The space on the sea fluctuated, and the figure of the fire lord Seami Goban appeared out of thin air.

His body moved once, and instantly appeared on the edge of the East China Sea.

"What happened here?" Saipan's complexion changed slightly when he saw the mess here. As a lord, he didn't know any magic could cause such damage, and he sensed a hint of Amigo's breath here.

Not long ago, Amigo was here.

But now, his breath is gone, and the breath of the scene is even more shocking to Saipan. Could it be that Amigo was killed?

How is this possible? As the Lord of the Wind, Amigo's strength is the strongest among the four of them. Even if all three of them wake up and regain their strength, it is impossible to kill Amigo in such a short period of time...

He suppressed the fear in his heart, moved again, and left here.

However, when his figure appeared again, not far in front of him, there were also several figures moving over.

"It's you!"

When he felt the three breaths that were extremely familiar, his expression changed first, and then he felt relieved.

They really woke up, but only one person regained the strength of the lord. It seems that the four temples were destroyed, they should have done it.

Saipan opened his mouth and was about to say something, his eyes squinted, and when he saw the phantom behind Britney and the others, his face finally changed wildly, "Amigo, what are you..."

Amigo's face showed a tangled color. He hoped that Saipan could win, but he didn't want him to win.

Being the servant of the eldest princess may at least keep the soul immortal.

If it falls into Saipan's hands, Amigo has no doubts about his fate, and he will definitely be swallowed by Saipan as his supplement.

Amigo's body was actually destroyed, leaving only his soul. Saipan almost retreated in an instant, and at the same time, countless flame giants emerged from the void and besieged in the direction of Chen Luo and others.

Different from the elemental elves summoned by McClane, Chen Luo could easily see from his aura that each of these elemental elves was stronger than him.

Not only that, but around them, dozens of miles around, were filled with rich fire elements, and the other three elements were directly repelled in a very short period of time.

It's a pity that he is a fire element.

Among the four gods of magic, the one that reassured him the most was the fire element.

Like the Holy Magister, at the lord level, it is impossible to understand all magics. Just comprehending one magic will cost them a lot of time and energy. No one has ever been able to become a dual lord.

This means that he can only exert the strength of the lord in fire magic.

The fact is also true, in the field of elements of this level, the Holy Magister other than the fire department may not be able to persist even for a quarter of an hour.

Within this space, they cannot communicate with other magical elements at all.

Amigo watched this scene with some worry. If several His Royal Highnesses failed, he would not be able to escape the fate of his soul becoming Saipan's nourishment. At this moment, he desperately hoped that the eldest princess would allow Saipan to try "scientific" methods. power.

Saipan stood on the edge of the fire domain, and Amigo, who was in a state of soul, raised his vigilance to the extreme. Once he made a shot, it was the biggest killer move.

Each of these countless elemental elves has the strength of a holy magician, and the elf king among them is infinitely close to the lord, and even the lord is difficult to resist.

Using these elemental spirits to entangle the awakened eldest princess, he can easily kill the rest of the people. At that time, even if he faces another lord alone, he will not be afraid at all...

Just as this thought arose, something that frightened him happened.

The elemental elves who were the first to approach them disappeared strangely.

Then, with them as the center, the field of fire was gradually swallowed up. He could clearly detect the fire element, but he could not get any response.

The elemental elves disappeared one by one, and even the elf king did not persist for a moment.

At this scene, even Amigo, who was in a state of soul, was stunned.

During their sleeping time, what happened to the Continent of Divine Grace?

Why do they know so many operations that he doesn't understand?

What is destroying his body, what kind of magic is this in front of him, why has he never seen it before?

Is this what "science" is?

As a powerful lord, Amigo sadly found that, after sleeping for thousands of years, he was obviously not keeping up with the times.

Amigo is sluggish, Saipan is shocked and terrified.

He is a fire lord, and fire magic is his biggest reliance. If he is restrained in fire magic, he is definitely not the opponent of another lord.

After a moment of confrontation, he immediately thought of retreating.

This time, coming out alone is the biggest mistake. Times have changed, and it is different from before they fell asleep. A lord can no longer dominate the entire continent. As suspicious and wary as ever, they must join forces...

Saipan quickly fled to the sea, the space around him was restricted and he could no longer move.

A fire elemental elf suddenly blocked his way.

A smile appeared on the corner of Saipan's mouth. It was extremely stupid to block a fire lord with a fire element spirit.

On this continent, no one knows the element of fire better than him.

In just an instant, the fire element elf was controlled by him.

Not far behind him, a smile appeared on the corner of Isabella's mouth.

Saipan found that the fire elemental elf he controlled suddenly changed from red to blue, and then exploded directly with a "boom".

He was the closest to the center of the explosion, and he spit out a mouthful of blood, which was directly thrown away.

Chen Luo looked at it from a distance, and the lord's body was really strong. With Isabella's current strength, the blue burst fireball released only caused him a slight injury.

Unfortunately, even the Galaxy School is fast enough, and he had long thought of using long-distance fireball instead of electronic detonators to ignite explosives and push the two uranium blocks together to reach the critical mass of the chain reaction, but he never thought about it, the gods ahead of schedule It took so long to wake up that they only had time to make one.

The fire element couldn't respond, and the red elemental spirit turned blue, making him uncontrollable, and with such a powerful explosion, Saipan's head was buzzing, and even made him doubt the existing magic.

But now is not the time to doubt, as the fire lord, he is almost completely restrained.

He fled desperately, and in the long years of his existence, he had never encountered such a strange situation.

At the rear, Amigo looked at Saipan who was just fleeing, thought for a while, and suddenly said, "Your Highness, let me persuade Saipan!"

As a servant, he must seize any opportunity to express himself, otherwise, who knows if they will settle accounts after the fact, and swallowing the soul of a lord directly is much more cost-effective than making him a servant.

Britney glanced at him, and without hesitation, teleported him over.

Saipan, the lord of fire who was fleeing in embarrassment, suddenly found a phantom in front of him, and said angrily: "Amigo, are you going to betray us!"

"I'm doing it for your own good." Amigo looked at him and said, "Stay here, you can still keep your **, if you run you will end up like me..."

Saipan was stunned for a moment, and immediately said, "What do you mean!"

As the strongest among them, Amigo lost his body and only his soul in such a short period of time. He is still vigilant about this matter.

Amigo showed a memory in his soul to Saipan.

Saipan saw the East China Sea, saw Amigo, saw him being imprisoned and moved, and saw that strange thing.

Then, he saw a bright, invisible light, and a huge mushroom.

Amigo whispered: "Obviously, they don't want to use that thing around them, but if you run away by yourself, you can just wait for that mushroom to destroy your body..."

Saipan stopped fleeing, remembering the image of Amigo's body being destroyed, his voice contained endless fear, "What is that!"

Amigo said solemnly: "Science..."