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My Strength Does Not Allow Me to Low-key

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Accidentally gain access to another world, master the resources of a planet, originally only wanted to make low-key money!

But Xiao Feng couldn’t think of making money so easy, and his strength expanded so fast!

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:MSDAMLK
Alternate Title:实力不允许我低调
Author:Lonely Ant
Weekly Rank:#1931
Monthly Rank:#789
All Time Rank:#1280
Tags:Business Management, Businessmen, Cruel Characters, Dwarfs, Elves, Gate to Another World, Harem, Kingdom Building, Kingdoms Knights, Male Protagonist, Modern Day, Money Grubber, Orcs, Poor to Rich, Racism, Selfish Protagonist, Slaves, Weak to Strong,
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43 Comments on “My Strength Does Not Allow Me to Low-key
  1. author thinking is too conservative. Protagonist have lot of power but donot use correctly and author narrative the story of small plot 100 to 150 chapter.

  2. A stupid novel. The main character goes to another world and uses products from another world to get rich. Then he wants more and more wealth and so on. Instead of enjoying life after having everything he needs (house, car), he wants more and more ... sin, the author's only idea is to run after wealth (in our world) and after power (in the other world ). I give it 1 star, even if it's not worth it .... reading it is a waste of time after chapter 10, come on 20.

  3. Your confusing me what boring novel do you want to read? How short and boring this novel would be if he just settled for those things you mentioned. You might be far from ambitious and it’s leaking over to your reading habits

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