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Ye An travels into a novel world, becomes a villain, loses his cultivation base, but also activates the simping system. As long as he completes the system tasks wholeheartedly, he can get rewards. Therefore, he must accumulate strength and use all the points to deal with the prot.... Read more

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Chapter 166 1 square small world Chapter 165 Lake of Life and Death Chapter 164

Chapter 163 Bird star Chapter 162 Chapter 161 Ancient 9 stars Chapter 160 Very moist Chapter 159 Ernie Chan is actually what the younger brother meant Chapter 158 Grandpa's Tea Field Chapter 157 The needle does not poke! Chapter 156 Don't talk about bad jokes Chapter 155 Is this punishment? This is clearly a reward

Chapter 154 Xianxin ~ With a leave slip Chapter 153 I had a shameful and dirty deal with her

Chapter 152 It's my brother, that's right Chapter 151 False goodwill (part 2) Chapter 150 False goodwill (part 1) Chapter 149 Chapter 148 Chapter 147 Chapter 146 Chapter 145 Loss of Shenmai (Part 2) Chapter 144 Loss of Shenmai (Part 1)

Chapter 143 Chapter 142 Chapter 141 Qi Yuexi (Part 2) Chapter 140 Qi Yuexi (Part 1) Chapter 139 The rebellion quelled (part 2) Chapter 138 The rebellion quelled (part 1) Chapter 137 Your Majesty, you deserve to die (Part 2) Chapter 136 Your Majesty, you deserve to die (on) Chapter 135 The sword comes... the sword comes! ...... Come on, why not come (Next... Chapter 134 The sword comes... the sword comes! ... come, why not come (up... Chapter 133 Since I want to pursue stimulation (Part 2) Chapter 132 Since I want to pursue stimulation (Part 1)

Chapter 131 Overflowing meaning of petting (part 2) Chapter 130 Overflowing Spoiling (Part 1) Chapter 129 No flag (below) Chapter 128 No flag (on) Chapter 127 Caravan manifest (below) Chapter 126 Caravan manifest (top) Chapter 125 The new moon gradually revealed (part 2) Chapter 124 The crescent moon gradually revealed (part 1) Chapter 123 Aunt Jiang, really unfamiliar Chapter 122 White plus black 007 Chapter 121 rude! Chapter 120

Chapter 119 Crescent Church Chapter 118 Deconstruct the Way of Heaven Chapter 117 Chapter 116 Laziness Chapter 115 Your Majesty, I have abused you all. Chapter 114 Tsundere again Chapter 113 1 other person Chapter 112 Chapter 111 Prophecy, death ending Chapter 110 Assassin of the evil race Chapter 109 Time management genius Chapter 108 Infernal Affairs

Chapter 107 Way to kill her Chapter 106 Is it sweet? Chapter 105 Where is he? Chapter 104 The world is going down Chapter 103 you guess Chapter 102 Make it public Chapter 101 Men like darkness Chapter 100 Ye An and Qixi's respective war books (2) Chapter 99 Ye An and Qixi's respective war books (1) Chapter 98 It should be a challenge Chapter 97 Don't make an inch Chapter 96 The last turmoil

Chapter 95 I will be responsible for you ~ Late arrival testimonials that I almost forgot Chapter 94 Comfortable Chapter 93 you win Chapter 92 It's you Chapter 91 Destiny can be violated (2) Chapter 90 Destiny can be violated (1) Chapter 89 Refining the master as a star ring Chapter 88 Star Shift Chapter 87 Sun totem Chapter 86 Too rigid and easy to fold, under the bed Chapter 85 Who to kill

Chapter 84 The dignified empress is so humble Chapter 83 Tree of Built Wood Chapter 82 Can't do Chapter 81 Won't you be angry? Don't be jealous and beat me up. Chapter 80 Climbing the tower Chapter 79 Shut up, crumb woman Chapter 78 Confessed the wrong person Chapter 77 Tie the red string ~ Coo Today Chapter 76 Natural disasters Chapter 75 I like it, I'll give you 1 seat Chapter 74 Confused

Chapter 73 seek death Chapter 72 Say goodbye Chapter 71 Calm and calm Chapter 70 Barking Chapter 69 in fact…… Chapter 68 Later~ Chapter 67 Go in for a while. Chapter 66 Righteousness Chapter 65 Crumb woman Chapter 64 Scourge Chapter 63 I have a friend Chapter 62 Why are you afraid of ghosts

Chapter 61 clean Chapter 60 It's unscientific Chapter 59 my hand Chapter 58 The real protagonist is the last one to play Chapter 57 diary Chapter 56 Ordinary monk Chapter 55 Rainbow Pin Yuji Chapter 54 Resurrection Chapter 53 Despicable foreigner. Chapter 52 Seize the opportunity Chapter 51 Mediocre Chapter 50 When is the injustice reported?

Chapter 49 Envy Chapter 48 Do you see my head? Chapter 47 Don't be afraid, it's just a ghost Chapter 46 The environment there is a bit bad Chapter 45 Special task Chapter 44 Pure admiration Chapter 43 Traveling in the mountains, playing in the water, sleeping men Chapter 42 Mu Qingxue's contradiction Chapter 41 Put it here for later Chapter 40 Walk peacefully Chapter 39 It turns out that the clown is myself Chapter 38 My own person, are you willing to ask him to double cultivation with outsiders?

Chapter 37 Showdown Chapter 36 Trying to open a new map Chapter 35 Novice Village Level 1 25 Aberdeen ~ Tomorrow night Chapter 34 You are confused Chapter 33 Children of luck trap Chapter 32 Upset Chapter 31 What's the relationship between you two Chapter 30 2 idiots, went astray Chapter 29 Will be responsible for you. Chapter 28 Yep…… Chapter 27 The old-fashioned plot never imagined

Chapter 26 I obviously wanted to surprise him, but I was surprised... Chapter 25 You pity her, who pity us. Chapter 24 Walking cash machine Chapter 23 Are you also reincarnated? Chapter 22 The son of this trip will be tossed by the female emperor Chapter 21 The body of pure yang and the body of yin and cold, the heroine of heaven descends Chapter 20 Standard protagonist template Chapter 19 This is heaven Chapter 18 Pilgrimage Pillar Chapter 17 Heaven and Earth Chapter 16 Its daybreak Chapter 15 old woman

Chapter 14 Why did His Highness the Son rebel Chapter 13 She is my wife, thank you for understanding Chapter 12 Is there a diaphragm? Chapter 11 Rich woman Chapter 10 No previous experience Chapter 9 It's getting dark, and things will be done in half an hour. Chapter 8 Your Majesty's Wisdom Chapter 7 I want to go Chapter 6 what is it call? Chapter 5 Novice spree Chapter 4 Weak Chapter 3 (O_O)?

Chapter 2 Just lie down Chapter 1 Lick the dog

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