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My Smell is Damn Charming

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Li Xin, the former singles skating world champion, died unexpectedly and was reborn in Mu Huan’s body. His body was gone, his savings were gone and the glory he struggled for was gone. He was at a loss as to how to live this life!

Mu Huan looked down at himself. Since he was now an alpha, perhaps he could try pairs skating this time?! As for the partner… Mu Huan looked at his former self.

Tsk. Is he so down and frustrated? Isn’t it just that his pheromones don’t smell good? It doesn’t matter. I don’t mind!

What? Your pheromones stink? You want to give up on yourself? Hey hey! Pull yourself together! If you want to be pinned to the ground and tormented then come! I will teach you to understand with a shock-type education! My parents still need you to take care of them! Give me a good resolve!

Later, Mu Huan felt resentment for this person failing to meet expectations and was impatient to see improvement. Mu Huan grabbed Li Xin’s collar, held him against the wall and said bitterly, “Do you know how many thoughts I put into you? You really let me down.”

That night, the moon was like a silver plate and the clouds moved leisurely. Li Xin was stunned for a moment before rosy clouds slowly appeared on his face. The beauty was boundless.

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Short Title:MSDC
Alternate Title:我的味道该死的迷人[花滑]
Weekly Rank:#7693
Monthly Rank:#6809
All Time Rank:#7403
Tags:Caring Protagonist, Modern Day, Omegaverse, Power Couple, Pragmatic Protagonist, Reincarnation, Second Chance, Seme Protagonist, Transmigration,
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  1. the summary does not make sense...he died then got revive or reborn back to time but in another body? then for no apparent reason aside from initially caring about his previous life....he started falling for himself??? too narcissist right???? Plot like this are unique but morally speaking not my thing....like damn i could still take in liking someone with sae appearance but with totally different inner self than diff body but same soul!!

  2. ??? You didn't read an Girl version? Well technically it's straight cuz MC was a male now he was a former girl though he did fell in love with his former self he was quick transmigrating and he found some kind of alternative of his former world so this was kinda ok and because there so many FanFiction of selfcest that I can read it just find I still hate Fuhua x senti though and the other selfcest FanFiction freaking freaks

  3. I read one great selfcest (even though I don’t generally prefer it) rebirthed in another body, wanted to prevent himself from making mistakes, and slowly fell in love with that version of himself who became different from him because of his positive interaction. It was short and phenomenal. So I am eager to read this because the summary looks good and not narcissistic

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