Chapter 1383 Where are the twins?

When I went back, I told my family about this matter. The old lady was still a little embarrassed. Although she didn't like this child very much since she was a child, she was her grandson, and she was also a descendant of the Huo family. Although she had severed the relationship before gone, but the blood is still there.

  It's quite embarrassing to have such an ending.

   But he found it all by himself. There is really no way to blame anyone. I hope he can be a good person after he comes out, and stop being like before.


time flies.

   A few months have passed between majors. Since Jia Yuehuan appeared on the TV news last time, it has really driven the sales of beverages, and the beverages have grown by leaps and bounds within a short period of time.

   Not only here, but also very hot in the south. In just a few months, the profit has been several times higher than before. The happiest thing is that the employees in the factory, because the proprietress said, they will be given bonuses every time they make money. Every time they get a bonus, they feel that it is too much.

   With such a factory, who wouldn’t want to work here for the rest of their lives? I have been working here all my life, and I can make a lot of money all my life. Sooner or later, everyone will be able to buy a house.

When Gu Yuehuan listened to the employees planning to buy a house, they said that if they can buy a house, they should buy a house as soon as possible. Although it is a bit expensive for their salary now, if they can get a loan to buy a house, they will definitely make money in the future. Everyone agrees Her words are convinced.


Gu Yuehuan went back to her mother's house today, mainly to see Su Yiyou. She is about to give birth and her belly is very big. Every old man who sees this big belly will say that she is carrying two babies in her belly, right? Otherwise, how could it be so terrifying.

  If there is a fat baby in it, the fat baby can't be so big, so those who have experience say that there are two babies, either twins or twins, and they also say that she is celebrating.

  Su Yiyou was tossing to death for these two babies. First of all, she gained a lot of weight than before. Originally, the weight of one was already fat enough, but now there are two in her stomach, and the weight of the two children is simply too much to frighten.

  She has a bigger appetite as she goes to the back, and she can't imagine how fat she will be after she is born.

She also sees it now, anyway, her stomach is so big, she hopes to give birth to two children in the future, and she can comfort herself that she is eating fat for these children, otherwise, if a child gains so much weight, it would be too much Scary.

  Gu Yuehuan also understands his worries, but it's a pity that in this day and age, it's not possible to check the gender of the child. If you really know the gender of the child, you can know whether there are two or not.

   It is also difficult to tell whether it is one or two, but experienced doctors have said that it must be two children. It is impossible for them to have such a big belly that they can buy clothes for two children, otherwise they will be in a hurry.

  The doctor has already said this, so they believe that there are two children, and they hope that they will be twins, so that there will be a boy and a girl, and they will be all together, but they don’t know how much blessing it is.

  When Gu Yuehuan came here, Su Yiyou was lying on the sofa and eating fruit. Now that her stomach is getting bigger, it is very difficult to move, and she has to lean on this side to eat fruit.

   Otherwise, the waist will hurt a lot. When people saw her coming, they quickly got up and told her to sit down.

  (end of this chapter)