Yuehuan is the one Chapter 479 Zhang Shufen's daughter's dream of marrying a rich man was shattered Chapter 478 Gu Yuehuan, you deliberately harmed my daughter! Chapter 477 Do you know how much I spent on you? Chapter 476 Zhang Shufen knelt down and begged for mercy

Chapter 475 Gu Yuewei was kicked out by the Huo family Chapter 474 It is because you are too poor that I am like this! Chapter 473 Huo Qingyue snatched the wedding away Chapter 472 The Huo family knew that they had been deceived Chapter 471 Zhang Shufen shouted: We are her biological parents Chapter 470 You are just jealous that our Yuewei married better than you Chapter 469 Gu Yuewei locked up Zhang Shufen Chapter 468 Zhang Shufen appeared to destroy Gu Yuewei's wedding Chapter 467 Fortunately, I will be reincarnated Chapter 466 Zhang Shufen found the Jiang family Chapter 465 Zhang Shufen went to the city to find her son Chapter 464 She is destined to have boys

Chapter 463 I don't want Gu Yuehuan to have a baby! Chapter 462 Grandma asked Gu Yuehuan to close the milk tea shop Chapter 461 Gu Yuehuan came back so late, did she go wild outside? Chapter 460 Yuehuan, your marriage is very unhappy now, right? Chapter 459 Gu Yuewei went to study a major like chemistry Chapter 458 You can wait until you have to drive Gu Yuehuan out in the future Chapter 457 Zhang Shufen wants to go to Beicheng to see her son Chapter 456 Zhang Shufen bought new clothes for Gu Yuewei's wedding Chapter 455 Men also suffer from this kind of thing Chapter 454 fell into his arms Chapter 453 he's pretty handsome Chapter 452 Didn't you say you won't meet again in the future?

Chapter 451 I'll find another boy for you Chapter 450 Huo Qingyue's face is black and smelly Chapter 449 Gu Yuehuan: Kowtow three times to forgive you Chapter 448 Jiang Yiner admits mistake and kneels to Gu Yuehuan Chapter 447 I really didn't do this kind of thing Chapter 446 Fingerprint check the owner of the cigarette box Chapter 445 Slap Jiang Yin'er in the face Chapter 444 The agreed three days have come Chapter 443 Zhang Shufen was so excited when she heard that her daughter married into a wealthy family Chapter 442 Gu Yuehuan tricked Zhang Shufen into attending Gu Yuewei's wedding Chapter 441 Sister, we are on the same boat Chapter 440 Gu Yuewei's marriage is settled, she will marry into a wealthy family

Chapter 439 Gu Yuehuan would seduce other people's boyfriends all day long! Chapter 438 Huo Linwen was surprised when he saw Gu Yuehuan: Huo Qingyue's old Chapter 437 Lie and Gu Yuewei believed it herself Chapter 436 Sister, just pretend you don't know me Chapter 435 Gu Yuewei knelt down and begged Gu Yuehuan: Sister, don't poke Chapter 434 Gu Yuehuan saw Gu Yuewei pretending to be rich Chapter 433 Gu Yuewei paid someone to pretend to be her parents Chapter 432 Gu Yuehuan went to see the fake Provincial Champion Chapter 431 I'll give you three days Chapter 430 give me three days Chapter 429 was photographed Chapter 428 Gu Yuehuan went to investigate who framed her

Chapter 427 It's not our daughter, what are you worried about? Chapter 426 Li Shuyuan was so angry that she couldn't sleep Chapter 425 What a ruin Chapter 424 Gu Yuehuan, you don't have to argue Chapter 423 How could Qingyue know about someone like his wife? Chapter 422 Does Gu Yuehuan smoke women's cigarettes? Chapter 421 Frame Gu Yuehuan Chapter 420 be responsible Chapter 419 accidentally kissed Chapter 418 don't want your stuff Chapter 417 If you have money, buy a house and invest! Chapter 416 Your elder brother is getting married, so he will share a place with your wife

Chapter 415 After eating the breakfast made by Gu Yuehuan, the really fragrant Grandma Huo Chapter 414 Grandma is angry, you made these breakfasts to pass the call Chapter 413 You two don't know how to be restrained. Chapter 412 tough gu yuehuan Chapter 411 Gu Yuehuan was only treated as a servant in the Huo family Chapter 410 I'm afraid that my favor will be robbed by Gu Yuehuan Chapter 409 Young lady, the old lady calls you over Chapter 408 Have you been wronged? Chapter 407 Huo Qingyue went back to be the young master Chapter 406 If you want to save your wife, you have to go home and inherit the family business Chapter 405 Who allowed you to meet this kind of friend? Chapter 404 Gu Yuehuan was caught in an accident at the store

Chapter 403 The milk tea shop does not have a business license Chapter 402 Jiang Luming and Gu Yuewei met and felt very familiar with each other Chapter 401 Gu Yuehuan's suitor sent chocolates and flowers Chapter 400 Is this a surprise from your husband? Chapter 399 Could it be that he treats you as his daughter-in-law? Chapter 398 Jiang Luyou and Su Yiyou called off their engagement Chapter 397 You really don't look like a girl Chapter 396 Yuehuan, why do you think you are so cute? Chapter 395 Li Shuyuan crazy to buy a small skirt for Gu Yuehuan Chapter 394 Really let me marry this woman? Chapter 393 Gu Yuewei: I am the provincial number one in the college entrance examination Chapter 392 The Huo family is very satisfied with Gu Yuewei

Chapter 391 The daughter-in-law I like is satisfied Chapter 390 Jiang Luming just likes Gu Yuehuan Chapter 389 tongue-in-cheek man Chapter 388 happy friends Chapter 387 How can you dress like this? Chapter 386 Gu Yuewei and Gu Yuehuan flaunted that they want to marry rich Chapter 385 This milk tea shop is opened by my sister! Chapter 384 Gu Yuewei saw that Gu Yuehuan opened a milk tea shop again to make money Chapter 383 What a pig mate Chapter 382 Yuehuan, Jiang Dahe likes you, right? Chapter 381 What should I do if I can't run out? Chapter 380 store reopening

Chapter 379 Come back and inherit the family business, okay? Chapter 378 Huo Qingyue trained grandma: If you bully my wife again, I will Chapter 377 Is it because she doesn't have a daughter that she treats her so well? Chapter 376 Gu Yuehuan felt that Li Shuyuan touched her like her mother Chapter 375 Li Shuyuan gave her shop to Gu Yuehuan Chapter 374 Are you going to lie to me forever? Chapter 373 I quarreled with Huo Qingyue when I got home Chapter 372 Sell ​​Gu Yuehuan to Nanyang Chapter 371 take this money and leave my grandson Chapter 370 You and my grandson are not the same kind Chapter 369 The store was recalled and Gu Yuehuan was not allowed to open the store Chapter 368 Grandma Huo suppresses Gu Yuehuan's shop

Chapter 367 In the future, mom will go to the big city with you to enjoy the happiness Chapter 366 Gu Yuewei pretended to be Miss Qianjin and was liked by the Huo family Chapter 365 Aren't you looking for a woman from a scholarly family? Chapter 364 give her pocket money Chapter 363 drink red wine Chapter 362 go dancing at the disco Chapter 361 Gu Yuewei: My father runs a company Chapter 360 eat steak Chapter 359 make up Chapter 358 I'm not good enough Chapter 357 Yuehuan, you look alike to that guy Chapter 356 Isn't it good to have such a wife!

Chapter 355 Gu Yuehuan saw her brother Chapter 354 I'm a girl, you have to apologize to me Chapter 353 playable Chapter 352 Gu Yuehuan's seniors can make plastic bags and plastic cups Chapter 351 Huo Qingyue's unreasonable jealousy Chapter 350 You actually reasoned with women Chapter 349 Huo Qingyue: Gu Yuehuan, did you like someone before? Chapter 348 Huo Qingyue: So angry, menstruation is coming? Chapter 347 Gu Yuehuan said I was a vixen woo woo woo Chapter 346 Green Tea Jiang Yiner cried and begged Gu Yuehuan to leave Chapter 345 Gu Yuehuan, you poor ghost, are you worthy of Huo Qingyue? Chapter 344 Gu Yuehuan, right? Leave my grandson

Chapter 343 Gu Yuehuan likes to play with rich people Chapter 342 She is so powerful, I am so inferior, grandma Chapter 341 Grandma Huo Qingyue approached Gu Yuehuan Chapter 340 Eat the candied haws in her mouth Chapter 339 Call me husband, I'll buy you candied haws Chapter 338 Looking for someone to make plastic bags and plastic cups Chapter 337 Milk tea shop next to the school opens Chapter 336 The marriage with the Jiang family has been negotiated! Chapter 335 I just like my daughter-in-law Chapter 334 Yuehuan, I saw your husband behaving with other women Chapter 333 The milk tea is also delicious Chapter 332 who made me happy

Chapter 331 Gu Yuewei meets the rich young master again Chapter 330 Let Gu Yuehuan give up the seat to you Chapter 329 Grandma blamed: Qingyue, why are you with the rural people? Chapter 328 Why come back now? Chapter 327 Count as a share to open a store Chapter 326 Su Yiyou partnered to open a milk tea shop again Chapter 325 Don't think I can serve you after I marry you Chapter 324 Serving a daughter-in-law is like serving a daughter Chapter 323 This is really retribution Chapter 322 This is the **** coffin Chapter 321 Ask the family for money again! Chapter 320 Not as good-looking as my wife

Chapter 319 I met my friend Su Yiyou, a rich daughter Chapter 318 No matter how good-looking you are, it’s not a rural person Chapter 317 Aunt Li's son looks like Yue Wei Chapter 316 Huo Qingyue bought her roses Chapter 315 Qingyue is blind with a village girl Chapter 314 Huo Qingyue, you are mine! Chapter 313 Huo Qingyue, I have been waiting for you to come back for so long Chapter 312 They have a husband Chapter 311 Jiang Luming saw Gu Yuehuan again Chapter 310 Ready to open a milk tea shop in Beicheng Chapter 309 Is the condition of your home very good? Chapter 308 University starts

Chapter 307 do nothing Chapter 306 The couple rented a Hutong room in Beicheng Chapter 305 Yuewei, you are so rich now Chapter 304 I also want more good sisters Chapter 303 Am I not good enough? Chapter 302 Jiang Luming fell in love with Gu Yuehuan Chapter 301 Jiang's youngest son Chapter 300 Huo Qingyue has a fiancee in Beicheng? Chapter 299 Is my partner a good-looking talent? Chapter 298 Li Shuyuan said: Can you be my aunt's goddaughter? Chapter 297 Met that expensive lady again on the train Chapter 296 Those who are jealous are going to be sour

Chapter 295 don't know what their son looks like Chapter 294 This money is not enough for me to spend Chapter 293 I went to university in North City Chapter 292 If you go to Beicheng, you have to avoid the Huo family Chapter 291 Make more money than your son earns Chapter 290 How do you have money to educate girls? unclean money Chapter 289 Go to North City, take good care of yourself Chapter 288 You should give me three golds, right? Chapter 287 I really want to slap her Chapter 286 If you can't afford it, don't buy it Chapter 285 It's the first time I heard Xiaosan act so confidently Chapter 284 Blame her for not being able to grab a man!

Chapter 283 I don't know how poor we are Chapter 282 Since we like girls so much, shall we have one? Chapter 281 worth the money Chapter 280 Gu Yuehuan thinks her husband is very good Chapter 279 You men are big pig hooves Chapter 278 She doesn't mind being a mistress Chapter 277 I don't know right or wrong Chapter 276 You can only serve wine after you have a son Chapter 275 Only women make things difficult for women Chapter 274 You are just jealous that we, Chu Chu, can have a son! Chapter 273 The pregnant mistress is Lin Chuchu Chapter 272 hire you as store manager

Chapter 271 Will you die if you leave your husband? Chapter 270 Jiang Lu jumped off the building with her two children Chapter 269 What will happen to the milk tea shop after she goes to college? Chapter 268 You go to Beicheng to find your biological parents Chapter 267 Your mother left you in Beicheng Chapter 266 Don't be afraid of retribution on your children! Chapter 265 Zhang Shufen, please tell me about my biological parents Chapter 264 Throwing away the child? Chapter 263 Our son is sure to be a great young master! Chapter 262 The Truth About Zhang Shufen's Child Swap (3) Chapter 261 The Truth about Zhang Shufen Stealing a Child (2) Chapter 260 The Truth About Zhang Shufen Stealing Her Child (1)

Chapter 259 Will her biological parents miss her? Chapter 258 Sister, are you jealous of me? Chapter 257 You just blame me for not being able to give you a good life! Chapter 256 I'm not your real daughter you've been abusing me Chapter 255 Why didn't you say anything about abusing me when you were a child? Chapter 254 It's not easy for your mother and your sister Chapter 253 Zhang Shufen directly snatched the money Chapter 252 Let Gu Yuehuan renovate our house! Chapter 251 Yue Huan is rich now Chapter 250 People who are stupid and rich will build a house here Chapter 249 Build a house now and demolish it later Chapter 248 take the vacant land to build a house

Chapter 247 How about cultivating farmland for self-production and self-sale? Chapter 246 Li Shuyuan wants to recognize Gu Yuehuan as her daughter Chapter 245 Yuehuan is on TV! Chapter 244 Gu Yuehuan has a strong sense of camera Chapter 243 Zhang Shufen, Gu Yuewei, mother and daughter, two squatting games Chapter 242 Sister, will you die if you give me some money? Chapter 241 I stole my daughter's money, can the law control it? Chapter 240 Mother and Daughter Steal Admission Notice Chapter 239 be prepared Chapter 238 Could it be that they knew you made money and came to steal it? Chapter 237 Caught by Huo Qingyue Chapter 236 Gu Wei stealing from Gu Yuehuan

Chapter 235 If it wasn't for our daughter, I would be so wicked Chapter 234 Why steal Yuehuan's admission letter? Chapter 233 I don't want to give up the chance to marry into a wealthy family Chapter 232 What happened when you gave up your sister to your sister? Chapter 231 Zhang Shufen confidently asked Gu Yuehuan to give up the admission pass Chapter 230 Mom, I'm going to marry a rich man! Chapter 229 Gu Yuewei wants to go to North City University Chapter 228 When did Master Huo change his taste? Chapter 227 what! Qingyue married a fat and ugly country woman Chapter 226 Gu Yuewei met a rich second generation Chapter 225 I really regret marrying you, otherwise it wouldn't be like this Chapter 224 With so much money, you still need to set up banquets for college entrance exams?

Chapter 223 Huo Qingyue also set off whips to celebrate his daughter-in-law's admission to university Chapter 222 Gu Yuehuan's test scores are so high, she must have copied someone else's Chapter 221 Yue Huan passed the exam, the provincial liberal arts champion! Chapter 220 Yue Huan, are you crazy about wanting to go to university? Chapter 219 Did the butterfly effect change the grades? Chapter 218 If I go to university, will we be in different places? Chapter 217 What are you looking at? Chapter 216 Don't talk about your mother and sister Chapter 215 You are jealous of your sister getting into a good university! Chapter 214 Gu Yuehuan definitely failed the exam, let's show off to her Chapter 213 Gu Yuewei is admitted to university Chapter 212 If we can't pass the university entrance exam, can we continue to study again?

Chapter 211 Let Yue Wei do things like going to college Chapter 210 Can Yue Huan be admitted to university? Chapter 209 Milk tea shop opened Chapter 208 You must have offended someone Chapter 207 this is life Chapter 206 Huo Qingyue pretended to be sick Chapter 205 all right? Chapter 204 two hundred and four Chapter 203 show hero save beauty Chapter 202 accident Chapter 201 I will never force you to have children again. Chapter 200 You won't keep ignoring mom, will you?

Chapter 199 Wait for you to cry! Chapter 198 Angry woman is hard to coax Chapter 197 Huo Qingyue woke up and saw that his face looked like a woman Chapter 196 Stop kneeling, can't I forgive you? Chapter 195 Zhao Yun sincerely admitted her mistake and knelt down to Gu Yuehuan Chapter 194 so you gotta help me Chapter 193 To punish Huo Qingyue, Gu Yuehuan put makeup on his face Chapter 192 Zhao Yun cried: Yue Huan, save mom! Chapter 191 Gu Yuehuan hit Lin Chuchu Chapter 190 Lin Chuchu, Zhao Yun, dog bites dog Chapter 189 Are you thinking about your grandson like crazy? Chapter 188 My son doesn't like you, doesn't he like you?

Chapter 187 Zhao Yun drugged Huo Qingyue Chapter 186 Mom gave you a compromise Chapter 185 If this goes on like this, it won't be sooner or later that you will become a millionaire. Chapter 184 Huo Qingyue deliberately didn't wake her up Chapter 183 couple cold war Chapter 182 So many men staring at you, are you happy? Chapter 181 Decorate the milk tea shop into the style of an online celebrity shop Chapter 180 bullion Chapter 179 Huo Qing became furious: I am his husband Chapter 178 It would be great if my wife could look so good-looking too. Chapter 177 Qingyue really listens to his wife Chapter 176 Mom did something wrong, can you come back?

Chapter 175 It was this woman who asked me to frame you! Chapter 174 Auntie, don't listen to Gu Yuehuan's nonsense! Chapter 173 slap in the face Chapter 172 Are you a quack? Chapter 171 You organize heroes to save the beauty and save my sister Chapter 170 I'll help you chase my sister Chapter 169 Jiang Yan: I am the target of the proprietress Chapter 168 as long as your stomach is angry Chapter 167 More women want to give birth to my son Chapter 166 I don't dare to do it anymore Chapter 165 Is that why you want to be a mistress? Chapter 164 You bad woman, I'll kill you

Chapter 163 The couple are back Chapter 162 The results of the physical examination at Beicheng Hospital said that she could give birth. Chapter 161 Huo Qingyue's life experience (2) Chapter 160 Huo Qingyue's life experience Chapter 159 Are you a native of Beicheng? Chapter 158 It would be nice if it was their daughter Chapter 157 The lady I met on the train Chapter 156 I can give him a son! Chapter 155 It's useless for you to curry favor with me Chapter 154 Gu Yuehuan must have eloped with your son! Chapter 153 take the train Chapter 152 Two people go to the big city again to check if they can get pregnant

Chapter 151 If you want a wife, don't want me as a mother Chapter 150 Yuehuan, do you want to force your mother-in-law to death? Chapter 149 Two people move out of the house Chapter 148 Qingyue, your wife committed a crime! She can't give birth! Chapter 147 If he also dislikes me for being unable to have children, I will leave Chapter 146 Kneel down and beg Gu Yuehuan for a divorce Chapter 145 please divorce my son Chapter 144 The test results showed that Gu Yuehuan was infertile Chapter 143 Huo Qingyue is still jealous Chapter 142 Wearing a skirt like this, who do you want to seduce? Chapter 141 Be careful that Yue Huan ran away with the rich people in the big city! Chapter 140 Gu Yuehuan is the village flower

Chapter 139 You are a village girl, and your sister is a fairy! Chapter 138 I didn't come to pursue you, I came to pursue your sister Chapter 137 Is this still her son? not obedient at all Chapter 136 If you dare to come here, I will call the police Chapter 135 Jiang Yan falls in love with Gu Yuehuan Chapter 134 Bought a store and kept it for renovation Chapter 133 1000 yuan under the plate of medicinal materials store Chapter 132 Lin Chuchu went to the hospital to destroy Chapter 131 Huo Qingyue and his wife are so beautiful! Chapter 130 Do you know that you are a junior? Chapter 129 Isn't Huo Qingyue married? how to talk to another girl Chapter 128 The skinny Gu Yuehuan has many men come to strike up a conversation

Chapter 127 Go to the health center to check if you can conceive Chapter 126 What do you eat for your wife? Chapter 125 Tell Gu Yuehuan to eat more lard paste and get fat Chapter 124 The relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law has been a difficult problem since ancient times Chapter 123 Yue Huan has become so thin, can't she have a baby? Chapter 122 Zhao Yun is unhappy with Gu Yuehuan Chapter 121 A trash who can't give birth to a son! Chapter 120 Children must be born young! Chapter 119 Mom, the two of us haven't planned on having a baby so soon Chapter 118 Still my husband is cute Chapter 117 Watching a movie with Huo Qingyue in the auditorium Chapter 116 Are you here to set up a street stall to make my son lose his life?

Chapter 115 Miss the cooperation of big companies Chapter 114 You must buy me a gold bracelet too! Chapter 113 Gu Yuehuan is not allowed to meet the boss of the company Chapter 112 A big company asks Gu Yuehuan to be a designer Chapter 111 I'm not good-looking, I'm afraid I'll embarrass him Chapter 110 The sky is falling, there is your man holding it up Chapter 109 How much does it cost to hire a worker a month? Chapter 108 Gu Yuewei miscarried herself Chapter 107 Gu Yuewei is pregnant Chapter 106 Are you two done? Chapter 105 Lotus seeds and peanuts, giving birth to precious children early Chapter 104 Find a young master to marry, better than Gu Yuehuan!

Chapter 103 It is going to be sold to the dance halls of big cities! Chapter 102 Give me back my daughter! Chapter 101 How could it be Gu Yuehuan who got married? Chapter 100 rural wedding Chapter 99 Gu Yuehuan turned back and wrapped herself with Gu Yuewei Chapter 98 Zhang Shufen put medicine in eight treasure porridge Chapter 97 On the eve of the wedding, the wedding dress was thrown on the ground by Gu Yuewei Chapter 96 Goldsmiths get married Chapter 95 Penny wise and pound-foolish Chapter 94 Gu Yuewei was arrested as a mad dog Chapter 93 Everyone asked Gu Yuehuan to make clothes Chapter 92 You won't be greedy and eat the bird's nest I gave to auntie, will you?

Chapter 91 Brother Qingyue, do you prefer a boy or a girl? Chapter 90 Girls can't eat at the table Chapter 89 I have no choice but to cooperate with my daughter-in-law Chapter 88 Your Yuewei was arrested by the police! Chapter 87 It's all made by my mother, it has nothing to do with me Chapter 86 Grab the bag on the spot Chapter 85 Isn't Gu Yuehuan in jail? Chapter 84 Gu Yuehuan, you shamelessly made Qingyue laid off! Chapter 83 there's nothing wrong with me Chapter 82 only three days Chapter 81 is that you? Chapter 80 Brother Qingyue, why take a cold shower in broad daylight?

Chapter 79 Did you ask your dad for help? Chapter 78 Huo Qingyue rescued Gu Yuehuan Chapter 77 Yuehuan, why are you so black-hearted! Chapter 76 there is evidence Chapter 75 Booth report was arrested Chapter 74 Obtain a marriage certificate with Huo Qingyue Chapter 73 There is a way to put Gu Yuehuan in jail Chapter 72 Pigs don't even eat this stuff! Chapter 71 Lemons are stolen Chapter 70 Bringing a lot of clothing business to Gu Yuehuan Chapter 69 It's not good to be seen by others Chapter 68 Shufen, your eldest daughter is really up to date!

Chapter 67 The inevitable effect of a large queue Chapter 66 lemon water is good for skin Chapter 65 Make teppanyaki with french fries and lemon tea Chapter 64 Booth was robbed Chapter 63 good mother in law Chapter 62 Don't steal the bird's nest I bought for my aunt Chapter 61 Yuehuan, are you considering selling clothes yourself? Chapter 60 Splash Gu Yuewei with milk tea Chapter 59 Sister, why are there no customers at your stall? Chapter 58 Gu Yuehuan's clothes are pretty nice Chapter 57 Aunt grabs business Chapter 56 you are so pretty

Chapter 55 Gu Yuehuan makes clothes by herself Chapter 54 I'm your mother, do you need money for food? Chapter 53 Zhang Shufen went to steal a lesson Chapter 52 Help me steal Yuehuan's formula, I also want to set up a stall to sell Chapter 51 Rent a room for 10 yuan a month Chapter 50 You stole Ren Yuehuan to raise yourself! Chapter 49 Pack up Gu Yuehuan's things and throw them into the pigsty Chapter 48 I won't allow you to be so stupid Chapter 47 Slandering Gu Yuehuan failed Chapter 46 Zhang Shufen took someone to arrest her Chapter 45 Gu Yuewei reaps the consequences Chapter 44 my good sister

Chapter 43 Yuehuan, you look better Chapter 42 Earned more than 100 yuan in net profit in a week Chapter 41 Take advantage of Chapter 40 These girls are here to find fault Chapter 39 Does Huo Qingyue know that it is so embarrassing for his partner to set up a street stall? Chapter 38 I don't want to leave anymore Chapter 37 Slapped Gu Yuewei Chapter 36 Huo Qingyue was startled by the appearance of putting on a mask Chapter 35 Make pearl powder whitening mask and apply it to the face Chapter 34 Gu Yuewei matched Gu Yuehuan and Jiang Yan Chapter 33 Gu Yuewei was jealous when she saw Gu Yuehuan set up a stall to make money Chapter 32 Gu Yuewei delivered lunch to Huo Qingyue

Chapter 31 Gu Yuehuan has chicken legs to eat! Chapter 30 I won't be a cheap babysitter for your family in the future Chapter 29 Gu Yuehuan's money is definitely not clean Chapter 28 I want to chop off Gu Yuewei's fingers Chapter 27 Gu Yuehuan slapped her face on the spot Chapter 26 My sister is not good enough for you, she has dirty hands and feet Chapter 25 How did you give birth to such a liar! Chapter 24 Gu Yuehuan, she stole money! Chapter 23 Buy pearl powder for face mask Chapter 22 Stall business is booming Chapter 21 Grand opening offer, buy one get one free Chapter 20 Set up a stall to do business selling pearl milk tea and fried skewers

Chapter 19 you haven't kissed me today Chapter 18 The future mother-in-law takes care of her as her own daughter Chapter 17 Clean up Gu Yuewei Chapter 16 Why is Huo Qingyue's date so old-fashioned? Chapter 15 This is the daughter-in-law Chapter 14 Huo Qingyue has a motorcycle Chapter 13 Just wait for the thunder to strike! Chapter 12 Damn girl, you did it on purpose! Chapter 11 Hit Zhang Shufen's leg with a hammer Chapter 10 As a big sister, you should treat your mother Chapter 9 Mom fell down to find you Chapter 8 Be good to go out and sleep in a pigsty

Chapter 7 If you don't want to go, you must go to work for me! Chapter 6 Zhang Shufen asked her to go to Haicheng to work Chapter 5 Brother Qingyue, I like you Chapter 4 Gu Yuehuan, I don't agree to divorce! Chapter 3 Meet Huo Qingyue Chapter 2 Mom only favors sister Chapter 1 Pushed downstairs and reborn

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