Chapter 1385 Dragon and Phoenix Twins

  Jiang Luyou stuffed a lot of oranges in his bag, and now he took out the oranges and handed them to her and said, "Eat."

  Su Yiyou took the oranges and ate them one bite at a time. They had already prepared the children's nicknames to be called Oranges. One was called Orange and the other Orange.

  Who makes me like it so much, it's either eating oranges or oranges.

  So if there are two children, then they should be called by these two nicknames, which sound like cute nicknames.

Jiang Luyou came to accompany the childbirth, so he brought a lot of things, and he slept here directly. There is a sofa here for him to sleep on. Although he is tall, the sofa can't accommodate him at all, but he can only Just get off.

  Su Yiyou came a few days ahead of her due date, thinking that it would be much more convenient for the baby to be born, but she didn't expect the baby to come out yet, which is also a headache.

  The two of them were very scared when the due date didn’t come out. Didn’t they say that the due date would come out on that day? Why is there no reaction in my stomach all day, and it is motionless.

  Su Yiyou was worried that their family members were also worried, so I called the doctor to have a look, and he said there was nothing wrong.

  The reason for this is that the due date is just a time, and it may be advanced or it may be delayed to say that the meaning is not there yet. Postpone it for a long time so that they don't have to worry about it, lest they scare themselves, and it's okay to wait a few days. After hearing this, they breathed a sigh of relief and waited for the child to come out quickly.

  The result was even more frightening. After three days, there was no movement.

  Su Yiyou felt that she was afraid to cry. After all, the child in her stomach was here, but it never came out. She was afraid that something might happen, so she didn't know what to do.

  I have no experience in this area, and Li Shuyuan has never seen such a difficult delivery before giving birth to two children, and she has no response for several days after the due date.

  So I was anxious, and I didn’t know what was going on. The doctor saw that he hadn’t come out for more than three days, so he gave an oxytocin injection to see if he could get the baby out. After the oxytocin injection was given. It didn't take long to start reacting.

  Su Yiyou already felt the special pain of labor pains. A few days ago, she felt no reaction, but now she has a reaction. The pain was so painful that she couldn't stand it and cried, "It hurts so much, why is it so painful, am I really going to give birth?"

  The doctors and nurses who heard this went to see it, and it was true that the amniotic fluid had broken, and it was about to give birth.

   There is a response, but it doesn't mean that you can upgrade now. After all, you haven't reached 10 fingers yet, just wait.

   "The mother will have to give birth after a while, so hurry up and feed the pregnant woman. Save your energy, otherwise you don't know how long it will take to give birth."

  Li Shuyuan successfully took the thermos over, and there was chicken soup stewed by herself.

   I was afraid that she would give birth today, so I cooked chicken soup every day to nourish her body.

   Now it will come in handy, so hurry up and feed her.

  Su Yiyou never expected that such painful tears would flow out.

At the end, she finally reached ten fingers. She was pushed into the delivery room. Everyone unanimously chose to have a natural delivery. The knife, so I chose to have a natural delivery, and I endured it.

Su Yiyou has been in the delivery room for more than an hour. She has been screaming until the end of the screaming. The whole family is waiting outside. They are very scared when they hear this voice. They don't know what's going on. shaking.

  (end of this chapter)