"Blair, Blair..."

Chen Luo was sleeping soundly when suddenly he felt someone pushing his shoulder, and there were some noisy voices in his ears. The bad environment made him gradually wake up from sleepiness.

"what time is it?"

Chen Luo got up from the table, rubbed his sour brows, and asked in a low voice.

It is not easy to be a teacher in the graduating class. He had just joined the job and only needed to do some auxiliary work for the time being. Unfortunately, the math teacher who brought him had an accident and was hospitalized in an accident. The grade group was short of manpower. Before the good recovery, the math class of the third and seventh class of high school can only be brought by him for the time being.

The graduating class has a heavy task, and the students are tired and the teacher is even more tired. He only finished the examination papers for the last test last night. He had to get up and go to class before he slept for an hour. Fortunately, the senior three students have already learned all the knowledge points. Every year is mainly based on review and mock exams. This big class is still a random test. After Chen Luo handed out the test paper, he told the monitor to pay attention to discipline and lie on the empty table at the back of the classroom to supplement his sleep.

Someone next to him pushed him, he subconsciously thought that the get out of class was over, and only after he woke up did he realize that something was wrong. The person beside him just didn't call him "Mr. Chen", and he didn't speak Chinese either.

Seeing him get up from the table, a slightly fat boy with freckles looked at him and reminded in a low voice, "Blair, wake up, Mrs. Britney asked you to answer the question..."

Chen Luo looked at the boy with a western face next to him, his face a little dazed.

After taking over the class for a month, although he still can't call every student in the class by name, he can also confirm that there is no such foreigner in the third and seventh class of high school.

What's even more strange is that he had just fallen asleep on the desk in the back row of the classroom, and this -- this is definitely not a classroom!

Chen Luo's pupils tightened, looking around, strange desks and chairs, strange rooms, the tall buildings outside the window were gone, replaced by low European-style buildings, the black-haired and yellow-skinned students disappeared, and all around him were brown-haired and blue-eyed people. A young boy and a girl, in front of a raised stone slab, a foreign beauty with light brown hair and brown pupils is looking at him with sullen eyes.

"Blair, you actually slept in my class!"

The beauty's voice is as lovely as her appearance, but Chen Luo has no interest in admiring it. He can be sure that the other party is not speaking Chinese or English, but the strange thing is that he can understand it, and he does not know anything except Chinese and English. third language...

What's even more strange and horrifying is that shouldn't he be in a certain classroom of Xijing No. 1 Middle School, why would he appear in such a strange place after taking a nap?

And, who is Blair?

Chen Luo thought he was dreaming and pinched his thigh fiercely.

The excruciating pain made him more awake and even more confused.

Chen Luo's daze, in the eyes of the young beauty, naturally represented disregard and provocation. She was obviously out of anger, stared at Chen Luo, and said loudly: "Blair, are you listening to me?"

Chen Luo was not called Blair, but the beautiful woman in front of him was obviously talking about him. He still had endless doubts in his mind. In order not to make things worse, he had to raise his head and look at her.

"I allow you to do other things in my class, provided you have completed the homework I assigned." The young beauty frowned at Chen Luo and said, "Now you come up to answer this question, if you don't write Come up with the correct answer, don't blame me for spanking your **** with a bamboo board."

As her voice fell, a burst of laughter broke out in the classroom.

"Hey, there's a good show to watch!"

"Blair dares to sleep in Teacher Britney's class, he deserves it!"

"I'm sure that idiot Blair couldn't figure out the right answer even if he was given a day..."

Chen Luo didn't want to answer any questions now, he just wanted to find a quiet place where no one was there.

But before that, he had to get through this hurdle first.

He raised his head and glanced at the slate. There was a question written on the slate, a math question.


Familiar Arabic numerals, for a high school math teacher, using such a question to test him is simply an insult. I am afraid that elementary school students in later generations can report the answer without thinking.

The bell rang outside the window. Teacher Britney glanced at Chen Luo and said, "Class is over now. Before get out of class tomorrow, if you can give me the correct answer, I will forgive you for sleeping in my class."

Chen Luo didn't respond. He strode to the stone slab, picked up the stone pen on the side, wrote a number after the equal sign, and walked out of the classroom quickly.

As he left, a burst of laughter broke out in the classroom again.

"He figured it out?"

"Haha, does he think he can fool Mr. Britney by writing a random answer?"

"Wait to see Mrs. Britney smash his **** with a plank..."

The students couldn't help laughing. The classroom was noisy and full of joy, but no one noticed. Teacher Britney looked at the answer written by Chen Luo on the blackboard, and gradually appeared on her delicate and pretty face. Shocked expression.

This problem is just a simple addition problem. Although it is not difficult, it is very cumbersome and it is easy to make mistakes in calculation. There will be a result, but on the blackboard, the number "5050" is indeed the correct answer to this question.

Britney looked at the door of the classroom and murmured doubtfully, "Blair, has he done this question before..."

Standing in front of a magnificent European-style building, Chen Luo looked at a one-person-high mirror in front of him, and the strange young man in the mirror, feeling that his nine-year compulsory education had been humiliated.

The boy in the mirror looked fifteen or sixteen years old, with black hair and black pupils, but his skin was slightly fair. Chen Luo raised his hand, the boy in the mirror raised his hand, Chen Luo nodded, and the boy in the mirror nodded, obviously, the boy in the mirror nodded. The boy is him.

In fact, that boy looked exactly the same as Chen Luo six or seven years ago.

But that was already six or seven years ago. At that time, Chen Luo was still in high school, and before I woke up, he had graduated from college and started his career of teaching and educating people...

After waking up, he came to this strange place, strange environment, strange person, strange name...

So far, he doesn't know anything about this place, and the only thing he can be sure of is that something incredible happened to him.

Is this rebirth or transmigration?

Where is this place, Europe, or America, and what is going on with the Blair in those populations?

When thinking about this matter, Chen Luo found that there was a feeling of ups and downs in his mind, and there was a lot of information pouring out, but he couldn't catch anything for a while.

People came out of the building one after another and walked by Chen Luo's side. The noisy environment made him even more irritable.

Holding his forehead, he swayed to a quiet place.

At this time, what he needs most is to be alone.


At the corner of the building, Chen Luo accidentally collided with the figure walking out from the other side. Before he could say sorry, a girl in a black gauze skirt covered her forehead, glared at him, and said, "Walking? Do you have eyes?"

Chen Luo glanced at her, swallowed that sorry again, and continued to walk forward. The girl saw this, her expression became even more angry, she stopped in front of him, and said loudly: "Stop, you must apologize to me!"

Although the two bumped into each other just now, Chen Luo walked very slowly, and it was obviously her who was walking without looking. Seeing that the other party's attitude was so bad, Chen Luo naturally wouldn't apologize, looked at her blankly, and asked, "What if? I don't apologize?"

He had never learned the language these people spoke, and strangely, when he needed to express himself, he said it naturally, as if he was a native speaker.

The girl narrowed her eyes, rolled up her sleeves, and said, "Then don't blame me..."

Chen Luo was stunned for a moment, does this little girl want to fight with him?

The girl looked at him with bad eyes, UU reading www.uukanshu. Com's hands quickly changed gestures, and he said something in his mouth: "Fire element wandering in the world, please obey my call..."

"Fire element..."

Looking at the girl's dazzling appearance, Chen Luo felt that his worldview had been insulted, even though it had already been insulted once.

"It turned out to be a fool, but unfortunately this beautiful face..." Chen Luo's face showed regret, and he was not very angry in his heart. Who would be angry with a beautiful fool?

However, he still took a step back. After all, he has already appeared in this ghost place. This kind of thing cannot be explained scientifically. Even if a fireball appears in the palm of the second girl's hand, it does not seem to be a shocking thing.

However, until the girl finished reading, Chen Luo didn't see anything strange happening.

Chen Luo was relieved, looking at her serious appearance, and said with a wicked taste: "Do you think you are the only one who knows magic?"

He imitated her appearance, and while making random gestures, he said: "Gunara the **** of darkness, woohoo, black..."

Chen Luo's words stopped abruptly in the middle, not because he forgot the spell, but as the second middle school girl muttered to herself, at a certain moment, a "bang" sound suddenly came from Chen Luo's ear...

Afterwards, a red flame appeared out of thin air from her palm, and Chen Luo keenly noticed that with the appearance of the fireball, the surrounding temperature also increased a bit.

The girl looked at Chen Luo and said with a cold face, "You rude guy, it's too late for you to apologize to me now."

Chen Luo looked at the throbbing flames in her hands, bowed to her very gentlemanly, and said seriously: "I'm sorry, I was rude just now, this beautiful lady, please accept my sincere apologies..."

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