Chapter 1384 is about to give birth

After Su Yiyou was pregnant, she liked to eat strawberries similarly to when she was pregnant. After she was pregnant, she especially liked to eat oranges. She had two children in her belly, so once she ate oranges, she could eat them non-stop. When relatives came to give gifts, they were all gifts tangerinr.

   When Gu Yuehuan came here today, she also bought a lot of oranges. These were big fresh oranges, and they were all for her to eat.

  Su Yiyou's belly is so big, Gu Yuehuan asked curiously: "This should be due, the due date is coming soon, right?"

"As soon as possible, I will prepare to go to the hospital in advance next week, so that we will not be in a hurry. The doctor also suggested that we go to the hospital. After all, what if something happens to the two children? It is the fate of the two children. Go to the hospital first, and be safe."

  Gu Yuehuan thinks the same, but she must not give birth prematurely like herself, she is so busy and in a hurry, she was really scared to death at that time.

  Gu Yuehuan's belly also grew rapidly, but this second child is much better than the first one.

I don't know if it's because the second child is a little padded jacket, so she is very gentle and won't bully her mother at all. The little fat man in the first child is simply too troublesome. From pregnancy to birth, No day is peaceful, and pregnancy reactions are strong during pregnancy.

   But it was really easy when I was pregnant with this child.

If Gu Yuehuan was pregnant with her first child, she would feel like her second child, so relaxed, she really wanted to have more children, anyway, when it wasn't uncomfortable at all, there was nothing wrong with her when she first became pregnant. For pregnancy sickness, you can eat whatever you want, unlike when you were pregnant with your first child, you would throw up whatever you ate, and you couldn't eat anything.

   This child is very quiet, and doesn't bother her, and the morning sickness didn't take long to heal.

  Even now everything in the stomach is normal, and the fetal movement is very little. The doctor said that there is not much fetal movement, which may be because the baby in the stomach is a lazy baby.

  Although he is a lazy baby, he is obviously a good baby, much more peaceful than the first child.

  Gu Yuehuan is already very satisfied.

  Two people touch each other's belly but don't touch each other. They don't know this touching, and there is really too much difference.

  Su Yiyou packed her things and went to the hospital a few days later.

Jiang Luyou had to be accompanied the whole time. This wife gave birth to a child for you, so there is no one who would not accompany her, so he settled all the company's affairs in advance, and after he finished, he gave himself a rest. This long maternity leave can accompany Su Yiyou all the way.

  Su Yiyou said it was the first time to have a baby, so she was very afraid that she was happy when she said that she was alone in the hospital and heard that he was going to come with her.

   Two people in the hospital together is like being alone in the hospital. Although her mother-in-law will accompany her, the mother-in-law is different from the husband.

  I still hope that my husband can be by her side, so Su Yiyou was very happy to hear that he was by her side. Now the two of them packed up their things and took her to the hospital.

   Two people checked in after going to the hospital.

  Su Yiyou likes to be quieter, so she lives in a ward by herself, and the family does not lack the money, so she directly booked a single ward, so as not to be too crowded and disturbed.

  Su Yiyou lay on the bed as if she couldn't get up, she fell on the bed directly, feeling a little craving for something to eat, this orange really must be eaten every day.

  (end of this chapter)

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