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My Senpai Knows Magic

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This is a world where science and magic coexist.

Some people here seek powerful magic, and some seek eternal truth.

A science tyrant who came from another world, started as a little librarian, with magic in his left hand and truth in his right, kicking the door of the new century with one kick.

Some people call him the forerunner of magic, some say he is the founder of science.

Some people describe him that way.

In the new century, Blair is a symbol of evil.

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:MSKM
Alternate Title:我的学姐会魔法
Author:Rong Xiaorong
Weekly Rank:#5896
Monthly Rank:#6541
All Time Rank:#7504
Tags:Academy, Adapted to Manhua, Another World, Harem, Magic, Male Protagonist, math, Science, Transmigration,
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11 Comments on “My Senpai Knows Magic
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  1. Apakah ceritanya menarik..? Cukup menarik. Apakah ceritanya jelek..? Agak buruk. Tetapi, gak bisa dikatakan terlalu jelek. Seluruh cerita bisa diringkas menjadi 4 kata, sains di dunia sihir. Ada beberapa hal yang bisa dikatakan agak terburu-buru. Untuk sebuah cerita dengan 280-an chapter.... Cukup. Cukup bagus.

  2. Id rather read a shenhao system slave with free billion dollars everyday than this 3rd world country math wiz. How low is your self esteem to use this kind of plot device.

  3. Maybe it's coz of cultural gap, but elementary grade math become a super difficult formula that needs hours to solve. I knew this is the premise, but reading how those natives clamor about how awesome MC was over such basic math seriously made me cringe and somehow ashamed. its like reading Magi's Grandson all over again, and that was seriously a black history for me

  4. I'm starting to read this book now and at the beginning it's very good and interesting, I hope the author doesn't get lost in the harem path afterwards.

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