Chapter 1386 looks like you, very nice

   This is the first time for Jiang Luyou to see a woman giving birth in such pain. Hearing this sound outside, it hurts so much that her heart hangs in her throat. It hurts too much, and the sound is terrifying.

   But he had no choice but to wait outside in a hurry.

  He trembled in fear, really afraid of something.

Su Yiyou was dumb at the back, couldn't speak, and when she was about to faint, they all heard the cries of a baby inside, and thought it was a birth, so they lay down at the door very excitedly Looking over there, it was born, but there was only one child left, and another one was in the belly.

   There was another one where she screamed, and the other one took more than half an hour. Su Yiyou finally passed out, and the two children were born.

   Li Shuyuan cried out of worry outside, mainly because the voice was too miserable, and the sister was in too much pain, probably because of her heart-to-heart comparison. Thinking of her giving birth to their family, such a thin girl, in order to give birth to a child, the pain was so horrible that she couldn't help but feel so distressed that tears came out.

  Jiang Luyou was so distressed that he cried. The eyes of both the mother and the child were red. Later, I saw the child being carried out. It was indeed two children, still twins.

"The one who comes out first is the elder brother, and the one who comes out later is the younger sister. Congratulations, you are twins. This is the first pair of twins delivered by our hospital this year. You are so lucky. There are not many twins in your family. And Both adults and children are safe, the pregnant woman just passed out, and it will be fine when she wakes up, nothing serious."

After Li Shuyuan heard that it was a twin, she was so surprised that she couldn't speak. This is a twin. How lucky it is to be a twin. No one in their family has ever had twins, so I heard this. Li Shuyuan was very excited.

   After hearing that everything was safe, I breathed a sigh of relief.


  It was already the second day when Su Yiyou woke up. After waking up, Li Shuyuan stood beside her. When she saw her wake up, she immediately asked, "Yiyou, how are you? Are you feeling much better?"

  She just gave birth, and her body is very weak. She couldn't bear the pain just now, and she wanted to cry, so she was very wronged when she heard this.

  Li Shuyuan went over to coax her and said, "It's okay, it's all fine now, call the doctor if it hurts."

  Jiang Luyou went home to the room now, and Li Shuyuan asked him to buy a bunch of flowers, saying that it would be best for her, so he went out and bought a bunch of flowers for home.

  When Su Yiyou saw him, she broke down and said to him: "Jiang Luyou, I will never give birth again. Giving birth is too painful, too painful."

  Jiang Lu swam over, wiped her tears, kissed her forehead and said: "No more, no more, you are very brave, the baby is the twin you want, very cute, and looks a lot like you."

  Su Yiyou was instantly happy when she heard this, and the unhappiness just now was gone.

  She gave birth to twins. Hearing this, Su Yiyou couldn't wait to say: "I want to see the baby."

Li Shuyuan hurriedly called the nurse to come over with the baby. The two babies were wrinkled and very small. Su Yiyou wanted to cry even more when she saw the two little dumplings. She didn't want to believe that these two little things were Born by oneself.

  She suddenly felt very brave, and it was worth it. All the pain just now, when she saw these two children, she felt that everything was worth it.

  (end of this chapter)

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