"The times have changed." Amigo, who was in a state of soul, floated in front of Saipan, and said with emotion and sadness: "We have slept for too long, the era of magic has passed..."

The Lord of Fire did not run away again. After seeing the process of Amigo's body being destroyed, he completely cut off the idea of ​​running away.

I can't beat it, I can't run away...

He truly understood what despair was.

He began to regret that in order to devour the spiritual power and soul of those magicians to restore his strength, he slept for too long, and he didn't even know that the mainland had undergone such a big change.

Amigo is indeed a qualified servant. After a while, he persuaded the fire lord to give up resistance and open up his soul, allowing Britney to cast spiritual magic on his soul.

The soul is the lifeblood of high-level magicians. Without the body, the soul can merge with others. Without the soul, the body will die.

As for him who was casted with spiritual magic, his life and death were only in Britney's thought.

The four gods of magic were gone in an instant, and Tasia and Isabella's eyes on Chen Luo were different from before.

No one knows that what the Galaxy School has been studying all these years is actually this kind of thing.

A powerful lord is vulnerable in the face of science.

The two lords, the soul of a lord, the two holy magicians who were infinitely close to the lord, and Chen Luo flew all the way to the depths of the ocean.

At the beginning, the four gods were severely injured by the three goddesses, and they used their last strength to open up a subspace there to heal their wounds.

As they approached, ripples appeared in the space above the sea, and two figures appeared out of thin air.

The two men were looking at Chen Luo and his party with suspicious eyes.

Saipan looked at them and said, "Otaso, Saltos, surrender..."

The expressions of the two men changed greatly, and they said in shock, "Saipan, Amigo, you..."

Saipan sighed and said, "Submit, we have slept for too long, the era of magic has passed..."

His voice fell, and the waves in the nearby sea area stopped surging. The sea area with a radius of dozens of miles completely condensed into ice, and countless ice giants climbed out of the sea.

"Betrayer!" Otasso looked at him extremely angrily. Beside Sartos, giants of earth began to condense one after another. The sky above Chen Luo and others was shrouded in dense meteorites.

They have two lords, and there are only two lords on the opposite side. Amigo, who is in a state of soul, is not enough, and the other two goddesses who have not awakened will not pose too much threat to them.

The remaining two lords were obviously unwilling to wait to die. Chen Luo summoned a blue flame elf. Wherever he went, the ice layer quickly melted...

In front of Isabella, a blue bow and arrow condensed, and with each arrow, an ice giant disappeared.

Tasia snorted coldly, and half of the giants of earth summoned by Saltos collapsed directly under the tremors of their souls.

Saipan once again summoned countless fire elves and went straight to Otaso.

There are only a few great magisters left on the mainland, and they only feel that their hearts are extremely depressed.

They don't know what happened, they can only feel that the magical elements on the continent are gathering towards the deep sea for unknown reasons.

Soon, however, they guessed why.

The gods have awakened, and the disaster of the continent has come...

Os Empire, Loran Kingdom.

Yapo City, Lakeside Manor.

Heliye and Ian High Priest were sitting on the stump to play chess, and Heliye looked at the chessboard for a long, long time.

High Priest Ian suddenly asked, "Is it over?"

In the endless distance, the restless magic element has subsided, Herriye nodded and said, "It's over."

"Who won?" Ian High Priest's voice was trembling.

Heliye shook his head and said, "I don't know."

Chen Luo's figure suddenly appeared from the void. He landed by the lake, glanced at the two's chessboard, and asked, "Who won?"

High Priest Ian looked at Chen Luo, and suddenly burst into laughter, full of tears.

In the past seven years, the number of powerhouses above the Great Magister of the Divine Grace Continent has dropped sharply to less than 10% of the previous level.

Their sacrifice was just for that ray of hope.

A gleam of hope.

Now, they won.

As soon as Amigo appeared, his body was destroyed, leaving only his soul. Saipan surrendered without a fight. Although neither Tasia nor Isabella were promoted, their own strengths should not be underestimated by the lord.

Originally there was only a glimmer of life, but because of a seemingly inconspicuous little thing, it was completely reversed.

After Ortasso and Saltos were defeated, they did not hesitate to open up their souls, and in order to save their lives, they were willing to become servants.

Chen Luo didn't stay here any longer. After informing them of the result, he moved to the unstable space where they descended.

The Dark Goddess and two other goddesses had tried to leave through this passage, but without success.

Therefore, they guessed that at least four lords were required to open the passage here.

Counting Amigo who has lost his soul, there are now five lords here. They shot at the same time, but they failed to stabilize the space here.

Britney looked at Chen Luo and said, "I can feel it, it's only a little bit..."

Since they joined forces, they couldn't stabilize the channel. Only when Isabella and Tasia regained their strength could they try again.

This wait is three years.

The past three years have been the biggest changes in the Divine Grace Continent.

Three years ago, they had won the war against the "gods".

Magicians release magic, no longer need spells and gestures, once regarded by magicians as a magical means of "witchcraft", every magician can perform.

There is no longer a distinction between wizards and magicians in the Divine Grace Continent. The wizards walked out of the dark forest and bathed in the same sunshine as the magician.

The temples that ruled the continent for thousands of years are long gone. People have built statues for sages and goddesses in various places on the continent, and they have become the new beliefs of the continent.

And since three years ago, no one has seen them again.

There are rumors that they have entered the highest realm of magic, leaving the land of grace and going elsewhere...

Loran Kingdom, somewhere in the forest.

More than ten figures suddenly appeared out of thin air.

Tasia and Isabella have been re-promoted as lords, and he, after absorbing part of the spiritual power of the four lords, not long ago, he also entered the realm of lords.

Fifteen years, fifteen years after coming to this world, this is the closest time he is to the way home.

Behind him, followed by Alice, Christine, and Catherine, all of whom also have the realm of great magisters.

Chen Luo raised his head and looked at the unstable space.

Earth, China, over a city in the northwest.

After a space fluctuation, more than ten figures suddenly appeared.

"This, is this the world of science?"

"These houses are so high, what is that on the ground..."

"Magic elements are rare, they don't seem to understand magic..."

"What is it in the sky, they can actually fly!"

Chen Luo's ears could no longer hear what they said.

The familiar scenes in front of him made every cell in his body cheer for joy. He recognized the direction, and his body instantly disappeared in place.

Deep in the clouds, on the plane, a teenager stared out the window and said loudly, "Mom, mom, someone is flying in the sky!"

The young woman beside him looked out the window, frowning slightly, thinking in his heart that he should be allowed to watch less Harry Potter in the future...

Xijing, a suburban county.

In a private house, there was a violent cough, followed by a woman's scolding.

"How many times have I told you to smoke less and less cigarettes, I don't know that smoking will cause cancer!"

The man's face showed embarrassment and said, "I haven't smoked for more than half a year, just once, just once..."

The woman looked at him, tears streaming down her cheeks, and choked up: "Xiao Luo has been gone for three years, I know you feel bad..."

The man lowered his head and stubbornly snuffed out the cigarette **** in his hand. When he raised his head, a smile appeared on his face again, "Stop smoking, I won't smoke anymore, I can't get cancer, I have to walk behind you..."

Chen Luo stood outside the door, his vision blurred.

"Dad, Mom..."

Inside the room, the woman raised her head suddenly and said, "I think I heard Xiao Luo's voice!"

The man sighed and said, "How is it possible, Xiao Luo he..."


The voice sounded again, causing his body to tremble, and he suddenly looked at the door.

A figure that he will never forget in his life is standing there quietly.

With a look of joy on his face, he stood up subconsciously, realized something again, and said in a trembling voice, "You, are you Xiao Luo's ghost?"

The woman's eyes were blurred with tears, and she rushed up desperately, "I don't care whether he is a human or a ghost, he is my son..."

When she grabbed Chen Luo's hand, her body shook, and she suddenly said with ecstasy: "He is a human, he is a human, my son, my son is not dead..."

Chen Luo looked at them and said, "Mom and Dad, this thing sounds a bit unbelievable, I'll explain it to you slowly..."

"Okay, okay..." The man's eyes were also a little wet. He walked to the door and patted Chen Luo on the shoulder. When he looked into the yard, he was suddenly taken aback and asked, "These foreign girls are..."

Chen Luo touched his nose and said embarrassedly, "These are your daughters-in-law..."

The man froze in place, uncertain: "These... these?"

Fifteen years in the Divine Grace Continent is only equal to three years in the earth. This is something Chen Luo did not expect, but it also makes him feel fortunate.

If the flow of time is reversed, he may never see his parents again.

In the past few days, he has used healing techniques to help his parents recuperate their bodies, and he has also told them in detail what happened over the years.

They were a little unbelievable at first, but after seeing Chen Luo release the fireball with their own eyes, they slowly accepted the reality.

Even so, it took a long time for them to accept Isabella, Britney and Tasia.

What makes Chen Luo speechless is that his mother's ability to accept seems to be stronger than he imagined. Even though he repeatedly stressed that Catherine and Christine are just coming to earth with them to play, the mother still seems to regard them as a future family. …

I found an excuse to come out, and finally don't have to face that embarrassment.

He came to accompany Isabella and Alice to the concert. Before the opening, the two of them went to line up to buy milk tea, while Chen Luo waited outside.

The language of the earth, for Isabella, who is already a lord, is something that can be learned in an instant.

The concert was held by a British actress that Chen Luo did not know. It seems that she has only become popular in the past two years. It only took more than a year from her debut to becoming popular all over the world.

This is a stop on her global tour. Isabella has never seen such a scene. Chen Luo took them out to see it.

Everything about the earth, for them, is full of novelty.

While Chen Luo was waiting for the two of them, a figure suddenly bumped into him.

It's not that Chen Luo's mental power didn't sense it, but if he moved away, that person would fall directly into the pool in front of him.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry..." A crisp female voice came from behind.

Chen Luo turned around and saw a pretty girl wearing a peaked cap.

The peaked cap was pressed very low, which should be the reason why she didn't notice Chen Luo just now.

She has flaxen hair and brown eyes, and is a foreign girl.

Chen Luo looked up at the huge poster, then at the girl in front of him, and recognized her identity.

But he didn't say anything. Although the other party was a first-line international actress, to Chen Luo, he was just an ordinary stranger.

His gaze stayed on the girl's face for a moment, and there was a hint of sadness in his eyes.

For some reason, the girl in front of him reminded him of Jasmine.

After being promoted to lord, Chen Luo once looked for her, but he searched all over the continent and found no trace of her. Perhaps, something happened to her during her travels...

Every time he thought of Jasmine, Chen Luo's heart filled with endless regrets.

When the girl saw Chen Luo, she was obviously stunned. She watched for a long time before she said, "Sir, you look like a friend of mine..."

Chen Luoyi was stunned and said indifferently, "Really?"

"You guys really look alike..." The girl looked at him and said with a smile, "If Blair sees you, he will be shocked..."

[End of the book. 】

[Concluding remarks: short and real hammer.

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