As soon as he saw that strange thing began to emit the first rays of light, Amigo, Lord of the Wind, felt extreme danger.

This is a premonition belonging to the lord.

The next moment, outside his body, he was surrounded by a thick layer of ice.

However, in just an instant, the ice layer sublimated directly, and at the same time, his body sublimated.

The powerful body belonging to the lord, under the extreme high temperature, could not hold on for even a moment, and then directly vaporized.

A huge mushroom cloud rose in the sky, and a huge wave was set off on the sea, and there were countless fish corpses in the huge wave.

A transparent shadow flew out of the mushroom cloud and quickly fled in a certain direction.

In that phantom, Amigo's terrified face was faintly reflected.

This powerful force, which is completely different from magic, can actually destroy his body directly!

Although it is said that the soul is the most important thing for them above the Holy Magister, but if the soul of the body is lost, the strength will also be reduced by one level.

Lord-level souls are the best tonic for other lords.

He must find a new body, at least the body of the Holy Magister, to bear his soul.

Otherwise, when the three are fully awakened, they will definitely take his soul as a nutrient absorption...

He didn't even think about what it was, he just wanted to escape at the moment.

His soul quickly escaped from this dangerous area at an incredible speed. However, when he entered a certain country on the mainland, the movement of his soul suddenly solidified, and a layer of light blue ice crystals appeared on him. The periphery of his soul eventually condensed into an ice cube, freezing him completely.

There was a ripple in the space, and the figures of Chen Luo and Britney appeared out of thin air.

Being able to grow a big mushroom with one's own hands is one of men's dreams, and it is also their greatest romance.

Although this mushroom was not planted by Chen Luo himself, the person who planted the mushroom was his woman, which was barely a dream come true.

Magic can't do damage to the lord's body, so use nuclear bombs.

Facts have proved that although the lord is powerful, he cannot resist a nuclear explosion.

The only pity is that the nuclear explosion can destroy his body, but not his soul.

Even the soul of the Holy Magister can exist independently of the body, and the soul of the lord can escape even under the influence of a nuclear explosion.

But the flaws are also obvious.

Without the soul carried by the body, it is impossible to exert the strength of the lord. Chen Luo and Britney have been waiting for this moment for a long time.

Amigo's soul was frozen, but he was still able to make a sound.

He looked at Britney in horror, with endless fear in his voice, "It's you, you're awake!"

What he feared was not only Britney, but also the strength of her lord. With only his soul left, he could not be a lord's opponent no matter what.

Britney looked at him and said calmly, "Amigo."

Amigo's soul trembled, and his voice echoed in this space, "Your Highness, spare me, Your Highness, I am willing to be your loyal servant, please forgive my past..."

The lord who lost his body, in front of Chen Luo and Britney, had a humble attitude to the dust.

Chen Luo was surprised that the lord-level powerhouse had no blood at all. Thinking about it carefully, it was not surprising.

The higher the status, the stronger the strength, the more afraid of death.

Dying means losing everything, and they don't give up what they've got so easily.

Most people choose to live on their knees rather than die standing up. This is human nature, and lords are also human.

Britney did not directly destroy Amigo's soul. After imprisoning his soul, she asked, "Where are the three of them?"

Amigo said: "They are still sleeping and will wake up soon. I am the first to wake up, in order to find out why the altar of the temple was destroyed..."

He now finally knew why the temple altar was destroyed.

The eldest princess awakened and regained the power of the lord. Not only that, but they also had that terrifying thing that could destroy the body of the lord in an instant...

What a horrible thing that is!

Britney looked at Chen Luo with miracles in her eyes.

Seven years later, the magic gods woke up earlier, and Tasia and Isabella were still some distance away from the lord, and she was the only one who restored the strength of the lord.

With one against four, she has no chance of winning.

Until Chen Luo gave her that thing.

She doesn't need to fight them head-on, she just needs to do three things.

First, while sensing their breath, they imprisoned their ability to move in space.

It is not difficult to do this. Two lord-level powerhouses, within a limited distance, either side can destroy the other's movement.

Second, move that thing to their side.

Third, move a blue fireball over a long distance.

After doing these three things, the powerful Lord of the Wind, Amigo, was left with only the escaped soul.

It's a pity that the Galaxy School only had time to make this one. If there are three more, she can deal with the other three lords like Amigo.

Two figures appeared from a distance, Tasia and Isabella He did not fully recover their strength, and did not arrive at the first time.


When they saw the phantom floating in front of Chen Luo and the two of them, they exclaimed at the same time, and then they realized that there was only one soul left in Amigo in front of them.

Although the body is not the most important thing for the lord, the soul without the body cannot exert the strength of the lord at all.

Amigo's face was flattering: "Two highnesses, my loyal servants greet you..."

After listening to Britney's description, Isabella and Tasia looked at Chen Luo in surprise and asked, "This is also something from your world?"

Chen Luo glanced at them and said, "I told you a long time ago that you have to believe in the power of science, the pinnacle of science, far from being comparable to magic..."


Amigo's face showed fear again. Although he didn't know what science was, there was no doubt that it must be extremely dangerous. He would stay as far away from science as possible...

Above the sea, there is a subspace attached to the Divine Grace Continent somewhere.

"What about Amigo, why can't I feel his breath?"

"What happened outside?"

"Did those three wake up?"

"Impossible, even if the three wake up, it is impossible to obliterate the existence of Amigo in such a short period of time..."

"Who goes out to see..."

Within the space, there was a long silence again.

"It would be fine if it didn't devour them..." A voice suddenly sounded.

He was talking about those messengers, if they hadn't devoured their souls in order to wake up in, as gods, they wouldn't have to go out in person.

Another voice said: "It was originally intended to devour them, the Continent of Divine Grace, four gods are enough, no messengers, nor goddesses, this time to wake up, we must find them, after swallowing them, we may You can leave here, since there is a continent of divine grace, there must be other worlds…”

"So, who's going out this time?"

The whole space fell into a long silence again.

A voice said: "Saipan."

Another voice said angrily: "Why me!"

The voice said: "You are a fire element, restrain two of them, and join forces with Amigo, even if the three of them regain their strength, they can defeat..."

In the darkness, the figure was silent for a long time before he said, "I can go out, but I need one of the souls of the three of them. What to do with the other two is up to you three..."

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