Chen Luo never thought that Isabella was serious.

The memory of the goddess had a greater impact on her than Chen Luo expected.

The most important thing is that their previous world actually had the same traditions as ancient China.

The incident caused by Tasiya was resolved peacefully in a way that Chen Luo couldn't believe.

Isabella not only did not get angry, but also allowed him to indirectly gain Alice's confession.

Even thinking about it now is like a dream.

"It's incredible." Christine said incredulously: "Although many big people have more than one partner, they are not so harmonious."

The harmony she saw was an illusion. Isabella and Tasia were obviously opposed to each other. Now the situation has changed, and it has become Isabella and Alice, who are obviously opposed to Tasia.

As for Mrs. Britney, although she no longer runs away, she has never faced it head-on.

She went to the capital, and the Great Magister Meli had already returned there.

There, she spent some strength, through special means, to let the Great Magister Mei Li be promoted to the Holy Magister.

The strength of the Great Magister Mei Li is not high, but the level of life has been improved, and the lifespan will be greatly extended.

After Tasia came here, she did not leave.

Not only that, but she is very popular among the women here.

Catherine is fine, after all, she's a wizard, but Christine, not even Alice from Isabella's camp, has shown no obvious hostility to her.

This is because Tasia has a magic that keeps a woman's looks and bodily functions young for a long time, an advanced application of healing elements that Isabella and Britney teachers are not good at.

Tasia, Isabella and Teacher Britney used to be lords, so don't worry about this kind of thing, but for women with low magic levels, staying young is probably more attractive than raising their magic level.

Especially Catherine, from any angle, stood firmly in Tasia's camp.

A month later, Chen Luo saw High Priest Ian of the Temple of Earth again.

He came to sacrifice spiritual power.

Sacrificing spiritual power is different from sacrificing soul, but it will also make him fall from the realm of holy magician to a low-level magician.

Chen Luo asked, "Have you made up your mind?"

The high priest said: "This is our only use."

The magicians in the mainland have all been imprisoned by the gods. Even the holy magicians are no different from ordinary people in front of the messengers.

The only thing they can do is to sacrifice spiritual power and create several lords before those people come.

Beside the high priest, Chen Luo saw some familiar people.

Among these people, there are Zarathus, Bolton Werner, priests of the Temple of Earth, and some great magisters whom Chen Luo does not know. In the face of the impending catastrophe and disaster in the Continent of Divine Grace, they will do the same choice.

The three goddesses are their last and only hope.

"Can you win?" Theodore asked Chen Luo a word before sacrificing his spiritual power.

Chen Luo said: "Do your best."

Everyone in the Divine Grace Continent is doing their best, and the Great Magister gave up everything and became an ordinary person.

Magisters, more than ever, eagerly want to be promoted to the Great Magister, because only the spiritual power of the Great Magister level is qualified to sacrifice, and can contribute their own strength to save the continent.

Compared with magicians, the contributions of scholars seem to be insignificant.

Seven years have passed, no one knows what they are doing, and all the research of the Galaxy School is strictly kept secret from the outside world.

Even most of the scholars only know that Your Excellency Sage has brought together top scholars from the entire continent to conduct a very important research.

The Will University scholar is much older than he was seven years ago. With his magister's realm, this should not have happened.

But in the past few years, as the main person in charge of this plan, he has paid ten times or even dozens of times the energy of others.

He stood in front of Chen Luo with a trembling tone: "We, we did it..."

The research has failed countless times, and has stalled countless times, countless times of hope, and countless times of despair, making this old man even older, but the old face cannot hide the light in his eyes.

Chen Luo, said: "It's hard work."

"Can it really bring lasting peace to the continent?" asked the Weill scholar.

Chen Luo nodded and said, "Nuping will come."

From Tasia and the others, Chen Luo already had a deep understanding of the lord's strength. The strength of the messenger lies in the strength of his own spiritual power and immunity to magic.

Magic can't beat them, but science can.

This plan, which almost gathered the strength of the scholars from the entire Divine Favor Continent, and the help of Tasia and Britney, took a full seven years.

In the past seven years, the number of great magisters in the Divine Grace Continent has dropped sharply to 10% of the original. The residents of the seaside began to evacuate to the center of the continent a few years ago.

The time for the gods to wake up was earlier than Tasia expected.

Judging from the spatial fluctuations in the sea, they may come in the near future.

Chen Luo spent a very quiet seven years.

In the past seven years, although Tasia and Isabella have not turned their battles into jade and silk, they have worked hard to restore the realm of lords. They only wake up once a few months. In the case of not meeting, the contradiction has not been intensified.

And Teacher Britney, she's been in retreat for the past seven years.

In the past few years, the only one who has been by Chen Luo's side is Alice. Because of Isabella's special care, she is already in the realm of a magus, and it looks like she is still the same as seven years ago.

Toby and Linda got married six years ago and now have children together.

In the past seven years, Chen Luo has often thought of Jasmine, but since she left the capital and went out to travel, there has been no news of her.

Chen Luo often took care of Jasmine's family in Yapo City, and now they live well. Jasmine's younger brother also became a family last year.

Although Chen Luo is not an ordinary Holy Magister, with his spiritual power, it is impossible to find someone precisely in the Continent of Divine Grace.

In the room, he was meditating every day, and suddenly there was a figure beside him.

Chen Luo opened his eyes and saw Britney for the first time in seven years.

She stood there quietly, but Chen Luo's mental power could not feel her presence at all.

A smile appeared on Chen Luo's face, "Mr. Britney..."

"Don't call me teacher anymore." Britney looked at him and said, "The thing I regret most is being your teacher..."

Divine Grace Continent, deep in the East China Sea.

Compared with the land, the ocean occupies a larger area of ​​the earth and the star. People's exploration of the ocean began thousands of years ago, but until now, the ocean is still a mystery in people's hearts.

In the depths of the ocean, there are countless secrets, and many people even believe that the realm of God is hidden somewhere in the depths of the ocean.

In the depths of the East China Sea, above the sea surface, there was a sudden wave of fluctuations in the space, and a figure appeared out of thin air.

He took a deep breath, with an intoxicated look on his face, and said in a low voice, "What a long-lost air..."

His figure disappeared on the spot, and the next moment, he appeared by the East China Sea.

He unscrupulously released the breath of his whole body. In the eastern part of the Divine Grace Continent, more than ten countries, whether ordinary people or magicians, felt an inexplicable heart palpitation at the same time.

A powerful seems to be pressing them to their knees...

On the bank of the East China Sea, the figure was about to move to the Temple of Wind when he suddenly found that the surrounding space was imprisoned.

This kind of confinement can't hurt him, but it makes him unable to move immediately.

"Is one of them also awake?" There was a look of disdain on his face, just as he was about to trace the source of the imprisonment, a strange thing suddenly appeared beside him.

It was a black thing, in the shape of a long strip, with a big head and a small tail, and it was sent from somewhere.

The disdain on his face turned to surprise, wondering why the awakened goddess would do such an unnecessary thing.

The next moment, in his eyes, suddenly there was a ray of light, a strong light that could not be directly looked at.

Chen Luo stood very far away, staring at the bank of the East China Sea.

Until a giant mushroom appears there.