Chapter 1 Pushed downstairs and reborn



  Gu Yuehuan, who was over half a century old, staggered towards the well-dressed, graceful and luxurious woman, and said in an unbelievable voice, "You are Yuewei, right? I am my sister..."

   "Sister?" Gu Yuewei sneered, "I don't have a sister like you. I called you up to tell you to stay away from me in the future, and don't mess around with me!"

Gu Yuehuan looked at her incredulously when she heard this, and gritted her teeth angrily when she thought of all the hard work she had done all these years: "Gu Yuewei, these years, I have worked so hard to raise you so that you can go to college. Repaying me like this? In order to support you and my parents, I work several jobs a day, and I burn my body out of control, do you still have a conscience?"

"Conscience?" Gu Yuewei laughed exaggeratedly when she heard this, and her old but well-maintained face became ferocious at this moment, "You really think you are my sister? Who in our family treats you as ours?" Human? Let me tell you, you picked it up! My mother picked you up by the river! For so many years, we just used you as a cash machine to cheat money from you!"

   What she said was like a bomb exploding in Gu Yuehuan's mind, she stared at her with wide eyes in surprise, her face suddenly turned pale, she couldn't react, isn't she biological? !

The more Gu Yuewei spoke, the more she vented her hatred for her for so many years. She looked like she was going to kill her, and leaned against her face, and yelled at her: "Do you know why I hate you so much? It's because I like Huo Qingyue, but in the end He only likes you, he won't look at me no matter what I do, how can I just watch you two get married, so I tricked you into working in a big city, and told him that you were raped and committed suicide, unexpectedly He actually believed it!"

   "Hahahaha, he thought you were raped to death, so he took a knife and chopped Jiang Yan dozens of times! Killed him! He has been in prison for decades, and now he is still in prison!"

What? ?

Huo Qingyue was the person she dated in her previous life. She was introduced to him by her family, and she had been with him for a few months. Before she could get married, she was tricked into working in Haicheng and stuck in Haicheng for the rest of her life. How could he could he spend his entire life in prison for murdering her...

   "He...he's in jail?" Gu Yue's pupils widened in shock, his lips were trembling, and he spoke tremblingly: "How could he...he didn't live a good life..."

Seeing her frightened face, Gu Yuewei became more and more complacent, and deliberately stimulated her: "I can't think of it, you two have missed so many years for nothing, and I can't get you the man I can't get! I lied to him, he I really thought you were defiled, he killed people and went to prison for you, and he was sentenced to life imprisonment for life! Hahaha!"

   "Ah—" Seeing the proud face of the person in front of her, Gu Yue was so happy that she screamed with all her strength. Thinking of Huo Qingyue who was implicated by her, she was so angry that she trembled all over: "I want to kill you! Gu Yuewei! Go to hell!"

Looking at Gu Yuehuan who was rushing over, Gu Yuewei grabbed her neck with her backhand, "Kill me? Just you? Gu Yuehuan, I thought about it, you should die! If you die! No one will know that I am a poor man." The child of the family!"

  The already gray-haired Gu Yuehuan's physical function declined, and she didn't have any strength to struggle. She let Gu Yuewei pinch her and lifted her up. She looked at her sister in despair, "Gu"


  In the next second, Gu Yuehuan's whole body flew into the air, and was pushed down the stairs by Gu Yuewei ruthlessly.

  The feeling of falling was so strong that Gu Yuehuan closed her eyes and lost consciousness.


   "Yue Huan, Yue Huan, how is it? Are you waking up? Too bad, this child must have suffered from heat stroke, right? Should you send him to the hospital to have a look?"

   "It must have been an accident. You fainted. The sun is so big today. Such a young child came to the field and didn't drink a sip of water after working all day. How can there be no accident? Hurry to the hospital."

"Where can something go wrong? What kind of health center? It doesn't cost money to send it to the health center. It costs a few cents to look at it. Where did you get the money to make it for her! I think this child is probably pretending to be sick and not wanting to work. .I don't believe it, she won't wake up if I slap her."

  Zhang Shufen was reluctant to send the pennies to the hospital, so she had to wake up the child, otherwise she gave the pennies in vain, so she would slap Gu Yuehuan on the face.

  Gu Yuehuan was sober at this moment, and when the slap was about to come down, she grabbed her hand.

  (end of this chapter)

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